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Liberty Dollar News December 2010
Excerpts from Bernard's latest newsletter

Really I haven't received the official go-ahead from Bernard von Nothaus, the founder and architect of the Liberty Dollar... to repost some of his newsletter highlights. But under the circumstances—it is looking like there will be a trial this spring for the Liberty Dollar 4—I don't think he'll mind. I am condensing his stories, especially the main story about Bernard's often unsupportive (even hostile) treatment from several libertarian celebrities: including Ed Crane of Cato, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, and John McManus of the John Birch Society. Benard's being snubbed by leading men who should have better manners—to say the least—is a big reason for my posting these excerpts for my guest column this week.

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Table of Contents:
1. Ron Paul and the Liberty Dollar
2. Father and Son in 2012?
3. End the Fed
4. NORFED Lives!!
5. Why Did the Liberty Dollar Fail?
6. WOW!!! Thanks for the $$$
7. Good Inflation Article
8. Why We Can't Fill Orders?
9. Numismatic Values

1. Ron Paul and the Liberty Dollar

Now that Congressman Ron Paul has been named the Chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee and the press is full of intrigue as to what Paul will do, it is time to tell the whole story of "Ron Paul and the Liberty Dollar."

[The remainder of this story is a fascinating behind the scenes look at how leading libertarians failed to man up in support of the Liberty Dollar, especially now in the hour of need of the Liberty Dollar 4 that the government is prosecuting. View the newsletter here. Bernard is confident of legal victory in spring. What will sunshine patriots say in that event?!]

2. Father and Son in 2012?

Heard the story/rumor about Ron Paul and his newly elected Senator son, Rand Paul, running for President and Vice President? What a wild, interesting idea! And the fact that they are sharing a condo in DC is even more interesting and adds more fuel to the story. And while we just had a father/son president dumbo in recent history, my take is that a more likely scenario would be for Rand Paul to run for President with his father as VP. Easier to sell a younger John Kennedy image with an elderly VP and easier on an aging Ron Paul too.

3. End the Fed

It is amazing how the awareness of the Federal Reserve (FXRX) has changed since NORFED launched the Liberty Dollar in 1998. Back then, when we exposed the FXRX as a private owned bank that it was nothing more than a ponzi scheme, we were met with disbelief, doubt and NO that is impossible! Most everybody, except true believers and the early adopters, "knew" that the FXRX was a government institution. Now, some dozen years later, mainstream CNBC and FOX regularly refer to the FXRX as a private bank that is nothing more than a ponzi scheme! ...

4. NORFED Lives!!!

NORFED, the political organization dedicated to repealing the Federal Reserve Act by bringing about mass awareness of its fraudulent fiat monetary scheme that steals your purchasing power by offering a positive, profitable solution to the country's monetary problem, has been enshrined in the new indictment. Amazingly, NORFED is mentioned in 40 of the 44 paragraphs of the new indictment, for a total of 54 times! Click HERE to read the new indictment....

5. Why Did the Liberty Dollar Fail?

So why did the Liberty Dollar fail? It didn't! Only in the eyes of the faux self-imposed intelligentsia establishment, did it fail. If Cato or any of the other large prominent government fronts had the balls or even the desire to really do something to save this country from a monetary collapse and protect its citizens from monetary tyranny, they would have done something. But they didn't. That is not their job. Their job is to jack you off, make you feel good and keep you donating to their $1000 a plate dinners!!...

The Liberty Dollar never failed. Nor will the Liberty Dollar Four fail to end the government's current "misadventure" in North Carolina federal district court.

6. WOW!!! Thanks for the $$$

I am very pleased to announce that a record amount of money was donated for Kevin last month. On behalf of Kevin, this is a wonderful sign of support for the Liberty Dollar Four and the lone defendant who has been in a county jail for 19 MONTHS! It would be wonderful to raise a bit more to see Kevin through to his trial that will not happen until the spring and maybe even later as the gov stonewalls defense demands for exculpatory evidence that the DOJ is required to provide to defense. This whole sorry affair of the DOJ in collusion with dirty defense attorneys was aired in the November, 2010 newsletter....

Closing Remarks

I feel it is important to air all the hidden stories before the trial. For after the trial… things will be different. Many thanks for your continued support. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society. Thank you again for all your efforts to return America to value - one dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus
   Monetary Architect/Editor

2011 January 10
Posted by The Coffee Coaster™ w/presumed permission of
Bernard von Nothaus | Liberty Dollar | Money Freedom | The Fed

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