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Hope and Possibility
Year-end message from Small Government News

Small Government NewsThe following article shows up in my mailbox on Christmas Eve day, and I'm pretty sure that Michael Cloud and Carla Howell won't mind if I crib it—from the newsletter you can view at this link—for my own Coffee Coaster page.

Basically, I feel Michael and Carla have nailed the exactly approprite year-end sentiment for those who seek liberty and justice for all... indeed:

Hope and Possibility
by Carla Howell and Michael Cloud

We are fast approaching Christmas and New Year's.

Days of hope and possibility. Days of thanks and new beginnings.

This is a time of love and good cheer. Of gratitude and giving.

But it's also a time for reflection.

2009 was a cruel year for prosperity and freedom in America.  

Big Government politicians bailed out reckless and irresponsible corporations. First with the $700 billion Republican package in late 2008. Then with a second $787 billion Democratic package in February 2009. That's $1.5 trillion in borrowed money. Payable by taxpayers.

Big Government politicians pumped $1.5 trillion of taxpayer dollars into corporations with the judgment of the Fire Marshall on the Hindenburg, or the Iceberg Lookout on the Titanic.

Results? Unemployment jumped from 8% to 10%. Home foreclosures continue at a blistering pace. Massive layoffs in the private sector - coupled with increased hiring of tax paid government employees! But what about the reckless and irresponsible mortgage lenders, insurance companies, and financial corporations that your tax dollars rescued? Surely they're wiser and more prudent now. Nope. They're following the same policies and strategies that got them into the mess.

Then the Big Government democrats decided that 50% Government Control of medical care was NOT enough. They decided to march American patients and doctors into more tax funding and more government control. It's only another $1 Trillion, they said. Though it's really closer to $3 Trillion with medical rationing, mandates, government caused increases in insurance, and more taxes.

Remember Cloud's 5th Law, "The Direction is the Destination."

They are legislating us in the direction of a government-run, medical monopoly. That is their destination.

BUT SOMETHING HAPPENED while the Big Government Democrats AND Big Government Republicans voted for the Trillions of dollars in bailouts, debt, 100% pork stimulus spending, and more...

TEA PARTIES! Private citizens. Patriots. Forgotten Americans launched Tea Parties from border to border, from coast to coast. We drew together hundreds of thousands of Americans who refuse to lie down and surrender. We spoke out. Protested. At rallies. On blogs and websites.

The cynical mainstream News Media called us "a tempest in a tea pot" - and said we were a fad.

But we grew bigger and bigger each month. And we are on the move.


TOWN HALL MEETINGS. Forgotten American Taxpayers swarmed to Town Hall Meetings with elected officials --- and made it clear that we were NOT there to be sweet-talked into shutting up. We were there to be heard. We oppose the spending, debt, bailouts, stimulus packages, the move toward total Government takeover of medical care in America.

The arrogant mainstream News Media said this was a front-group for Republicans - despite the fact that 68% of us are registered independent voters. And the polling shows that most of us dislike and intend to vote against the Big Government Republican politicians AND the Big Government democrat politicians.

The Town Hall Activist movement is growing. Networking. Facebooking. Blogging. Organizing for 2010.


OUR ROLL BACK TAXES BALLOT INITIATIVE IN MASSACHUSETTS. We are part and parcel of the Tea Party Movement and the Town Hall Activist Movement.

We refuse to beg and plead with the Big Government politicians for fiscal responsibility and tax cuts.

We, the People...are cutting taxes ourselves. You and us.

  • Our ballot initiative will roll back the Massachusetts sales tax from 6.25% to 3%.
  • It will creates 32,929 NEW private sector jobs in Massachusetts
  • Eliminate 17,108 unneeded tax-funded government jobs
  • Attract $132.6 million in new private investment to Massachusetts
  • Reduce the total tax burden by $2.34 billion
  • Reduce total state government spending - which is $51 billion today - by 4.7%.
  • Put $2.34 billion back in the pockets of 3,400,000 Massachusetts workers and their families. Every year. That's an average of $688/year.
  • Generate tens of millions of dollars in additional business each year for Massachusetts Retailers. No more losing customers who drive to tax-free New Hampshire to avoid our 6.25% sales tax.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing," wrote Edmund Burke.

Because YOU did something good and right, because you supported our Initiative to Roll Back Taxes, our petition signatures are certified by the Massachusetts state Elections Division.

Because of you, because of the growing Tea Party Movement, because of the Town Hall activists - there is real hope and possibility for 2010

Please view the remainder of the Small Government newsletter here.


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