SNaP Ch. 5: Breakthru Ideas
Grand Strategy and Petite Strategy

Chapter 5 discusses the so-called Grand Strategy for dispelling the Barrier Cloud, by moving along all three liberation axes, particularly overcoming mind control. Then some Home Run solutions and street-level tips. — bw

In movements of ideas, as in chess and in war, some of the profound thinkers who have prosecuted causes—for good or for ill[1]—realize the importance of an overarching concept for achieving success.

This Grand Strategy becomes an integrating purpose or principle against which subordinate collective struggles or individual efforts are measured. For example, the Grand Strategy of the <central controlling entity (C2E)> in the modern era has been world domination, under which the World Wars were carried out as petite (lesser) campaigns.

So, too, we need a Grand Strategy—and a Petite Strategy—for world liberation. And these will be the subject of this chapter. Both grand and petite strategic components are vital to our success. And here is how I see them broken down into the general and more specific:

  1. Grand Strategy—at this level, especially for prosecution of the SNaP, we are concerned with growth of the individual’s own body, mind, and spirit.

  2. Petite Strategy—the subordinate idea(s) for effecting a society without coercion contains all of what we generally refer to as political action.

I will state both of these strategies explicitly below, then develop a handful of tactics that appear to have good chances in the near term. [No one has a monopoly on the best ideas for effecting a free world; I’m only hoping to creatively add to the mix.]

What I outline in the above two areas will serve the larger ideal of the betterment of the human condition quite well. Between the two “plans” and with concerted action, it is difficult to see how the parasitic Barrier Cloud phenomenon and its external and internal human causes is long for the world.

Grand Strategy for Liberty[2]

Psychologically healthy human beings lack the desire to dominate other human beings (or the inclination to view the actions of other individuals as means to a larger singular end—as conceived by a small group of individuals). Still, in the struggle to overcome the Grand Strategy of this small group of sick people who would centrally manipulate and control human beings[3], it helps for all the real people to be on the same page… or at least a similar page with one another. We need to have a Grand Strategy of our own.

Indeed, this book, by proposing the nonaggression principle as sacrosanct[4] is essentially leading us to a Grand Strategy: namely, the SNaP itself, or, more precisely: the coordinated movement of psychologically healthy human beings along the path of the Nonaggression Vector.

Figure 5.1: Heart, Mind, Soul

Figure 5.1 is a repeat of Figure 4.2 from Chapter 4, in which we looked at the Barrier Cloud initially. For “ASL diseased ones” world domination is the Grand Strategy, which appears to normal humans as the Barrier Cloud. For normal humans, the Grand Strategy is the Nonaggression Vector, which appears to the ASL-afflicted as any progress along the three Nonaggression Axes… particularly, X and Z.

To remind ourselves of the specific qualities involved, let’s repeat the definitions and descriptions of each of the Nonaggression Axes from Chapter 3:

  1. Along the X-axis, we grow to discard blind obedience to authority and learn to think for ourselves. This is reflected in our overall psychological independence and interest in objective truth and reason.

  2. I conceived of the Y-axis as a measure of interest in ideas. At the bottom of the scale an individual takes no interest in the rest of the world at all. Slightly higher, he cares for his job, his family, or his local sports franchise. And so on. To the few at the top who, for example, passionately work for world peace and justice. [Or, for authoritarian opportunists, passionately work to control and manipulate others. So on this scale, unlike the other two axes, higher does not necessarily mean better.]

  3. Finally, the Z-axis describes the degree to which a person has proceeded toward spiritual enlightenment. At the lower end, he's insensitive to the suffering of other sentient beings, in the midrange shows respect for the political rights of others, and ultimately manifests a deeply felt connection with Being.

Simply look at these axes, then consider much of what we’ve already discussed in dealing with the BC but more in terms of planning and acting.

Health Vector

Scientists and doctors, when discussing the spread of highly contagious, dangerous viruses or other contaminants, speak in terms of “vectors,” which in a biological context is “an organism that carries pathogens from one host to another.” Our analogous ASL “disease vector” is the Barrier Cloud, or the coordinated activity that prevents our normal psychological and political growth along the Nonaggression Vector.

