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'October 16 will be my 500th Day'
Bright letter from a dim cell in Carolina
by Kevin Innes

William Kevin Innes is one of the Liberty Dollar Four—Bernard von Nothaus, two associates (routine surfing did not reveal their names, so if you know who they are, please send me a note), and Kevin Innes—the only one who could not make bail (because he's still technically a Canadian citizen and the feds are absurdly treating him as a flight risk). Absurd, because the nature of his alleged "crime" is the exercise of his freedom to choose and promote—truthfully represent—what he regards as valuable money.

The fact that THIS MAN IS BEING HELD WITHOUT TRIAL IN A FILTHY NORTH CAROLINA CONCRETE CAGE FOR GOING ON TWO YEARS has become, for me, the straw that breaks the camel's back. Yes, I've previously made noises about declaring my independence from the current unspeakable US genocidal state—and (legally) stopped my own wealth transfer to the federal treasury. But this time I'm making my "separation" final, official, and complete... which becomes the content of my column next Monday.

Let me first give you more context for the letter I have received from Kevin, by pointing to a previous column I wrote, where you may find all the information for helping him and his family, financially, and to contact him in jail. If you try to find out what's happening on the case, it's difficult because looking for news on the Web, I've found at least one LD-related site that's been "closed by court order." And with the exception of articles like this one, it's simply hard to find information. Here's Kevin's letter:

From: William Innes
Caldwell County Detention Center
2350 Morgantown Blvd.
Lenoir, NC 28645


Dear Brian,

Thank you for the donations you have been sending. It sure helps to take the edge off of this experience, which, as you may know, can be compared to living like a refugee.

There are many miserly methods of cutting costs which have contributed to making this jail the most profitable business in the county. (Business?!) For example, if you are not indigent you are required to buy your own soap and toilet paper! The jail made over $600,000 last year, but that went into the county government's general coffers and the jail saw little of it. Not bad for a jail that only holds 200 inmates. the rationalization for the Spartan conditions is that it is 'only temporary.' Yeah, right! Some guys have been here for over two years awaiting sentencing or trial. I'm getting closer that anniversary myself. October 16 will be my 500th day in county jails.

Most of the donations I receive go to help augment my diet in order to maintain my health. But my goodness, the business that supplies the commissary—with the jail most likely taking a profit for itself—sure isn't bashful about making a profit. Prices are about double what they are in prison. Examples: Peanuts (1.25 oz.) 70¢/40¢, Honey Buns $1/45¢, Ramen Noodles (3 oz.) 75¢/40¢.

About 95% of the inmates have accepted plea bargains and are awaiting sentencing and prison time, but they talk about prison as though it is Club Med! LOL![1] For those who have been there a time or three, one can understand why they are pining for it: way better food, facilities, and programs. Visitations here are once per week for a half hour in a booth with a telephone and separated by plexiglas from your visitor. In prison you can have in-person contact for up to eight hours.

There is no effort at rehabilitation here. This is just a lockup, so it is just punishment, plain and simple. We can go on the recreation yard, which is outside, when the guards are not short-staffed or too busy (often) and when the weather is acceptable, which ends up being once, maybe twice a week for half an hour. In winter that means not at all. There is no library or access to legal materials; no TV, not even a clock. I don't engage in any chess, checkers, or card games (mostly gambling)—too many take the 'friendly' games far too seriously, and numerous fights have erupted over them. For many, cheating and heated arguments seem to add some "spice of life" and some relief from abject boredom. One consolidation has been the tiny radio with a clock on it that I bought from the commissary. It picks up a few stations including National Public Radio, so I have been able to keep up with national and international events.

I have decided to turn this stint into a training session to better prepare me for the work to be done when I'm out. It's not an Ashram[2] but it can be a "Jail-shram," as my wife suggested as a term. Most of my waking hours I do meditation, yoga, and exercise, and the rest of the time I'm studying things like philosophy, non-violent communication (check out and consensus meeting skills; and reading and responding to the books and letters people have sent—for which I am very grateful.

And thank you for your books, Brian. I enjoyed reading your perspectives on what you have experienced with the (criminal injustice) system. I was confused about your address... [wonders if I'm back in Michigan; yes, as a temporary, though what appears to be a relatively long-term financial and mama's-health-oriented necessity, though still a legal resident of the Free State.—bw].

If you would like to send me some news, I would love to know what has been happening in New Hampshire since June '09. I was looking forward to attending PorcFest 2009 and now I've missed PorcFest 2010. (Sigh...) I guess I'm getting nudgings of homesickness for New Hampshire—it grows on ya, doesn't it.

When the situation starts to get me down, I try to think in terms that the longer this takes, the bigger the eventual victory will be. Not knowing what form that will take is part of the thrill of being alive. It is all part of the big picture of "liberty-in-the-making," of which you are also an important part, Brian.

Thank you again for your support.



PS: I heard on the radio recently that central bank is worldwide are now buying gold. This is BIG! I'll bet that have been quietly doing that for a while as China has done. In the last 18 months, gold has gone up 35%, but silver has risen 50%! They are really going to soar now that the central banks are signaling their distrust of the value of their own currency.

Clearly we are in the end game of American tyranny. The die is cast, the resolution will be imminent. Part of that end game from the tyrants' perspective is mass incarceration and expropriations, starting with various leaders of the resistance to central authority. I've sent this letter to the Mail-to-Jail Website, which is designed for sending letters to people put in jail, particularly in New Hampshire... but I have an idea they'll be expanding operations. Please help Kevin and any others imprisoned by the state unjustly; those of us who remain on the outside must help the victims of arbitrary criminal power. Until we end it. One way to look at it, as a practical person, is to support incarcerated victims of state coercion because —unless the system changes—you will be one of them.

"If we don't hang together, we shall certainly all hang separately."

[1] laugh out loud

[2] The term Ashram often denotes a locus of Indian cultural activity such as yoga, music study or religious instruction.

2010 October 26
Posted by The Coffee Coaster™ w/permission of the author
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