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Letter to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Pete Hendrickson says time to man up for tax truth
by Pete Hendrickson

Cracking the CodeEditor's Note: Mr. Hendrickson has discovered the truth about the federal 'income' tax, and as a result of his book Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America he was railroaded by a lying, traitorous judge into the federal pen in Milan, Michigan, where he is approaching the halfway point of his two-year sentence.

Paul Craig Roberts is an established, respected alternative journalist and economist who often writes for and comments in various vehicles on matters of the hidden government and the globalist conspiracy of power.

Dear Dr. Roberts,

I have written to you repeatedly for months and months now, without reply. In my letters, I have told you of two watershed events in American political and legal history. Both desperately need and profoundly merit your attention, but my poor communication skill have failed to make this clear.

Please, PLEASE allow me to try again. PLEASE read this through.

The first of these watershed events was the modern re-discovery of the actual legal limits on federal taxing power. These limits, though firmly grounded in the Constitution, and plainly incorporated in federal tax statutes, had become broadly misunderstood by the mid-1930s and became even more so over most of the years since. And yet, these limits remain the law of the land, as has been repeatedly affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court over the years-- not just in principle, but in the concrete expressions in the relevant statutes.

Further, these limits were imposed, and heavily relied upon, by the founders and framers as one of the most important checks against a runaway state. Nonetheless, encouragement of a view of the state as unlimited in any respect by a perverse class of intellectuals, the traumas of the middle third of the 20th century, a general dumbing-down of American education, and the fact that the statutory implementation of these limits hides within a 3.5-million-word "tax code" all conspired to allow them to be routinely unrecognized and thus violated in practice on a massive scale for decades now. It was not until the law was digitized and made easily researched that sunlight began penetrating the darkness.

Eight years ago, the ice broke. The truth about these limits was first posted on the internet in December, 2002, and then presented more comprehensively in a book first published in August of 2003. The book, 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America', is now in its twelfth printing, and is also available as a free .pdf.

A steadily-growing number of Americans began learning the actual limits on federal taxes which are imposed by the Constitution, and are faithfully implemented in the statutes. A steadily-growing number of Americans-- now numbering in AT LEAST the tens of thousands-- have been successfully reclaiming every penny taken from them in federal taxes INCLUDING SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE TAXES for all of these eight years.

These good Americans have been standing up and shaking off the chains put on them while they slept in a "progressive" stupor. They have resumed the control over their own resources they were always intended to retain by the founders of this great country, a control which is the very heart of the framers' design of our brilliant, Leviathan-hobbling Constitution.


Have you not dreamed of the day when tens of thousands of Americans turn off 'American Idol' and 'Monday Night Football' and begin studying the law, rediscover their own authority and the proper limited role of the state, and peacefully but adamantly stand up to do something about it?

That day is upon you! Indeed, it began years ago. But you have not afforded these brave and dedicated men and women a single word of encouragement, praise, or even recognition. You have not helped their numbers climb into the millions.


I really don't understand. Do you think I am lying to you about one single thing I'm saying? Go to Read through the page that address brings you to, and follow the indicated links to see page after page of checks, "case closing notices", levy releases, judicial stipulations and more.

See fully-documented cases in which the IRS or other tax agencies attempted to discourage the informed American and thwart their claims, only to surrender in the end and issue the check, or a written acknowledgment that despite considerable conventional earnings, no "income" was received, and no taxes are due. See videos in which your neighbors and fellow citizens describe their own experiences in making use of this information (and display the results).

There are millions of dollars-worth of these concrete expressions of the truth to be viewed, thanks to the tell-the-world generosity of some of the upright men and women who have secured these victories for the rule of law. In short, these are not just words. The evidence is all posted for you to see.

In fact, government attorneys admitted to everything I've just described, in court, just a year-and-a-half ago. They did this as a stipulation, in order to prevent the jury in that case from seeing the details of these cases. Their hope was that the jury would just imagine that all of these tens of thousands of events over the course of eight years and counting, many being enjoyed by the same folks over and over year after year, and sometimes after intense scrutiny, attention and even resistance by the government, are just a sort of sustained "slip-through-the-cracks" that the 122,000 worker IRS can't seem to stop...

A HUGE amount of effort has been made to publicize the conviction of the author of this research for "filing false tax documents" (those'd be the ones the law concerning which the jury was not allowed to see...), and who has been languishing in prison for a year now waiting for his appeal of the outrages committed in the trial to get heard, EVEN WHILE THE TENS OF THOUSANDS CONTINUE TO GET THEIR MONEY BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Everything now being done to suppress this dagger of truth hanging over the heart of a voracious, lawless Leviathan is a precedent that will be used against something else and someone else in future, if it isn't STOPPED NOW. But it WON'T be stopped, unless YOU SPEAK UP and lend the weight of your voice to this worthy cause and these worthy Americans who are looking out for YOUR RIGHTS, but doing so without your help.

Besides that, admit it. A good American like you belongs in the ranks of the "doers", not sitting on the sideline griping about how no one is doing anything while the country sinks into despotism and despair.

The truth about all this-- the limits of the tax, and the exploitation of widespread ignorance thereof-- is not sound-bite stuff. Understanding it takes time, study, effort. It is especially hard to overcome a lifetime of conditioning intended to make these things seem to be alien concepts ("What? The government CAN'T just take all that it wants from us, and leave us only what it deems sufficient for our purposes? Our grandparents DIDN'T give it this power-- a power I myself, and everyone I know, even the liberals, wouldn't dream of giving to anyone in a million years?").

... read the full letter at

Best Regards, -Pete Hendrickson

2011 July 18
Posted by The Coffee Coaster™ Copyright Downsize DC
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