Perhaps it is helpful to envision the Nonaggression Vector as a “health vector” countering the “disease vector” of the ASL Barrier Cloud. In any case, what we must always keep in mind is the normal growth of the human organism along the Nonaggression Vector—progress in body, mind, and spirit—is the fundamental fact. We can live without the parasite, without the ASL diseased ones; they cannot live without us.

Thus despite the apparent wealth and power of the ASL-afflicted, remember that wealth and power is wholly dependent upon normal, healthful humans. This fundamental observation is useful because it reveals the nature of the barrier, the nature of the enemy, so we may better dispose of it. The ASLs rely on tricks, deception, almost entirely. Because their power is derived entirely from the healthy host—i.e. us—they are essentially an illusion in and of themselves.

So a fundamental characteristic of any successful Grand Strategy, or Petite Strategy and tactics, when asserting our lives and health is to dispel the illusion, reveal the deception, undermine the wholly house-of-cards pretensions that run through the Barrier Cloud population. Primary to that is simply to assert ourselves, individually, and move ourselves, individually, along the axes of body, mind, and spirit… at whatever pace is comfortable.
Here are some concepts for growth along each of the axes.

Heart: Psychological-Independence Axis

Along the X-axis as we have discussed, an individual tends to grow more independent, to think and, particularly, to act more on his own. The Limbic System or primitive brain applies here predominantly, because, well, we are physical, material organisms with an evolutionary history.

In other words, the primitive man was inclined to follow authority from an external input. I briefly mentioned earlier the work of Julian Jayne which proposed that the typical 10,000-year-ago brain of man functioned essentially as an order taker and executor. This is a model of tyranny, which we can see vestiges of in our authoritarian systems today.

Heart Strategy

In the heart component of the Grand Strategy, we may stress anything that leads to greater psychological independence of the individual—from home-schooling, defying arbitrary authority, acting on principle (e.g. the Constitution or the SNaP) contrary to collective pressure, becoming a pioneer, getting off the grid, alternative economics, and so on. The list is long (and covered under Petite Strategy and Tactics). The point is to act as an independent moral agent and to project your own authority, your own sovereignty.

The “Heart” Grand Strategy is our conduit to the realm of political action. But as grand strategy it is concerned mainly with your convictions and your determination to stand up for them, individually, so you grow along this axis of psychological independence.

To take an example from my own life, in the realm of political and economic action, I stand on the truth of what I’ve learned chiefly from Pete Hendrickson and file an “educated” federal tax form. In our current context of discussion, that’s a petite strategy and tactic.

What causes me to take this particular action represents the grand strategy, namely that the Framers[5] were opposed to direct taxation on moral principle. Cultivation in ourselves of decisive power for our own authority over our own lives… now, that’s the grand Heart Strategy that kicks ass. Especially, if it turns into the controlling mindset of the modern-day Tea Party movement.

So by asserting one’s natural authority in the political realm one effectively removes the internal cause of the Barrier Cloud.

Figure 5.2: The Stuck Limbic System

Also, when you face the world first hand, the Stuck Limbic System syndrome does not apply and the external parasitical cause of the Barrier Cloud cannot survive in you. Note that every one of the grand strategies works organically in coordination with the others. And I’ll continue with this same example of the CtC-educated tax return below.

Mind: The “Rationality” Axis

Along the Y-axis an individual moves toward greater conceptual understanding. The Limbic System disconnect can also affect progress toward “rationality,” that is, the Mind Strategy. But it seems better to discuss the Limbic System under Body, because when the system is stunted or stuck in its primeval state, the items that need attention by the mind actually don’t reach mind consideration.

Mind Strategy

The description of the Mind Strategy is aided by reference to the categories and major questions of the World’s Smallest MetaPolitical Quiz, the plotting cube shown below. What we’re trying to cultivate on the vertical scale is movement of the individual’s being toward greater rationality and concern for universals.[6] Let’s look at these categories and major questions now:

  1. Psychological Domain—Do you care what happens in the rest of the world?
  2. Reason/Emotion—Do you resist following your emotions, rather preferring to think out an issue?
  3. Conceptual/Perceptual—Do you prefer activities of consciousness requiring critical, creative thinking?
  4. Personality Health—Are you largely free from psychological disorders, whether genetic or other?
  5. Primitive Brain— Do you judge critical information by your own mind’s authority?

