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Of Puritans and Zionistas
A soberer perspective on terror threats in America
by Dean Hazel

The following are comments from Dean Hazel in the context of an email conversation with a local Republican leader who submitted this link which has been making the rounds to prove the Islamists mean business: What the West needs to know about Islam. Dean's response suggests that many of the supposed anti-Islam exposés are in fact false-flag state-terror plants from the Anglo-American-Zionista oligarchy... which to yur humble editor jibes with what he's been discovering lately about the 9/11 attacks. Dean has been a tireless proponent of religious liberty in the midst of many Republicans who want to make America a "Christian Nation."

Go to the link here as a response to the link you've presented.

To know if this is true, what these videos represent, one must study Islam in the language of Islam.  Do you speak the language?  Because of taqiyya, all the rest of us that do not speak or read the Islamic language may call into question the benign statements and pledges of American Islamics to oppose the terrorism of the Islamic fundamentalists.  But the Puritans who so terrorized New England, had the same geopolitical designs as we are told in these videos that the Islamics do.  These Puritan designs first started with the British Colonies in North America, thus isolated by an ocean from their mother country of England.  Their practice was when given an inch they would take a mile.  Just ask the Native Americans who had dealings with them.

The early Puritans had planned to take over America, forcing all to adhere to their religious concepts, their dogmas and their edicts, until a person that was spared in a moment of weakness or divine intervention, escaped to England to obtain a written order of the King forbidding any more of their religious violence and death.  Still that did not stop the same religious mindset from raising its ugly head again and again in our history as our history has largely become forgotten. 

That religious mindset that some shall rule all others and control all of our American society according to their religious views, in violation of the federal constitution brought us a Civil War and the religious expressions on our unconstitutional fiat currency today. As well as in our pledge of allegiance to our flag, that has now become an expression of religious faith instead of secular piety as it is our duty as true Americans under our constitution to maintain.  A constitution which in fact according to our founders, established a government not founded upon the Christian Religion, but what did they really know about the government that they had created in their own lifetime?

In time America can work her social magic upon the spawn of those who have invaded her shores to dominate her people with a foreign culture.  The children in time will become moderates who growing up in a freedom of their choosing will disregard the violent domineering ways of their fathers and mothers.  We have seen this repeated time and time again by different groups of immigrants that have fallen upon our shores.  Though not violent, but resolved in their beliefs, look at the Mennonites that came here and the Amish whose religion they gave birth to who have changed though not by leaps and bounds.  They have always been peaceable and not like our home grown Mormons whom had to be subdued by our U.S. Army before Utah got its statehood. 

In a set of encyclopedias of history, that were entrusted to me by Ray Walsh the son of a Holocaust survivor, a book reviewer for the Lansing State Journal, and owner in Lansing, Michigan of the Curious Book Store, I found it noted that the descendants of New England's Puritans mellowed out as time passed.  The passions of their parents and grandparents was not theirs, though there was still a small clamoring for the old time religion.  Despite a new wave of social tolerance, some expressed a desire to have that old time religion of Hell fire and brimstone.  These few then moved to New Jersey to establish a new town in which to engage in their strict and hellish practices that had driven many out of the Massachusetts Colony, causing no less than Rhode Island to be founded as a haven of escape. 

I found it ironic that this new town in New Jersey was located between two other towns, one of Quakers, the other of Baptists, whose fathers and grandfathers had come there to escape the Puritan Tyranny in New England.  They were the descendants of the Quakers and Baptists that had been jailed, tortured, hanged or burned at the stake by the Puritans for merely practicing their own faith.  Sometimes, it is indeed a small world!  Apparently the people in this new town were more subdued so that nothing that town did was ever noted in the history books as had the events of the New England Puritan Reign of Terror.

In closing let me point out to those who are not so bright, that Sharia Law may stand under God, but it cannot stand under the Constitution of the United States of America outside of the religious faiths that freely choose to practice it, any more than the current religious transgressions in our pledge and currency can continue as a matter of both historic fact and law!  Under our form of government, you protect your individual rights by protecting the rights of others!  Otherwise, you may very well reap what you sow.

Is there really any danger from Islam in the United States?  Does not the federal constitution protect us as a people from any religious laws or unwanted religious intrusion into our private lives?  Until we can say the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and Republic as one nation under law, we really don't have that protection do we?  Our constitution has already been subverted, hasn't it?

Unlike you, I see no irony that a conquered and colonized people have not been able to raise an army to invade Europe even after they had been freed from the European colonization,  or is it that they are not interested and have only made war in the Middle East to support their neighboring states from invasion, terrorism and colonization by unwelcome European and American foreigners like the AshkeNAZIS of the colony in Palestine that we all call Israel?  A thing that has taken place after the United Nations condemned colonization of any nation.  The Middle Eastern States have a just cause to be outraged as do true Jews, the 85% that are opposed to Zionism because of the Talmud Ketubot 110b - 111a, though ignored by the Zionist dominated American news media that wishes them to remain silent.

The United States and the other countries that support the colonization of Palestine by a secular European religious cult claiming to practice Judaism, have made the Middle East a very dangerous place in which to live in peace.  Is it any wonder that people fleeing from there would come here to America to escape the atrocities and war crimes of the so-called Israeli people?  Our laws are supposed to protect people from the Nazi type discrimination, murders and/or executions that take place in Palestine and the surrounding countries by the Israelis on a daily basis.

Do you believe that America will not work its melting pot magic on the Islamic immigrants as it has on others as I have suggested?  Did you know that our former Monroe County Republican Chairman Jim Altiere's father in law was from Iran and considered himself to be a Persian and not an Iranian?  Did you view the video at the link that Jim Altiere had sent us in his message about The Third Jihad?.

Do you think that we should be subject to the Puritans' edicts like "under God" in our pledge and in "God We Trust" on our currency instead of Islamic ones?  Do you think that the founding fathers who fought the Revolutionary War, and were in the 1797 Congress that ratified Article XI of the Treaty of Tripoli, President John Adams who signed it into law, and George Washington whose administration wrote it and signed it in Tripoli in 1796 were lying?

2011 February 28
Posted by The Coffee Coaster™ w/permission of author
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