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Dear Warriors for Liberty and Law
Inspiring Message from Pete Hendrickson

My Dear Warriors for Liberty and the Law,

I greet you from within the belly of the beast, or so it feels. I am not consumed, but merely swallowed; still, it is dark, damp and smelly here, and all about me are those who really ARE being digested, in the curious exercise in which a government grown corrupt eats selected insubordinates to gain a fearsome aspect imagined to be strength, even when each such morsel diminishes the moral muscle actually critical to its long-term endurance.

Most of those whose lives are being consumed here are nothing but victims. They are drug dealers, "financial criminals", and the occasional machine-gun owner -- some pretty scruffy... Scruffy or not, none have any business being in federal custody at all, and are simply because of the abusive distortion of authority delegated under the 'Commerce Clause' that has helped transform "Uncle Sam" into "Big Brother Sam," and which is the only real victim-producing crime connected with any of these prisoners.

Of course, there ARE a few inmates here who really DID trespass against federal prerogatives. I've met a few robbers of national banks, for instance; and one actual counterfeiter-- by which I mean someone who actually tried to make his own Federal Reserve notes (FRNs). Although the feds themselves will never acknowledge it, this latter offense must be carefully distinguished from the mere offering into the market of an alternative to FRN paper trash, like the Liberty Dollar, which is not only a perfectly lawful activity, but one we need to see a great deal more of in these times...

Further, while I would never recommend this particular resort, I have been taking advantage of the enforced excess of otherwise unproductive time and energy to get in a lot of miles on the track, and am regaining the fitness I had lost spending 16 hours a day in front of my computer for the last four or five years writing papers, books and newsletters, posting FAQs and tips, answering emails, and writing and responding to a ridiculous number of legal briefs.

Thin lemonade, perhaps, but better than nothing...

However, describing this prison is not my purpose in writing today. Rather, I am writing primarily to apologize to everyone for my long "radio silence", and, far and away more importantly, to apologize for my tardiness in responding to the many of you who have thoughtfully and lovingly written to me and to Doreen during this phase of the government's futile book-burning campaign against the inconvenient truth of CtC.

Your letters, cards, emails and gifts have been MOST deeply appreciated, and I am very sorry to have not been able to directly respond to each of you. Unfortunately, there are logistical impediments... Thus, while I can receive mail from you without your privacy being compromised, mailing back to you is a different story. So, here is my "group hug" of all of you at once, and my most sincere thanks to you all... [words cannot express my gratitude].

Regarding the other issue, the long "radio silence" between commentaries, let me explain that other than the time on the track, all of my "free" time here has been spent writing my appeal briefs for both the kangaroo-court criminal conviction and the similarly abusive 2006 PR lawsuit against Doreen and me, which is back in the appellate court on our Motion to Vacate the outrageous "summary judgment" issued long ago by Judge Nancy Edmunds.

You can see our brief in that appeal at this location. My brief in the criminal case can be found at this link. I strongly urge everyone to read both through carefully and thoroughly. You will find this to be a very rewarding exercise. Afterwards, send these to everyone you know, along with the introduction found at this location on the site.

Finally, as you know, in my commentaries and messages I always try to inspire everyone to stand up with courage and commitment on behalf of our rights and the rule of law. Today, I'm going to let some of you folks do that job for me, by sharing with all some of the inspiring and encouraging words sent to me over the months I've been imprisoned. They have heartened me greatly, and I believe they will do the same for all of you.

"Hello Peter I got your book because a very dear friend of mine purchased extra copies and gifted me with one of them, something I will now be doing myself... Today I filed my 1040 knowledgeably... Your being a guest of Uncle Sam right now is the cherry on top of all your work--those subhumans could not have given you greater credibility. If you were a villain, it is likely they would have given you a medal."

"Just writing to let you know some exciting news. I filed my state taxes (07 and 08 amended, and 09 original) and they promptly processed the 09. I called to check on the others, and they said they were lost. Go figure. But I checked the website today, and it seems they've been found and the rest of my property is on its way. Yippeeee!"

"The IRS refunded my 2009 return for $1861.00! I also wanted to say your supporters are thinking of you. I hope to contribute again to your cause in the near future."

"Doreen, Here's something out of our annual tithe to help out while Pete is away from home. May God help us all to work together in righteousness to build a 'good' America for our succeeding generations."

"I am very thankful that you have written CtC and have just placed my order minutes ago. I have been looking for something like this where I can 'stick it' to these tyrants that are hijacking our country. Filing accurate returns and upholding the Constitution will be my first step."

"Pete, I know it's hard and super frustrating, and I'm sure at times fearful with the thought of the usurpation of your liberty! In the fight of 'right vs. wrong' many of the early battles are NEVER won; look at George Washington's efforts during the Revolution--outside of Trenton and Yorktown, he lost every battle but won the 7-year War for Liberty. Stay strong and vigilant, your efforts will prevail--sooner rather than later! My prayers are with you and your family."

"Dear Pete I intend on holding to and supporting the truth as I have learned from you. If that means I join you, so be it. I will not be extorted from... not in my nature. You are not alone, and one day you will be vindicated, the truth revealed and the criminal element terminated."

"Greetings Pete; I will do my part to continue the fight along side you. And I have every confidence that you will be victorious with your appeal! I wanted to share some good news--my 2009 NY victory!! God bless, and I'll keep in touch."

"Pete: You have no idea how much what you're doing, and going through, means to fellow Patriots. THANK YOU!!"

These expressions from you good folks are mightily reassuring to me [that, in my enforced absence, Americans in the tax-honesty community will not be diverted with myths and misunderstandings into dead-end defeatist activities]. Still, because like rust, corruption and evil never sleep, I close with a renewed request of what I have always asked of all of you: Speak the truth, stay the course, stand your ground and share your testimony.

Remember that the purpose of this abuse of me and my family is to discourage YOU from acting, and to scare you into silence. Don't give these thugs the satisfaction of success. Be a shining star, and help spread the illumination that is tyranny's worst enemy and liberty's best friend.


Pete Hendrickson

#15406-039, P.O. Box 1000

Milan FCI, E. Arkona Rd.

Milan, MI 48160

2010 November 23
Posted by The Coffee Coaster™ w/permission of the authors
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