We can proceed down this list—and there really is no particular sequence of these qualities in a person who has developed toward greater “mind.” Let’s pick the Reason/Emotion category first. As a strategic purpose the cultivation of more reasoning power into one’s own life will promote greater movement toward the nonaggression ideal. It will also promote the dispelling of any Barrier Cloud infection of your individual mind.

The same is true for quality #5, which suggests resistance toward non authentic control over one’s mind. [The X-axis quality is more related to authority over body, what one does.] But the realm of mind is related because, referring to the Limbic System diagram, you tend to cut out to the cerebral cortex more often to the extent you have a worked out rational philosophy. It also means you’re going to be concerned with evidence as you see it, not evidence as it’s handed to you via the emotional-perceptual mode of consciousness.

Speaking of the emotional-perceptual mode of consciousness, this is a good time  to note the major requirement in the “mind” strategy to wrest knowledge and information from the ASL <C2E>. The entire success of the aggression parasite depends on the mind control inherent in the Barrier Cloud. This mind control—because it thrives on the emotional-perceptual mode of consciousness primarily through video media—becomes the masses’ “objective reality.” Much more can be written on this subject, but our disruption of that mind control is a major strategic element. More under Petite Strategy and Tactics.

Using our example for the Heart Strategy, the educated filing method jibes with what you know is true. Thus, by cleaving to the first-hand knowledge commitment, and encouraging this behavior in yourself, you readily transcend the Limbic System induced Barrier Cloud. It isn’t so much a matter of intelligence as it is a commitment to the ideal of knowledge and truth: intellectual courage is the Grand Strategy we strive for along the Mind Scale.

Spirit: The Spiritual Awareness Axis

Finally, along the Z-axis we see a steady growth in human history from insensitivity to living things to the greatest compassion and respect for life.[7] As discussed in the previous chapter, the Jesus Salient applies… and it truly undermines the parasitic Barrier Cloud because it’s all about freeing oneself from attachments.

Soul Strategy

In the course of writing the book, the idea of adding a third-dimension, spiritual-growth axis to the SNaPstrip came along. I realized that the “heart” elements of antiauthoritarian behavior and the “mind” elements of rational philosophy were inadequate to explain where a given individual would land in relation to the nonaggression ideal.

I had just read Goldie Hawn’s book, Goldie; my two original axes didn’t seem to cover how important someone so sensitive, compassionate, and spiritual is to the emergence of a benevolent human society based on the NaP.

It was obvious, for instance, that Goldie, with her long common-law marriage to libertarian Kurt Russell, would never be comfortable with modern liberal insensitivity to government compulsion. She might want to see charitable acts, or even not see the defects of, say, Social Security, but I feel certain she’d stop short of actively proposing state coercion in these areas. And why? Because her spiritual progress would continue to draw her toward enlightenment… where coercion of other humans is “simply not done,” even if it's official.

Then as I thought more and more about the spiritual dimension in connection with the SNaP, I discovered that spiritual progress or awareness is the prime mover driving people along the Nonaggression Vector. Let me repeat the figure from Chapter 3:

Figure 5.3: Human Growth Curve

Figure 5.2 is the same as Figure 3.1. From it, you can discern that so many of the qualities that come from spiritual awareness—compassion, “burning desire” for happiness and success, truth, tolerance, benevolence, reason, courage, integrity, connection with Being—have counterparts on the other scales. For example, tolerance and reason lead to extending the nonaggression principle to strangers and denying any external authority the power to aggress upon them with the “rule of the gun.”

But what is it that is strategic about this Axis of Soul?

Here, let me refer you to the previous chapter, in which I describe the external and internal causes of the Barrier Cloud. Because the fundamental cause of the impediment is internal, in each of us, and because it is in the nature of an addiction to authority, the fundamental grand strategic idea is spiritual in nature, and further it consists of removing “attachments.” Attachments are addictions or cravings to things that are “not you.” They are ephemeral—popularity, wealth, youth, even health or whether you “win the heart” of someone special—as opposed the eternal aspects of your Being.

