SNaP Vision Statement
And proper 'tude foundations for 'what we can do'

Every day we turn around the government is planning to do something really fundamentally insane. I've heard there are still powerful forces working with the Zionist occupational government of Palestine pushing a war agenda with Iran. John McCain has supposedly sponsored a bill to outlaw nutritional supplements. The Patriot Act has repassed with even fewer safeguards. And of course the looming Health Care Bomb. I'm beginning to wonder if it makes any difference at all to the Congress or to the executive or judicial branch that we actual humans don't want their stinkin' wars, or laws, or braindead goonbobs knocking on our doors in the night.

Yet, you know what? I'm feelin' good, feelin' right. Because every insane infraction of basic rationality brings America that much closer to "Hell, no we don't go... for whatever chains the government wants to lay upon us." "Homey don't do dat." My feeling is we are within about six months of complete civil disobedience of the federal government. Then what? Well, here are some comments on the Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP) vision and a recommended frame of mind. I've been finishing them up with the second-first edition of the SNaP book, which will be available on Lulu March 10, 2010. — bw

"Vision Quest"

After I had spent some time writing up strategic ideas for breaking through the Barrier Cloud, it occurred to me that for us to be successful we would have to have an image of what our ideal would look like. Which isn't an easy task for some, myself included. Everyone has his or her own image of the ideal future, and perhaps this is a good time to sit down and think about what that is. In any case, the Law of Attraction states we tend to realize our thoughts... so the clearer and real-er they are the better.

But here goes: For me, politically, my SNaP-infused world conjures up the following potpourri of images—I’m pretty much simply doing a coredump here, in no particular order, not trying to overly polish the verbiage (it’s picture time):

  1. Catcher in the Rye—From the book by J.D. Salinger that every sensitive teenage boy read when I was in junior high school (early 1960s). Holden Caulfield is an honest, alienated kid who has this tender sentiment of wanting to prevent children in a “rye field” from running off a cliff. I share that sentiment, wanting the world to be a safe adventure for innocent children.

  2. I’m young and fit—Part of the life extension and futurist culture, I see the ideal world full of youthful, healthy individuals (and hot babes J) everywhere.

  3. The canoe trip—One sunny day following a canoe float with a group of couples from work, I’m just sitting by myself on a picnic bench feeling the rays, a cool breeze, a cold beer, and a cigarette. A peak experience indelibly etched in my mind. Want more.

  4. A mountain road, the Yamaha Venture—Back in the early 1990s, I’m on two wheels, alone, rolling south through the Bitterroot Mountain Range, Montana and Idaho, along this crystal clear stream, no traffic, like for a full hour, one magnificent vista after another. Peak Experience II.

  5. No more Cialis commercials—With an end to state-privileged corporations, we’ll be able to view our favorite shows without so many enervating commercial interruptions.

  6. Making passionate love—Sure, who  doesn’t have images of this one, real person or fantasy. Someone who knows you, loves you passionately, and you feel the same. Not so often it becomes routine, but as a constant feeling you relish giving in to.

  7. The Now—My Eckhart Tolle experience, kind of a Buddhist deep self-acceptance of the universe as the end of suffering and beginning of enlightenment. Free world of nonaggression: virtually everyone on path to higher consciousness, benevolence.

  8. Brother, father—I lost them both too young, in their mid-50s, without enough quality face time. They’re in my ideal world as an abiding presence with me in the eternal Now. People who have lost spouses… or children: same quality.

  9. An end to the horrible suffering imposed by tyrants—From the slaughter of millions in the 20th century, to billions before that, to ongoing extreme persecutions, e.g. the Falun Dafa by the (state-) Chinese, the Palestinians by the (state-) Zionists, the Iraqis and Afghanis by the (state-) Americans, and many more. All the victims of state torture, rendition, dispossession, occupation, compulsions, murder, prohibitions, privilege, aggression: I see a world where the atrocities have ended, rivers of blood cease, and rivers of tears for the victims turn to peals of laughter instead.

  10. An end to scarcity—Nobody lacks for material well-being or proper nutrition.

  11. An end to disease—In the world of my dreams, because the state no longer holds back the creative mind, we cure all diseases and prevent the others. Just as no one is hungry, no one is sick. Eventually, no one is old… unless they want to be.

  12. People have class and treat each other with respect—The main memory from my encounters with the Aggressor State and its functionaries is their attitude toward the public. My new world of freedom image is full of respectful people who are happy to serve. In general individuals have excellent manners, are highly considerate and polite to one another. And they do not use foul language or extol ghetto slang. There is no racism, because there is no privilege; people treat one another as unique, worthwhile individuals because they are.

  13. The freedom to be different and interesting—Just throwing this in there because a perfect world is a boring world. If everyone were like me, we’d all be playing Pat Boone records and wearing White Bucks.[1]

  14. Literature and art—Whatever floats your boat. But the negative, nihilistic crap that is sometimes considered leading edge I can certainly do without. A free society will be an optimistic one: art will flourish and nourish. An occasional piece referencing pre-21st century statis angst and suffering will be enough to keep the art world from boredom.

