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The Final Rites of Spring
Notes to liberty lovers still at large on tax truth
by Pete Hendrickson

From Pete Hendrickson, a premier American government political prisoner, incarcerated for scrupulously adhering to the 'income' tax law. Please communicate with Pete by mail at:
Peter Hendrickson #15406-039,
P.O. Box 1000,
Milan FCI,
E. Arkona Rd.,
Milan, MI 48160

Then help with the financial end with his family going through an equal if not greater amount of stress from the federal mobsters. Please send donations to:
Peter or Doreen Hendrickson
232 Oriole Rd.
Commerce Twp.
Michigan 48382

From the Front

Well, here we are at the climax of 2011's Sorting-Out Season. This is the time each year when the culmination of the "income" tax season, and the choices made in light of the now long-available truth about the tax, divide Americans into two classes of citizens:

On the one hand are real citizens. They are the courageous and the responsible cadre. They are the "This great country isn't going down into lawlessness and despotism on my watch" grown-ups. 

On the other hand are those who are nominally "citizens", but who really are subjects. Their personal civic authority has been entirely surrendered to the very parasites who eat out their substance and that of their children, and they are just a "see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, name-no-evil" mob of irresponsible adolescents who blithely (or timidly) stand by and do nothing except supply the coal to the gravy-train-for-the-politically-connected that is carrying them downhill at ever-greater speed toward absolute ruin and the Hell-on-Earth horrors of the unconcealed, unrestrained tyranny that will inevitably follow. 

Enormous efforts have been made by the corrupt State to push you into the latter camp. Primarily this is done by trying to persuade you that undertaking your own study of the law is inappropriate-- indeed, pointless-- because the law belongs to the State and means only what the State wants it to mean. 

The effort to dissuade you continues by suggesting that if you DO make your own study, and conclude that the law ISN'T the tool of those acting in the name of the State-- that it means what it says, even when that meaning is inconvenient to the voracious State (and that it's important that everyone understand this and act accordingly, or there is no real law, and no liberty)-- and if you make your understanding matter by expressing it in a practical manner (rather than just griping, or standing silent while your wealth is lawlessly stripped away), you will then be savaged by the wrath of the sociopaths infesting Washington and its myriad little fortresses of darkness currently littering this once and future great country of ours. 

So (continues the twisty little argument), just submit to the sociopaths from the get-go. Do what they want you to do and believe what they want you to believe (or at least profess what they want you to profess). Submit from the outset. 

  • It will be better for you, because resistance is futile... 
  • Everyone knows you can't fight City Hall; resistance is futile... 
  • It's OK to submit-- everyone else does; and anyway, resistance is futile... 
  • America is full of nothing but couch-potatoes and you're entirely alone; resistance is futile... 
  • What's the matter with you? Didn't you hear?! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!! 
  • Just lie back and get comfortable. It won't hurt a bit, as long as you don't struggle. 

(And this will remain true until you've let yourself be bled to the point where you CAN'T struggle, at which point it will start hurting A LOT, because then resistance really WILL be futile, and those feeding on you won't have to worry about maintaining your cooperation and quiescence...) 

For those who DON'T buy the baloney, and who are on their feet and standing their ground because they know that resistance to lawlessness and despotism is not only NEVER futile, but is always required of those who love and are worthy of the blessings of liberty and the rule of law, here is this week's Tax Tip: 

Don't Forget What Comes First  (A Cognitive Cue)

It's important to keep from letting the tail wag the dog in your understanding of the limitation of the tax. 

The exploiters of ignorance encourage everyone to imagine that all economic activity happens within the "federal universe", and that all receipts are "income" unless exempted by Congress. This, in turn, encourages the notion that it is by looking to the statutory definitions and other tax-related provisions of law that we discover whether our receipts qualify as "income", and taxable as such, under such designations and definitions as "wages", "self-employment income", and so forth; or prove that they do not. But this notion has things exactly backwards. 

One's non-federally-connected earnings as a commonly-defined 'employee' don't fail to qualify as "wages", for instance, because they (or one's commonly-defined 'employee' status) are not described in the statutes concerning "wages". It is precisely the other way around: it is because one's non-federally-connected earnings can't qualify as "wages" that they are not described in those statutes. The statutes aren't the description of everything Congress chooses to designate as "wages"-- they are the description of every employment-related receipt Congress CAN Constitutionally describe as "wages" (from which it then provides some number of exceptions in service to its own agenda). 

The fact is, even if the statutes, or some construction of them (whether legislative, regulatory or judicial) APPEAR to describe unprivileged earnings as being within their scope, they really do not, and one can take it as a given that the disconnect is simply not superficially obvious. 

Thus, even if a statute were to be found that says, "Pete Hendrickson's earnings are "wages", and subject to a non-apportioned federal tax", this wouldn't mean that the Constitution had been overthrown, or that my unprivileged earnings are subject to a direct federal tax without apportionment. It would simply mean that somewhere else in the law must be buried a special definition of "earnings", or even of "Pete Hendrickson's earnings", that reconciles the apparent contradiction. Somewhere will be found a section that says, "For purposes of chapter ___, "Pete Hendrickson's earnings" includes Pete Hendrickson's federally-privileged earnings", or even just "earnings includes federally-privileged receipts" etc.


The full article above may be found on the Newsletter page at, the second article down, right after "Dear Friends."

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2011 April 04
Posted by The Coffee Coaster™ copyright Pete Hendrickson
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