Authentic action proceeds from a deep connection with all that is real—and a corresponding disconnection (or deaddiction) with all that is not real—which is at once an understanding and a feeling of immense peace. I can refer the reader to my own sources of spiritual teaching and practice today—chiefly Eckhart Tolle and Falun Dafa practice of Li Hongzhi—but these are only manifestations of the same basic teaching from time immemorial.

That is why in Chapter 4 I identify the "Jesus Salient." He is familiar and the statements come from Tolle. These will set you free, and help to lead us to perfect health along the Nonaggression Vector.

So to complete this subsection, the spiritual strategy in our cause-oriented situation is quite simply “enlightenment.” Enlightenment of whom? Enlightenment of oneself. The following quote from Eckhart Tolle is perhaps the most succinct statement on the Grand Strategy on this most important spiritual axis:

All evils are the effect of unconsciousness. You can alleviate the effects of unconsciousness, but you cannot eliminate them unless you eliminate their cause. True change happens within, not without. …Without a profound change in human consciousness, the world's suffering is a bottomless pit...

This also applies if you are supporting a movement designed to stop deeply unconscious humans from destroying themselves, each other, and the planet, or from continuing to inflict dreadful suffering on other sentient beings. Remember: Just as you cannot fight the darkness, you cannot fight unconsciousness… [unless you give your own peace to the world.]
— Page 169, The Power of Now

Now let’s use our example of the educated filing for the CtC to determine what is spiritually strategic. It does pertain to the spirit of our ancestors, which lives on in us today. The John Adamses and Sam Adamses and Thomas Jeffersons and Thomas Paines and Adam Smiths of the world had progressed up the curve toward a passion and oneness with Liberty. They would never have accepted a direct federal tax on occupations and activities we have as our natural freedoms… and they did not. They fought against the Divine Right of Kings and the slavery of one class of man to another—which is what direct taxes represent.

For us to betray them in our own lives, and not to insist on the legal rules they fought and died for, would be an act of spiritual cowardice… treason to our own souls. Thus, by standing for what is right, we achieve a spiritual victory and when accomplished en masse the tyranny of the diseased ones simply and quickly disappears. I believe we’re on the threshold of that.

So that ends my necessarily brief notes on Grand Strategy, which is concerned totally with each of us as individuals. As Tolle states, “All evils are the effect of unconsciousness. You can alleviate the effects of unconsciousness, but you cannot eliminate them unless you eliminate their cause. True change happens within, not without.”

This individuality of fixing the Big Universal Problem, by becoming, as individuals, better and more fully conscious human beings. is the irony of the proposal of a Grand Strategy for solving what is a political (collective) problem.

To return to what was identified in Chapter 4, the solution to the internal cause of the Barrier Cloud—human unconsciousness—comes from an internal source, i.e. each of us as people. Now I’ll discuss the more conventional political solutions and strategies, which deal more directly with the political and the social. And in my worldview—for which I believe there is overwhelming evidence—this external threat or cause is a personality disorder, a parasitical disease, that has coalesced over the centuries into the coordinated efforts of a few extremely sick men (who have stealthily stolen immense wealth and political power for themselves) and those who carry the disease—inflict the parasite—to psychologically normal humans.

Petite[8] Strategy for Liberty

In this section I want to describe so-called “petite” strategy and tactics for accomplishing a libertarian society, a society without legal aggression or coercion, as quickly and solidly as possible. Necessarily, I’m going to break down the subject into the more general—strategic elements—and the more specific—tactical elements. Please understand that by including a particular petite strategy or tactic herein that I feel I’ve exhausted the realm.

Not at all. Think of the items in the descriptions below as a few of the many routes to the same destination. Hopefully, I capture some of the more direct ones.

Five Strategies

The following five premises of practical activity or attitude seem to be most productive in changing our current political-economic world toward the nonaggression ideal:

  1. Presumption of Freedom—Taking the moral high ground, holding and asserting our freedom as naturally primary. No compact of men has authority to deprive our liberty
  2. Dispelling Misconceptions—Thanks to compulsory schools and controlled media, general understanding is wrong and dangerous. Necessary educational mission. 
  3. Acting Directly for Truth—Freedom is not something you ask others for; it’s something you take. Defeat the dominators by outcreating them.
  4. Facing the Facts (of the Unspeakable)—Without widespread public denial, grand evils cannot prevail. Breakthrough big step: people being willing to know the truth.
  5. Local Activity—Freedom begins at home; at the neighborhood person-to-person level we can insist on proper political behavior.

