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Liberation of Egypt => End of Empire?
The times they are a'changin'...
By Jim Babka

As an ally of the Downsize DC operation, I've still rather reluctantly accepted the value of sending letters/emails to Congress. Mainly because we are now into the regime in which, with negligible exceptions, every member of said body—and state legislatures and city halls—is bought and paid for by the money overlords... running thru Wall Street, the war machinery, Goldman Sachs et al, and ultimately to the supreme moneychangers via the international banks.[1]

Interestingly, the recent letter campaign from DDC makes the case that even if the government is paid for hook, line, and sinker (by the ruling overlords)—in Egypt's case, the overlords appear to be the international criminal enterprise centered in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv—there's a point of absurdity and evil at which it self-implodes... like Egypt. Or like the USSR, in 1989. Both regimes experienced an overnight step-change, such a total loss of respect from the people that the assholes wielding power threw up their hands and abdicated—often to avoid prosecution for their crimes. So letters may work someday, but taking it to the streets may work tomorrow.

We can be extremely hopeful that the liberation of the people of Egypt will lead to the liberation of the people of the West in general... from decades, even centuries, of high-tech slavery by the Money Power and and its figurative and literal death squads. Can the end of the Anglo-American Finance Oligarchy be far behind? Well here's the most recent commentary from Jim Babka. Most of his campaigns I participate in. However, increasingly, I'm thinking of framing my own personal comments like this:

"Look you useless state-groveling cocksucker, if you vote for this fascist-collectivist piece-of-shit bill, you're going to personally pay treble damages for the time and money it expropriates from the American people. And if the law results in the state unconstitutionally imprisoning, torturing, or murdering one single person, you will hang from the neck until you are dead. Zero tolerance. Have a nice day."

Maybe that will get the staffer to 'kick the letter up to the boss.' :) — bw

Egypt: How it just proved YOUR power!

D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h |*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|

Quote of the Day: "The empires of the future are the empires of the mind." -- Winston Churchill

States get their power from the CONSENT of their citizens. When consent is removed by enough people, States change, or even fall.

It happened in Egypt last week.

No election was held. There was no political process involved. Instead, people just went outside and shouted to the sky, "I do not consent."

This was enough to make a seemingly omnipotent dictator completely powerless.

Nothing in the world seems less likely to work than going outside and shouting at the sky, but it did work, perfectly, in just a few days.

Think about this the next time you or someone you know feels despair and says, "Sending letters to Congress doesn't work."

Shouting at the sky doesn't work either... except that it does.

To change The State, you only need two things:

  • A critical mass of people ready to remove consent for the way things are
  • A way to deliver the message

Here's what happens when you use our method for delivering the message:

  • Your letter is read by Congressional staffers -- some of them may learn something from you
  • Some of your letters get summarized in reports to the Chief of Staff and the Congressperson
  • A few break through and are delivered directly to the boss, as examples of what "the people" are thinking
  • Your letters get counted and reported up the chain of command

"Count" is the crucial word. If you aren't getting what you want, it's only because there isn't a critical mass of people joining you to demand it. A few hundred people shouting to the sky is unlikely to change anything, but tens of thousands can have influence, and hundreds of thousands can change the world.

  • We've been working hard behind the scenes to make our "counts" grow larger. Some of what we've done is already paying off. For instance,
  • We've received positive feedback about the new categories for our campaigns -- The Downsize DC Agenda, Tell Congress What To Do, and Our Heresies. In addition . . .
  • Downsizers are now seeing a contribution form after they send a letter to Congress. This is bringing us something we've never had before, a steady, daily flow of new income that is funding new progress.
  • Those who are current donors will see something new the next time they send a letter to Congress. When the contribution form appears they'll see a "Thank You" that tells them how much they've given so far this year. They'll also see a link to our old Tell-a-Friend system, that they can use to recruit others.

But more and better changes are coming:

Toward the end of this week, if nothing goes wrong with our testing, "Your Downsize DC Toolbox" will be unveiled in the right hand column of our home page after you log in. And after that: We'll start talking about new recruitment tools that you can use to make the "counts" in YOUR CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT grow larger. In the meantime, please think about the following points:

  • Pressure works
  • Withdrawing consent works
  • The people of Egypt just toppled a dictator, merely by shouting in the streets
  • How many people will you need in your Congressional district to get what you want from your rulers?

And why not expand your "count" right now?

Please, encourage ONE local friend to sign-up for the Downsizer-Dispatch. Help them. Follow-up with them, to assure they're signed-up.

Also, if you haven't done so already, please join us on Facebook (

Congratulations to the people of Egypt. And congratulations to you for being part of a group that is withdrawing consent in this country.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

Not to be disrespectful, but the more I think about it, and judging from my own legislators' obstinacy and abject statism when I confront them on all the issues via Downsize DC and all the rest, the more I like the "Egyptian Technique" of toppling dictatorships: run into the streets and shout to the sky. Who's with me on this? — bw

[1] Check out the Bank for International Settlements. Or if you think that link is too conspiratorial use this one at Wiki-tepidia.

2011 February 14
Posted by The Coffee Coaster™ w/approval of DDC
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