"The Solution"
A life-flourishing system for normal humans
by Brian Wright

Hello Coffee Coaster Beaniefans and first-time viewers. Despite having what may appear to be a presumptuous title—"Like, dude, who are you to tell me you have some sort of universal answer?"—this column identifies a common-sense belief system and a down-to-earth business practice for achieving material well-being for the "average guy."[1]

The Concept of Flourishing

A lot of serious discussion has been devoted in the past two or three decades to what constitutes a good life. Some philosophers have used the word 'flourishing' to most fully express what a rational person sees as success. And I agree. American Heritage defines the term:

flourish (v.): 1) To grow well or luxuriantly, to thrive. 2) To fare well; prosper. 3) To be in one's prime. [from Middle English and French usage, to bloom... as a flower]

So to flourish suggests more than having wealth, more so the ability to savor and enjoy one's good fortune. Further, people can be seen as flourishing who acquire deep satisfaction with what they do—say, in service to a cause—and are at peace, regardless of material circumstances.

The Rule of Three

My system at the highest level is conceived as a "flourishment system," one that satisfies a reasonable person internally as well as externally. At every level, three principal components or subsystems seem to be at work. "The Solution"[2] is composed of the following three categories:

  1. Spiritual—relationship with Being
  2. Political—relationship with others
  3. Practical—relationship with survival

In my experience, each of these relationships needs to be positive in order for a human being to flourish. For example, as Jesus said, you may have all the riches in the world yet lose your own soul: If material wealth alone were a measure of happiness, innumerable celebrities and rich heirs would not engage in self-destructive behavior... or ritual suicide. Then considering the political, is it possible to build a successful practical business in a slave society?

1: The Spiritual—Consciousness/Being

Keep in mind that this summary only touches on the areas of The Solution, and each realm is more thoroughly described in the hardcopy booklet that I'll be composing in the coming month. We need to start with the so-called spiritual realm because, in the absence of a concept or realization to give purpose or meaning to one's life, then what good are a billion sensations and perceptions, however pleasant or satisfying? Who are your actions for? Who are you? [3]

In the previous three or four years, I've been fortunate to have encountered a major contemporary spiritual teacher, whose name is Eckhart Tolle. In essence, Mr. Tolle has drawn from other spiritual teachers and leaders over time—especially Jesus, the Buddha, even enlightened texts within Islam—to bring a universal, simple message: "You (each of us) are here to enable the divine purpose of the Universe to unfold; that is how important you are." And, you are not your mind.

From a few such self-evident observations, you begin to awaken to your connection with Being—another term for God or for all that exists, eternally and indestructibly. This felt oneness with Being (FOWB) that enables you to "watch" your mind, to own your mind and thus end its compulsive preoccupation with past and future, its incessant noise-generation and unhealthful obsessive labeling that threatens natural, reason-based human life... not to mention the life of other species. FOWB is enlightenment. Residing in that place brings the most immense joy one can experience: the "peace that passeth all understanding." Everything else is icing on the cake; it's a very good thing to have icing on the cake.

2: The Political—Nonaggression Principle

By political I mean our relationship with others in a social system. Let's ask ourselves what kind of social system is consistent with 1: spiritual enlightenment and 3: practical success. The answer is obvious: a social system where individuals are free to choose, to keep the rewards of their work, and otherwise to act as they wish without aggressing upon others and vice versa. [aka, political-economic liberty.] Conveniently, I have spent my adult life in service to the cause of liberty; my latest effort in this cause is my leading-edge book of discovery: The Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP). [The SNaP stands on the shoulders of giants, too many leading spirits and intellects to list here. Ref. my recommended reads page.]

In keeping with the Rule of Three, I open the SNaP with a chapter describing—at least for Americans—a rite of passage that leads to all our core values and political ideals: what I call the Kindergarten Rules:

  1. Don't hit
  2. Don't steal
  3. Don't lie

What I propose—and what I believe is essential for flourishment—is that the nonaggression principle, as given by the simple Kindergarten Rules, be elevated to the highest moral standard in society. Further, I identify some threats to the nonaggression principle and propose real answers to those threats. I had stated earlier that true material success requires political freedom, but the converse is also true: without resources, without time-freedom and money-freedom, individuals cannot create a benevolent, peaceful, free society.

3: The Practical—'Success-System' Business

When I say the word practical most of you probably hear financially successful: that is, reasonable ways to earn a decent living, or ideally to achieve a number of ambitious material goals. Goals such as those listed on the opening page of the Weblet associated with the graphic on the right: time freedom, health freedom, travel, adventure, substantial wealth, and so on. The practical is the realm of what most of us think of as success.

All the spiritual connection and political freedom in the world doesn't mean much if we can't put bread on the table... or, more better yet, achieve exceptional results in our own personal economy. So if success is the name of the practical, what is the name of success?

Just as for the spiritual category where I have been fortunate to discover an important contemporary teacher and leader (Eckhart Tolle), so, too, in the practical realm of flourishing I have been blessed to find a modern, innovative leader for helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary success: James Lee Valentine. Mr. Valentine has founded MillionaireX7, an online global network-marketing—aka, person-to-person (P2P)—business whose product is a success system. MX7 has the following three characteristics that elevate it from other MLM businesses:

  1. low cost of entry ($30/month, recovered by first three subscriptions)
  2. no recruitment compulsion (equals no incentive for commercializing personal relationships)
  3. practical, achievable financial goals

The above distinguishing qualities of the business are partly due to a a brilliant marketing system designed by early-subscriber and accomplished global entrepreneur Peter Shanks specifically for MX7, a marketing solution that makes it straightforward for anyone to conduct the enterprise without any special skills or training. Mr. Shanks' copyrighted system is available to all new MX7 subscribers.[4]

My System—Recap

That's it. I apologize for being brief, but remember this column is merely a high-level summary of a sales booklet due for imminent publication. The booklet will be written for the "average guy," and provide a lot more key information to show why the above principles are, indeed, a solution, if not the solution for many people at this key juncture in human history. And whether or not people buy my spiritual or political vision, they can straightforwardly adopt the practical solution, the MX7 success system, to achieve timely, worldly success.

2010 October 04
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[1] Average guy means a person, man or woman, who is reasonable and practices the nonaggression principle. Although my own background is middle-class white American (b. 1949), I feel these principles of flourishment apply to most human beings.

[2] "The Solution" = My Solution = My System = My Flourishment System

[3] Having just noted the Rule of Three, let me mention that I am a devotee of a spiritual cultivation practice known as Falun Dafa, which maintains there are three core principles of the universe: truth, compassion, tolerance.

[4] Please access the following MX7-related Websites for more information. MX1 and MX3 businesses are also P2P online opportunities serving to introduce prospects to the value of the envelope-MX7 business; the graphics below for MX1 and MX3 take you to my own MX1 and MX3 site. The square for MX7 takes you to the MX7 corporate site; I ask you to contact me first through the email address of the fourth square, if you choose to subscribe for MX7.

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