Detailed descriptions on the breakthrough strategies follow.

Presumption of Freedom

This is an idea that has percolated up to me recently through the “Dan Stuart Network” (DSN) in the Free State, through which I keep up with so many journalistic events of interest to libertarians. Though like all great and true social concepts it’s been around a long time, and it rings true in these days of ubiquitous[9] government.

What we need to keep in mind is that by virtue of “nature and Nature’s God” we are free. This means we have the absolute right[10] to live our lives and make our choices without interference (so long as we do not aggress). No external agent may properly force us, or stand in our way with a club. Nor do we need anyone’s permission or approval.

We need to make a practice of ignoring—to the limit of what is immediately prudent[11]—any government rules or laws that aggress, because these are not valid rules or laws. A common example is so-called drivers’ licenses. By virtue of our natural freedom, government may not legally dictate our travel. Another example is substance ingestion. Government—because we are free—may not legally dictate what we ingest. Or whom we may marry, or what health insurance we may buy, or whether we can hire a Canadian to cut our hair.

Dispelling Misconceptions

Probably one of the most difficult tasks freedom fighters face: The vast majority of our peers have been government-school indoctrinated and controlled-media saturated with so many perceptions that are both untrue and extremely dangerous. The conventional understanding is anything but… an understanding. Rather what most people blindly accept from teachers and broadcasters serves the interests of those who control the source of this information—the academic and mainstream media corporations. Fox, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and the rest, today, are corporatist shills with virtually no epistemologically[12] valid content.

The standard “libertarian industry” literature is a treasure trove for genuinely educating the people and eliminating misunderstandings… even though such systematically cultivated ignorance dies hard. Sadly, intellectual argument is relied upon almost exclusively by the libertarian industry to the detriment of other more “heart” and “soul” strategies.

Acting Directly for the Truth

If you do not declare your truth and stand up for it, you won’t achieve it. A lot of people in the freedom movement seem to feel that political action—voting, campaigning for Libertarian candidates, supporting various legislative initiatives that remove some minor government obstacle or another, or avoid completely socialized medicine, and so on—is adequate to achieve freedom.

By analogy, such indirect action is like the American colonists organizing a petition drive to achieve independence from King George. Either you have political freedom or you do not. Either your government obeys the fundamental law (that acknowledges the Rights of Man) or it does not. When your government does not obey the law, you end it and get one that does… or better yet, do without government—which in every case we have historically, at least for central governments, has acted against the natural rights of the people. YOU DO NOT ASK THE GOVERNMENT TO PERMIT YOU TO BE FREE; it will never say yes. Send all those silly little people—those bands of killers, thieves, and liars—home (or prosecute them for their crimes) and close the doors. We do not need them.

How do you achieve political freedom? You assert it, you accept nothing less, you do not obey the coercive state, you destroy the coercive state… creatively, preferably by nonviolent methods: Personally, I like ridicule and laughter. In the case of the American Behemoth State, a central truth has emerged about the federal “income” tax, and if you rationally conclude the law holds you are not a Taxpayer, do not act like one. (We’ll describe the educated process of federal tax compliance as a tactic below.) A voluntary system, a moral society without coercion, a country without aggression, is within our grasp. A lot sooner than many think.

Facing the Facts

Another big step—it works in conjunction with the “Mind” petite strategy above of correcting misconceptions.

A large handicap to straightening out the general knowledge problem is the perpetuation of grand crimes and lies of state—assassinations, massacres, airliner downings, spectacular building demolitions, contrived terrorism, and so on—by agencies of that state …and the corresponding dismissal of any presentation of evidence of those crimes as frivolous “conspiracy theory.” The maintenance of key misconceptions and misperceptions requires the mass denial of evidence; thus supreme popular respect for objective evidence is critical to the success of knowledge and of the nonaggression ideal.

