Losing Bowling Balls, Finding Success
A jump-start idea for positive life-transformation
by Brian Wright

Actually a walk-start. This is my short-cut concept for launching people toward "flourishing"—please refer to my previous column—thru the MillionaireX7 Success System that I am representing. Note: the power-walking practice I'm showing you today will help you more quickly become an outstanding winner in the game of life, regardless of which particular success system you choose.


The concept of wellness—let's simply define wellness as total health and fitness—jibes with any system promising positive life transformation. We are physical beings, and the fitness of our bodies works synergistically to promote the health of our minds and our spirits. My wellness practice focuses on a simple physical activity, walking, then using some audio technology, I integrate a special, easy, vigorous walking exercise with listening to a successive stream of positive audio suggestion.

The Fundamental Health Concern

I refer to my specific jump-start life-transformation practice as "Losing the Bowling Ball." This comes from the ordinary age progression of most men after their 20s... you watch the midsections of many of us, and the average guy will add 15 pounds in that area—roughly the weight of a bowling ball—every decade. Some add two bowling ball equivalents per decade, some three, and a handful four or more. Every inch you add to your waistline lowers your life expectancy (depending on other factors); but this waist size measurement has recently become a popular indicator of longevity in the wellness profession.

Note: this is a good time to stress that, while my recommended practice pertains to men—frankly because I'm using it on myself— women may use the practice in a scaled manner to achieve similar positive results.

The point is during the addition of this weight, because it's gradual and distributed around your body, you may hardly notice your loss of flexibility, the difficulty walking, or shortness of breath climbing stairs. You can even look at yourself in the mirror and pull your stomach in, so from the right angle, with clothes on, you've stayed the same as you were back in the day. But your internal wellness-meter knows, and you know it's something that you have to take care of if you're to stay alive and stay healthy, if not for yourself, for your family and loved ones.

Part One: Walking the Walk

In the KISS vernacular, keep it simple, stupid. What I'm going to show you is just that: simple. Walking is like breathing, an essential for survival, and what we normally do effortlessly without any sort of mental stress. If I were going to propose that in order to drop the bowling ball(s), you need to take up Tae Bo, or kickboxing, or power-dancing, or pretzel-simulation, or any of a multitude of faddish time-consuming, intense, often pricey fitness programs, you'd lose interest immediately.

My practice is to walk... and, optionally, listen to motivational audios.

Where are you going to do that? Fortunately, we have the technology: it's called a treadmill, and if you don't have one in your home—or even if you do and wish a more public experience—virtually every fitness center in America has several treadmills arrayed for people just like you. I'm going to give a plug to Planet Fitness, the 'judgment-free' fitness centers, which also happen to be inexpensive: roughly $10 a month, according to the low-impact, people-friendly business model. I'm currently attending the franchise in Northville, Michigan. Planet Fitness has sprouted up in virtually every state of the country.

Vigorous Daily Walking Exercise Profile

If you haven't exercised regularly in a long time, you should build up to the regimen that I'm going to propose. For instructions on using the treadmill, consult staff. I'm basing my recommendation on my own very average body: 185 pounds (which, after losing the bowling ball, will become 170 lbs.!) and 5'10" with shorter-than-average legs. The idea is you start your session at a fairly low speed, then staircase up to what your comfortable maximum speed and elevation will be. I advocate a session time of 70 minutes overall for optimum bowling ball loss rate.[1]

This table shows the regimen I employ (time is in minutes, speed is in miles per hour, elevation is in degrees):

Time Interval

With those numbers I burn 575 calories. And it feels good. I'm not killing myself, but I'm working up a sweat and finding a very good rhythm and respiration. According to some sources on the Web, the body continues to burn calories at a higher than normal rate following exercise.[2] The plan is to walk every day, not necessarily all 70 minutes each time, with some weights and stretching depending on your strength-regimen preferences. The walking is the main calorie burner.


Based on 3500 calories = one pound of body weight lost or gained, my estimate is the Lost Bowling Ball Exercise will net an average guy like me a net daily calorie burn of something like 1,000 calories. For a full week, that amounts to 7000 calories, which is the equivalent of 2 pounds, roughly 8 lbs. per month. But let's be conservative and state that I will lose 7.5 pounds, or 1/2 bowling ball, per month with this practice. I am not grossly obese, and the weight charts tell me I should be at 165-170 pounds. Thus, in two months I will lose my bowling ball and become the weight I want to be, where I can say, "I look great, feel fit, and act sharp." Send me an email to find out how I have done by the end of November 2010; no need, because by then I'll have provided pictures for this column.

You can achieve the same dramatic results. It's only walking!

Part 2: Hearing the Talk

Part 2 is the best part. And it's a key reason for choosing walking as the form of exercise: walking enables you to use a Walkman, iPod, or MP3 player to play motivational messages into your ears. These can be from any source, but I am promoting the James Lee Valentine series of audio "tapes" because each uses a special form of motivational or inspirational communication:

  1. 101 Power Qualities—I am honest, have integrity, am wealthy...
  2. 101 Power Questions—what do I want, who am I, why not me? ...
  3. 101 Power Values—firmness of purpose, excellent judgment...
  4. 101 Power Words—fabulous, empowered, outstanding, joyful...
  5. 101 Power Affirmations—riches come to me, my health is terrific...

When you combine all five of these, it's approximately 22 minutes of playtime. So over a 70 minute session of walking, you will hear each tape segment three times; the process is extremely invigorating and adds to one's desire to actually work out. You look forward to that time, to charge your batteries. Very invigorating. It also sends a subconscious message that these sessions are worth every minute they require in clock time.

So that is the drill. What I'm going to offer the reader for a sample audio are tapes 3 and 4 above, they appear in the table below, you may click on the labels to download the mp3 files to your listening device.

From the two free downloads, you can get a feel for the effect of such motivating aural input during vigorous exercise. Then if you want the full whammy, you may sign up for MX7 either immediately, or by creeping up on it through MX1 and MX3.[3] [Recently, a new program has just been launched, MX7Express, and that link will be included on this page as soon as all systems are working perfectly. MX7Express is a subset of the MX7 network marketing business that provides solely the Daily Millionizers for a reduced fee.] Say Yes to Success!

2010 October 18
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[1] On some days you will not have the time to spend, so you can easily adjust your time downward in multiples of 10 minutes.

[2] All I have from quick surfing is this page here. I don't have available any studies. My guess is by my burning 600 calories in an hour an extra 200 calories are burned throughout the day, appetite declines somewhat, and metabolism increases somewhat.

[3] Please access the following MX7-related Websites for more information. MX1 and MX3 businesses are also P2P online opportunities serving to introduce prospects to the value of the envelope-MX7 business; the graphics below for MX1 and MX3 take you to my own MX1 and MX3 site. The square for MX7 takes you to the MX7 corporate site; I ask you to contact me first through the email address of the fourth square, if you choose to subscribe for MX7.

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