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Stop Libya Meddle, Leave Afghanistan
Two foreign policy campaigns from Downsize DC

Downsizer Dispatch: Libya

I told Congress to tell President Obama to stop meddling in Libya. Please do the same. You may borrow or copy from this letter:


In the past, Presidents told lies to trick Congress into authorizing wars. The War on Libya is different: President Obama started the war first, and THEN lied about it. The President said he wanted to protect innocent civilians in Libya. However, there was NEVER any evidence that Qaddafi intended to target innocent civilians. The President must have known this. And yet, Congress has done NOTHING to hold the President accountable for this lie.

The President has now admitted that his real goal is NOT to avert the killing of civilians, but to remove Qaddafi from power. Here we have more "mission creep," just like in previous wars. Now, the use of U.S. ground troops is not only possible, it's probable . . .

  • The only way for Obama to "save face" is to achieve "victory" by removing Qaddafi from power
  • But the only way to remove Qaddafi is invasion
  • Although no-one likes Qaddafi, he represented stability in North Africa and cooperated with the West in matters like terrorism and human trafficking
  • We haven't even disproved Qaddafi's allegation that Al Qaeda members are in the rebel ranks

And yet, Congress has done NOTHING to hold the President accountable for plunging the U.S. into a war of uncertain aims and goals. Even worse, this seems to be a war based on false assumptions:

  • The President ASSUMED that all North African countries and cultures are the same, and that what happened in Tunisia and Egypt would also happen in Libya if only the U.S. dropped a few bombs
  • The President NEGLECTED the fact that people rally around their government when foreign countries start to bomb them
  • The President ASSUMED that other wealthy NATO countries could eventually take the lead, but even Britain and France don't have the money or equipment to sustain a no-fly zone in Libya

Yet Congress has done NOTHING to hold the President accountable for his lawlessness, ignorance, and incompetence. All of this feels like the second coming of the Bush years! Indeed, the President and his NATO allies have made the situation in Libya worse:

  • Our intervention has PROLONGED the war, creating the very humanitarian crisis we sought to prevent
  • We have invited hatred from Qaddafi supporters whom we attacked without cause, and ALSO hatred from the rebels who will blame their defeat on our insufficient "help"
  • Our help to the rebels has made the world safe for human trafficking again
  • If the U.S. had claimed neutrality from the beginning of this civil war, neither Qaddafi's supporters nor the rebels would have legitimate cause blame us; now they BOTH have reason to blame us

Congress MUST stop funding the War on Libya. It MUST stop the President from further involvement, and perhaps threaten him with impeachment if he refuses. I say this NOT because I'm a Democrat or Republican, but because I want what's best for America and the world. I want peace on Earth, and lawful government here at home.

### END LETTER ###

You can send your letter through's Educate the Powerful System. And we invite you to follow us on Facebook and share this message with your friends:

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

Downsizer Dispatch: Afghanistan
|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*| has a launched a new campaign: Get Out of Afghanistan. This gives you a tool to tell Congress what most American want. The hard-wired message says simply: Please support legislation to pull the troops out of Afghanistan. Why should the U.S. pull out of Afghanistan? I explain in my personal comments, which you can read below. You may borrow from or copy it:


Can we go home now? The U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to capture Osama bin Laden, the leader of the terror group Al Qaeda that was accused of pulling off the 9/11 attacks. Mission accomplished!

  • Osama bin Laden is dead
  • There are fewer than 100 Al Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan ( What will we achieve by remaining in Afghanistan? We have won the war, but we are losing the occupation. We have 150,000 troops in the country, and yet
  • The government we installed after overthrowing the Taliban is hopelessly corrupt
  • It is clear that some in the current Afghanistan government are in cahoots with the Taliban and are undermining NATO efforts (
  • Prolonged occupation inevitably creates anti-U.S. resentment, just as we would resent a foreign occupation force within our borders
  • Our attempts to "nation-build" a country we don't understand has cost thousands of U.S. casualties and tens of thousands of Afghan civilian deaths, which has only served to radicalize more of the population
  • The cost of the war is now $120 billion per year, money we can't afford:( I. . .
  • It is wrong to put American troops in harm's way for an undefined mission.
  • Make Americans poorer, by about $1,200 per family, to pay for a war they don't understand.
  • Create anti-U.S. resentment by occupying a foreign land for no reason.

Staying in Afghanistan will make us poorer and less secure. We must get out ASAP!

### END LETTER ###

You may send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System. Please share this message with your friends!

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

2011 May 09
Posted by The Coffee Coaster™ Copyright Downsize DC
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