  15. Golf—It used to be the game of kings, then movie stars and presidents, and corporate executives. Now it’s a true democracy out there, not always appealing either. I envision regular golf with my friends, where I win 90% of the time… and play well enough I deserve to. I’d prefer to see fewer pot-bellied rednecks teeing it up, and a lot more attractive women… with good swings.

  16. Sailing, flying, space travel—When the brakes are off, when our “inalienable right to ignore the state” means the state has left town entirely, natural humanity will progress at a tantalizing pace. The technology will be appropriate and humane, yet inspiring and magnificent. Well before the next Earth-ending meteor hits, biological human intelligence will expand and unite with its intelligent creations to bring intelligence to the Cosmos. Difficult image for a biological, nonenhanced mind like mine: but my guess is the higher life forms that descend from us won’t be sitting around eating cheese puffs while watching Dukes of Hazzard reruns.

  17. A haven for "philosophes"—The term, philosophe, I learned from Neil Postman (Building a Bridge to the 18th Century). According to American Heritage it means: “any of the philosophical, political, and social writers of the 18th century French Enlightenment.” But Postman puts American gentlemen of letters such as Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine inside the term’s boundaries. And I agree. A philosophe is one who cares about humanistic-liberal[2] ideas enough to read and to write about them, if not as a vocation, as an avocation.

When you have created you vision, then you can formulate your own strategies for conquering the barriers to your success in life. In the case of the freedom fighter, success also has distinct requirements, and that's some work I added to the SNaP II book, Chapter 6:

Breakthru: The Doing It

The practical achievement of liberty—or in terms of this book, the realization in our lives of the nonaggression ideal—requires action. The action must be creative and purposeful. Further, especially if we expect others to follow, the actions we propose—in addition to leading clearly and directly to our goals of liberty—must produce positive results in the material world for the actors.

This is a “how to” chapter with teeth—or, rather, with a pot of gold (coins) at the end of the rainbow. What I’m proposing is that the actions we take to achieve our libertarian ideal world become (90%) the identical same actions that we take to assure the material well-being—and dare I say prosperity?—of ourselves and our loved ones.

Creative and Purposeful

Not long ago, one of my personal heroes in the “think independently and with large imagination” crowd, Mr. Jon Rappoport was featured in a CD named “Introducing Jon Rappoport.[3] He was introduced by another hero of mine, Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts of[4] The context of his talk in that CD is, indeed, the “vision quest” I have been advocating: a world that is full of abundance and freedom, where people are motivated and excited by life, where universal peace has broken out, where children are safe in any neighborhood, and where aggressive governments and their mentally diseased agencies and beneficiaries have become a relic of a primitive past.

But I want to focus here on a specific point that I gleaned from what Mr. Rappoport was stressing on the CD. When we (especially those of us in the freedom movement) dwell on the nature of the Barrier Cloud and on the forces that enable it, it is easy to succumb to negative thoughts. Let me briefly discuss that problem of negativity…

The Imminent-Threat Syndrome

The powers behind the state are so vast and so malevolent and so destructive: “Hey, did you hear about the FEMA camps… or the nth Goldman Sachs bailout, or Obama’s bill to take over the Internet, or McCain’s bill to prohibit vitamins, or the Blackwater massacre in Fallujah, Ohio?!”

Each of these events may come true, and in some cases is true. It’s simply a fact that species americana is in the death throes of its pervasive, old, aggression-ridden oppressive system. The pillars of that system are crumbling as we speak. We can’t change the facts by ignoring them or denying them. But when you get into details about real specific danger, the analysis becomes rather complicated (and there are plenty of "Chicken Littles" willing to bury you in negative vibes):

  1. What is the exact nature of the danger?
  2. Is it an emergency that means the end of civilization or a loss of our 401K savings?
  3. Will the currency collapse, and, if so, does that mean panic in the streets or rapid transition to better money?
  4. Will national health care and imperial wars accelerate the collapse of the currency?
  5. What if the people refuse to accept coercive laws and stop paying taxes for them?
  6. Won’t that mean the end of coercive central government and all its sick pukes?

Isn’t that last item what we want, dammit?!

What I’m suggesting is that although we may be stuck with a serious social problem, to dwell on vague imaginings of what major calamity is about to descend around our ears, to endlessly speculate about the likely path of the Powermongers’ Great Train Wreck is TFU: totally failingly useless.

Constant “catastrophizing” by freedom-oriented people causes their peers to regard them as a pack of Gloomy Gusses. They tune us out. Exactly the undesired response, a Catch-22 (because we need to spread our message if we're going to be able to prevent the catastrophes). Take it from me, who has fallen into the “gloom and doom” trap so many times I expect to be collecting a disability pension. But those days are done like a dinner, for me now.

