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Help Rand Paul Downsize Patriot Act
Send a letter using the Downsize DC system
by Jim Babka

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We've taken the highly unusual step of sending a second Downsizer-Dispatch today. Time is of the essence.

Despite a former promise of a week's debate on the Patriot Act extension bill, Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to force this bill through with minimal debate and NO amendments.

But Sen. Rand Paul is standing in the gap! He's threatened to delay a final vote on the Patriot Act renewal bill if his nine amendments aren't voted on.

Of course, we want REPEAL of the Patriot Act. But yesterday's 74-8 cloture vote for a four year extension makes that almost impossible. The fight has shifted, and we're adapting . . .

Sen. Paul's amendments are significant and powerful step. I'd even go so far as to say, "heroic." These provisions would bring greater accountability to law enforcement and significantly increase privacy protections. One of them even brings a controversial aspect of the law directly in-line with the Fourth Amendment (imagine that!).

You can read brief summaries of the nine amendments at the Senator's website.

Senator Paul's staff informs us that they NEED OUR HELP, today (Tuesday). Action on Wednesday WILL HELP as well.

I CALLED my Senators, using the phone numbers provided to my account at the website, and told them:

I urge [Senator's name] to stand with Senator Rand Paul and support all nine of his Patriot Act renewal amendments. Please encourage Harry Reid to bring them all up for a vote.

I then sent a letter to my Representative and Senators, the hardwired portion of which begins:

"I want the Patriot Act repealed."

To which I added . . .

However, that now seems impossible. But Sen. Rand Paul's nine amendments to the extension bill will apply greater accountability to law enforcement plus provide significantly greater privacy protections for gun owners, library patrons, and anyone who uses a bank or sees a doctor.

You support accountability and privacy rights, don't you?

But there's one more reason you should Sen. Paul's amendments. Snooping on innocent Americans creates data overload and makes counter-terrorism efforts LESS effective.

You value effectiveness, right?

Vote for Sen. Paul's amendments, and let the Majority Leader know you want each of them to come to a vote.


You can send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.

Then, help get the word out, far and wide. Magnify your voice.

Thanks again for taking action!

Jim Babka
President, Inc.




2011 May 23
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