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Statue of LibertyTelevision and Other Madness
by Gerhard Fuerst

Television and Tragedy?

Television, a Travesty!

9/11 memorial programs

for commercial purposes

and corporate profits?

Scenes of horror in New York:

World Trade Center struck by plane...

explosion...billowing smoke....


Scenes of even more horror in New York:

Second plane strikes WTC Tower Two...

Cataclysmic explosion...

More commercials...

Scenes of horror in Washington, D.C.

Even more commercials...

Reports of tragedy in Pennsylvania... al...

Scenes of WTC inferno

People leaping to their deaths...


Scenes of Washington...

Pentagon struck by plane...

More Commercials...

I am overcome by nausea,

feelings of anger and revulsion.

More and more commercials....

Three Thousand are said to have died.

They are called heroes,

and their deaths are now contributing

to fill the coffers of corporations,

and to help them reap even more profits!

I turn off the TV!

I find this to be absolutely distasteful, to put it very mildly.

Many of these commercials are totally out of place,

silly, nonsensical, supposedly humorous(!?)....

Under the present conditions totally distasteful!

What is the point or the purpose here?

To have moments of remembrance

of recollection, reflection, and introspection...

or to wallow in commercialism?

Shame on those who cannot

produce and present something

so tragic and horrible

in a way that is befitting the occasion

and indeed honorable!

They could simply have notified

the viewing public

that the memorial programs

on the occasion of

the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11/2001

were collectively financed and sponsored

by the following corporations...

listing and thanking them individually,

and then proceed to air the program

without interruption.

Typical television:

Profits over propriety.

Reporting of a national, regional and personal tragedy

paid for by commercial interruptions.

Low blows by low-life TV executives.

I find it despicable and disgusting.

Tragedy being exploited.

Tragedy for sale?

Death for profit?

These are utterly ill-gotten gains,

paid for by previously suffered pains,

 the deaths and suffering of others!

I am angry, I am upset!

Shame on MSNBC and all other

sinister and self-seeking profiteers!

Gerhard A. Fürst


2011 September 12
Posted by The Coffee Coaster™ Copyright Gerhard Fuerst
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