The Positive Law of Attraction

Constant speculation about the disasters one’s opponents can cause plays into the hands of one’s opponents. I’m sure it’s some kind of motivational principle. Similarly, the holding of a mental image firmly and continually creates a remarkable likelihood of that mental image materializing in the real world. In motivational circles, this is referred to as the Law of Attraction.

The most current popularization of the Law of Attraction is found in Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret. But the idea goes back to the classics of self-empowerment from Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Zig Ziglar, and others.

The freedom movement is due for a healthy dose of the Law of Attraction. Which brings me back to what Jon Rappoport has to say: he simply articulates so well[5] the psychological nature of the “power-afflicted ones” contrasted to the immense creative potential that each of us has as a natural nonaggressor-type human. We each have SO MUCH POTENTIAL. A big part of the deception by the controlling elites is convincing us we are powerless, that we have to toe the line and live conventional lives by their coercive rules.

The power-elite, the Kleptocons, the CME, the Entity, the ASL-syndrome afflicted, the defective ones, the Pathocracy, the oligarchy—however one wishes to name this small minority of humans who treat other humans as simply means to the minority’s luxurious existence—are deeply flawed. They are incapable of facing reality first hand… and abjectly terrified of those who do.

When we grasp these facts of nature, we win.

Basically, we outcreate the bad guys.

The Creative, Motivated Force

The preliminary lesson we can draw from Rappoport and others in the motivational field is how to develop and focus our creative energies. In some of his lectures, workshops, and books, he proposes exercises that can expand one’s creative power. In fact, after you have performed a couple of these, it isn’t too difficult to come up with your own.

For example, on the CD one practice is to stand by a window and look out at the horizon. Then imagine something you want—like, say, a free society with a high popsicle index—and project it from where you are at the window all the way to the horizon. Do it with feeling. Immediately, follow that projection with imagining a color, say, orange, then like Zeus fashioning a thunderbolt, send the color to the horizon. With feeling.

This kind of imaginative empowerment is crucial to breaking through the Barrier Cloud, particularly to unlocking the mental vise grip of the mainstream media and academia on the average citizen. Nothing is more critical to human freedom, to the NaP and the SNaP, to natural benevolent human life itself than to quickly and thoroughly discredit the mind control propaganda apparatus. If the mainstream media (MSM) were working for the natural humans, for us, we would be well aware of the inside perpetrators of—to name but two biggies—the 9/11 attacks and the JFK assassination. And everyone remotely connected with torture and rendition practices (that continue unabated to this day under O-Puppet) would be frog-stepping in orange jumpsuits for long periods of time.

Positive and Productive

The point is that each of us as natural human beings, in general, and as freedom-loving people, in particular, has an incredible creative power to make the world according to our own imagination. When humans discover this amazing power, en masse, as I believe we are within a few years of doing—and I see my SNaP II book as a modest part of that liberating process—the Manipulators will be blown away like a tumbleweed in a high wind.

At the same time, many people will discover the creative business or occupation they have a burning desire to pursue. They’ll restake claims to their precious childhood dreams and never again let outside powers put them in a box. A new alternative economy is emerging now, as we each discard the centralized hierarchies of the corporate state and carve out an abundant, passionate productive life with our own name on it. I only wish I were a few years younger... but it doesn't really matter, since rejuvenation technology is just around the corner.

This hugely creative and motivated force will not be denied. I’m happy to be an early part of it.[6] If there’s anything I’m convinced of, it’s that success requires reaching people with the language of success—whether we’re in business or in politics. Think. Act. Persist. TAP. Problems exist, which is merely another way of saying we set and achieve goals.

The methods of success we apply in our economic lives, we will apply to freeing up the world. TAP the SNaP. May whatever honest business or occupation you choose lead you to the time freedom, the health freedom, and the financial freedom to be able to lend a hand toward the political freedom… which, system wide, is the nonaggression ideal.

Chapter 6 of the SNaP (book publication March 10, 2010) describes some real-life “alternative-economy” business ideas that have the added advantage of directly asserting that presumption of liberty I discussed in Chapter 5.

[1] White Bucks are a kind of shoe that Boone popularized in the 1950s; I remember carrying on something awful because my parents wouldn’t buy me a pair.

[2] Liberal in its classical meaning: pro-liberty and pro-reasoning, unfettered mind. Thomas Jefferson expresses the ultimate liberal sentiment with, “I have sworn eternal hostility toward every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

[3] Avalable from

[4] Ms. Fitts is the inventor of the “popsicle index,” a measure of genuine human abundance in a benevolent nonaggressive society.

[5] Check out The Secret behind Secret Societies (2003).

[6] In addition to my career as a writer and a Web columnist (, I have an imminently flourishing leveraged-marketing business that deals in, what else, motivation and empowerment.



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