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Plaintive Cries
Poignant appeals for justice and humanity,
from peace-friends Jennifer and Martin[1]

In times of universal deceit, truth telling is revolutionary.
— George Orwell

Let's concede for the moment we literally do not live in Orwellian times—after all, the Resistance is in full flower, at least on the Internet, and we're not marched (yet) into drab auditoriums to sing praises of Big Brother.  Today, I want to turn my soapbox over, not to fellow ideologues, rather to "real people who feel and care."  More from the heart, these friends of mine cry out against the "1984" levels of death and destruction inflicted on humankind by the Neocon Junta... in our name.

The following email messages were solely edited wrt format and minor punctuation/grammar changes:

Books, Bush, and the Election—from Jennifer

The darkness will end,
I see the daylight coming,
How many have died?


Many of you have not heard from me in a long time. The last four years have been depressing to say the least. Dare we have hope? Not that I believe even a miracle worker in the White House can fix this hell in the next four years. What can we hope for… a reinstatement of the Constitution of the United States as the law of the land, an end to the war in Iraq even if we need to crawl on our knees to the UN for help, a reduction in the national debt, and basic health care for all?

What do we have to show for the last eight years? I will leave out the minor stuff—unemployment, foreclosures, loss of pensions, etc.—we will survive, maybe not comfortably but we will survive.

The real numbers, the legacy we are giving our children:

  • 4,788 and 33,216

    These are the dead and wounded as of 10/7/2008, the numbers are only those serving in the US military and the wounded are only those with physical injuries. Post-traumatic stress (PTS) and other emotional damages are not included. This number also does not include US civilians and nonmilitary contractors who make up almost a third of US personnel in Iraq. If there is a Web site that keeps track of those numbers I have not found it.

  • 96,340 Iraqi civilians killed as of 10/7/2008

    These are only the noncombatants not including any military, para-military, police or insurgents.

  • And another number: $10,186,269,007,199.11, which is the National Debt as of 10/7/2008…what more is there to say.

I just finished reading and recommend The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi, what we have all known in a somewhat concise form.

I also recommend House of Bush, House of Saud, by Craig Unger. It explains why Bush is not now and never has been looking for bin Laden.

I offer you to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and Bill of Rights

Dissent is NOT treason!
With Hope for Our Future,


Re: Books, Bush, and the Election—from Martin


I only wish reading and knowing what I know could legitimately make a mark on those whose 'ideals' are ensconced in fear, bigotry, and utter ignorance of happenings around them.

As I've told Garrett, I've never seen so many people make such an important decision on their own deluded personal feelings of what is right.

Father believes in voting Republican because he holds to the older vision of Republican 'smaller government and less taxes.'  Apparently not noticing the fact that the government against terror has become a behemoth and is paid for by borrowed money from the future... but continues his voting pattern.

Uncle believes liberals are out to get his guns and gotta fight those 'terrorists,' with complete disregard of the costs in both human, ethical and economic capacities.

Friend believes in right to life, votes on that premise, and mostly only that premise... regardless of any other part of the platform.  Apparently right to life doesn't apply to civilians half-way round the world.  

Neighbor doesn't want higher taxes, lacking the foresight or knowledge to understand the dilemma of borrowed money.

Mother-in-law doesn't want socialist health-care, but goes to church every week, Bible study every Thursday, praying to a compassionate god while millions in our country go without basic health care and suffer.

Coworkers complain about the price of gas, and groceries, but continue to buy large cars and feeding the monster causing more of the problem.

Other coworkers complain about lack of jobs, but continue to shop at Wal-Mart and/or buying goods made by a repressive Chinese regime that has a trade imbalance greatly favoring them because it saves them money, all while our government turns a blind eye and requiring subsidies for our own companies to compete, in effect, costing us more.

Why must I reap the poison that others have sown?

I'm not the smartest bird around, but I feel like I am an island of intelligence, forgiveness, and hope in a sea of ignorance, intolerance, and false hope.

I'm glad I'm not the only island, thank you for your hope and your note.

I'm continually debating disowning those that disagree with my ideals, but my compassion and forgiveness hold me true.

If only the happenings in government could hold people's attention like Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and all those other crap reality shows.



[1] Jennifer is a builder and the wife of a longtime business associate of mine; Martin is one of the several people she distributed on her impassioned note to those whom she knew would care. You can reach them via my site email address.

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