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...a badly wanting year is waning!
Remembrance of 2009 from Gerhard Fuerst

Another timely poem from Gerhard Fuerst, who does not forget the ravages of the "Ripofflicans." Gerhard
is a welcome voice for peace and tolerance in a world gone crazy for the opposite. Was it all the fault of the Neocons and the torturers?

If so, it would be a fair expectation to see the "Dumbocraps" to put some serious change into effect, at least in the areas of peace and civil liberties. Well, we truly ain't seen nothing yet. But Gerhard is one to give the "new" president time. Me, I'm done like a dinner with hoping for change from O and Co. Whatever. G makes poetry and it works for me. — ed.

...and a badly wanting year 2009 is waning!

I had to give it one more review

of proven or assumed cause and effect.

Greetings, Gerhard

2010 2009 gets dunked...

Will the now nearly ending

decade of disaster

ever be debunked?

Alas, it is history,

we can't ever live it down,

Bush's damnable deeds,

earned him scorn

and many a frown.

Both he and his side-kick,

scowling sour puss

Chinny-Chin Cheney,

should have been

summarily kicked out.

Alas, there were plenty

of feisty fundamentalist fools

and a wild assortment of deceived souls,

who in their support

far too long

very loudly did shout.

Then there were the powerful types

with insider connections,

the callously concealing profiteers,

who labored long

to avoid public detection.

However, their hollow house of cards

suddenly collapsed and crashed

into a ruinous heap,

and all thieving rip-off rats

tried to run and hide,

jump though protective hoops

with a trickily legalistic leap.

However, they could no longer hide,

because their infamous faces

are now known country wide.

Corporate tycoons in executive jets

flew to Wishington-Wantington

to plead and to beg,

hoping to siphon more dollar drops

from the tax payer's keg.

Demanding bail out money,

badly bawling big banker bums,

came to the Wishy-Washyngton well

cozying up to their congressional chums

Alas, we all ended up paying

a very costly price,

It's too late to reflect,

and too late trying

to be clever and fair folksy wise.

We're left forever and a day

with their shameful deeds.

They had soiled our history,

with their legacy of lies!

Alas, their mess is accomplished,

the permanent damage is done.

They ultimately departed in defeat,

In the final analysis:

they had not won.

Politics, of course,

as many a thing in life,

is an uncertain bet.

However, in this case,

I simply cannot forgive,

and I most certainly

will not forget!

Forever and a day

we are many trillions of dollars short.

and over our freely spending

credit card "wazoo" in debt.

Alas, while Cheney

most nastily and annoyingly

still regularly spouts in public

and dares to show his ugly face,

GWB, his Tex-ass partner in crime,

is silently hiding in shame and disgrace!

Only on rare occasions

has he huffed and puffed.

But his goose is cooked,

too tasteless and unstuffed.

Stupidity and arrogance,

with him still go hand in hand.

No matter if he tries to fudge the record,

for all his follower fools across the land.

This despicable & dastardly duo

did things which even now appear beyond belief:

One was the alleged commander,

and the other, the reigning coward in chief!

The truth has been uncovered,

but what they did, can't be undone

Just be glad that they had departed in defeat,

and that in the end, they had not won!

Gerhard A Fürst


And now all the hooters and howlers

And now all the hooters and howlers

are hooting, hollering, shouting, and howling,

because President Obama had not yet produced the miracle cures

for all that ails this country and the world.

The Ripofflicans are still dirty-dealing,

and the Dumb-oh-craps

are not doing what needs to be done.

Is democracy dead?

Are we all the victims

of a ruling and reigning plutocracy elite

of self-dealers?

... and "what needs to be done?" That is the question. — ed.


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