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Three Vital Issues—Give 'em Hell
Use the Downsize DC system to flood Congress
with emails opposing horrendous laws

Stop the Food, Inc. Nazis!

Quote of the Day:
"Given sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine."
-- Woody Page, Denver sports columnist

S. 510 will make your food more expensive and less safe. It will drive many small farms out of business. The leaders of the "lame duck" Congress want to pass this falsely named "food safety" bill THIS WEEK, but . . . They'll need 60 votes to break Sen. Coburn's "hold" on the bill. That means we can defeat S.510 with just 40 votes, but we must apply the pressure now! Please send a letter right now telling your Senators to oppose S. 510. You may borrow from or copy this letter:


S.510 will crush family farms and small businesses with excessive regulations - even though they were NOT the source of recent food safety problems. S.510 also violates the Fourth Amendment by allowing the FDA to invade and search farms and food producers without court permission. If you think the FDA will use this new power responsibly, think again. David Gumpert reports that the FDA shut down two raw-milk cheese-makers for the presence of the pathogen listeria, even though . . . * Nobody got sick *

The FDA almost never shuts down companies for the mere presence of pathogens - even when people DO get sick * Companies have previously been allowed to clean things up, rather than shut down. If the FDA is starting to behave like this now, just imagine how abusive it will be under S.510?

Finally, it must be stressed that big agribusiness has been the source of most recent food safety problems. S.510 will make this problem worse by burdening small producers, and driving them out of business. This will make our food supply more centralized, less diverse, and more dangerous. Please STOP S.510. This Congress must NOT pass any food safety bill.

Remember, the voters have repudiated this Congress, and it's heavy handed ways.


Send your letter through DownsizeDC's Educate the Powerful System. Remember, Congress DOES read your letters. They DO have an impact. The more letters they receive, the more we're likely to succeed. So please forward this, share on your social networks, and retweet this message. And thank you for being a DC Downsizer! — James Wilson, Asst. Comm. Director

Congress: Take a Longer Vacation

Quote of the Day:
"The American people's message was clear in the 2010 election -- they want the incoming Congress to make their laws. The voters' wish should be respected." -- Pat Choate

"You're fired." That's what the voters told Congress on November 2. Do you want someone you've just fired to stay on the job and spend more of your money? That's exactly what Congress intends to do in the "lame duck session" that begins today (11/15/2010).

Several of their bills will kill jobs and increase the national debt. We think our country would be better off if Congress just went home for an extended vacation. If you agree, please send a letter telling Congress to go home. Use's Cut Federal Spending campaign. You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .


The November 2 election gave Congress a mandate to cut spending, and to stop over-regulating the economy. And yet in the lame-duck session . . .

This Congress was fired exactly because the people got tired of fiscally reckless, job-killing bills like these. Haven't you done enough damage to the country already? If you won't work to cut spending during the lame-duck session, then I insist that you . . .

  • Pass a continuing resolution to keep the government running for the next few months
  • Extend the 2001 tax cuts that are about to expire
  • And then, go home for an extended vacation.

Most important, DO NOT PASS ANY MORE BILLS. I've had enough!


You can send your letter through's Educate the Powerful System. And we invite you to forward this to your friends and share it on Facebook. — James Wilson, Asst. Comm. Director

Tie Congressional Pay to Deficit

Quote of the Day:
"I leave symbolism to the symbol minded."
-- George Carlin

Some people are calling for a Congressional pay cut as a symbolic gesture. The idea will be wildly popular, but I don't care for it. The proposed pay cut isn't tied to performance, so it will do NOTHING to change Congressional behavior. A one-time pay cut won't, in any way, create an incentive for change. It's just a token. If you read the story behind the link above you'll find that the word "symbol" is used six times. The word "gesture" also appears. That's a bad sign. Symbols are for suckers. Gestures are for losers. The right way to manage Congressional pay is tie it to performance, PERPETUALLY.

We must not respond to token populism, like eager lap-dogs settling for table scraps. We must instead hold out for real reforms that address the crucial problem of Congressional incentives. That's the problem with The State. Politicians have too many incentives to say "yes" to more spending, taxing and regulating. We need to replace the incentives for "yes" with even more powerful incentives leading to "no." This should be the principle . . . If Congress runs a deficit, then, BY LAW, they take a pay cut, EVERY term they do so. And that's why we made the Fiscal Responsibility Act one of six bills that comprise our Downsize DC Agenda. Please support this REAL REFORM. Here's a sample letter you can send to your member of Congress . . .


I hear talk about a Congressional pay cut. I'm not fond of this idea because it dismisses a genuine reform in favor of a one-time symbolic act. Tokens won't change anything.

Representatives Deal, Gingrey, Westmoreland, Linder, and Paul have introduced a bill that isn't merely a gesture. They've tied Congressional pay to performance. After all, the problem isn't that you want us to like you -- it's that you spend too much! If Congress runs a deficit, it should see a pay cut. This shouldn't happen just once. It shouldn't be a token. It should be the law.

Every term that you run a deficit, you and your colleagues should have your pay cut. If you feel a deficit is good for the country, if you support such "sacrifice," then I'm sure you'll be more than willing to take the lead. Leave symbolic one-time pay cuts to the symbol-minded. I demand something more effective. Bring HR 4336 to the floor and vote for it.


You can send your letter to Congress using's Educate the Powerful System. — Jim Babka, President

2010 November 16
Posted by The Coffee Coaster™ w/permission of the authors
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