The importance of facing evidence applies especially to people who consider themselves libertarian. The naïve notion that concentrated political power occurs because “people just don’t have the right ideas,” or “government officials are well-meaning but misguided,” has to be discarded. Time to step up cognitively to “causality theory” (actually causality proof) and the overwhelming facts. We can no longer deny the existence of the ASL <C2E> antihuman threat; time to recognize its fully conscious intentions to kill us.   

Local Activity

Like life, liberty is a local achievement. Even in these days of people traveling from here to there, collocating for various reasons, we’re all still always in one place at one time. And by and large, to raise children we want to be geographically stable.

The strategy I want to describe here is one of persuasion directed toward those we know at a local level. [Note, even though I pick on the Libertarians’ politics limitations, I find local Libertarian—usually nonpartisan city council sorts of offices for which party affiliation is not required—community-activism to be most vital.]

Five Tactics

A tactic is the most specific and immediate category of action. The five tactics below do not necessarily bear direct correspondence to the five petite strategies above.

  1. The Big Three Solution—If the government can bail out the Big Three auto companies, it can easily get out of the way to return $3 trillion per year to the American people—right now, with a flip of a switch.
  2. Mind Freedom—A tactic that is a bit more long range: in addition to ending the government school monopoly, we disrupt the dominator carrier frequency to the stunted-limbic-system afflicted.
  3. Local Freedom—Develop a Web-based journalistic presence with a noncorporate, local-independent-business daily delivery of a neighborhood newspaper (that also covers the world).
  4. “Nontaxpayers” United—Practicing the latest lawful method for effectively ending the “income” tax for nontaxpayers.
  5. Alternative Economy—Practicing the economy: several thoughts on pursuing economic freedom and prosperity on a personal level.

Many of the above tactics I’ve written about in the Coffee Coaster ( Thus, I’ll be brief here. But I wanted especially demonstrate some street-level values of the SNaP here in Book II that a few critics have suggested were lacking in SNaP book I.

Big Three Wealth Recovery

The “Big-Three Stimulus Package” is an idea that struck me like a ton of bricks back during the waning days of Bushwhacker II: bad economists were talking about saving the Big Three auto companies through massive government aid. Then later the “banking-investment” industry had to be helped with untold (and undocumented) $trillions from public sources—public debt and taxes. This was for our own good.

But I thought the obvious solution to the economic mess lay in the fact that average Americans were being ripped off by the government every which way but loose. So I suggested a Big Three Stimulus of my own, consisting of stopping the ripoffs in three realms, each providing wealth recovery to the masses of $1 trillion per year:

  1. End the American Empire—bring home the troops from the hundreds of countries and bases overseas, declare peace, turn 90% of the swords into plowshares.
  2. Legalize Drugs—marijuana as the first priority, end all CIA and military support of the international heroin and cocaine trade; at the same time legalize all other consensual activity among adults.
  3. Remove Federal Ban on Agricultural Hemp—Ron Paul already has a bill before Congress to repeal the literally insane[13] designation of agricultural hemp as a Schedule 1 narcotic.

Each of these will yield $1 trillion[14] per year enterprises and/or savings to real Americans. Note: If the American population is 300 million, then an annual wealth benefit of $3 trillion => $10,000 benefit per person per year. Now that’s a stimulus package that we can rock and roll with. (Plus hundreds of thousands of government-employee tax-receiver-class suckees will now be released to generate real wealth of their own.)

Mind Freedom

Aside from the obvious importance of ending the government “school” monopoly, this tactic entails continued Internet disruption of the “authority” of mainstream media and academic mind-control output. As Morpheus says  to Neo in The Matrix, “Free your mind. You’ve been living in a dream world.”

Most of the public and virtually all of the media and academic opinion leaders have bought into the collective unconsciousness and continue to stoke it. They don’t know any differently. But this sickness will die out as the healthy human resistance continues to rise and insist on evidence, reason, and freedom. The mind-freedom front is probably our (natural human) biggest and most immediate challenge. The rapid dissemination of the SNaP (this book and many related) should be particularly helpful.

“Local Freedom”

Consistent with mind freedom, it’s extremely important where natural humans turn to receive knowledge—particularly journalistic[15] knowledge. The best assurance of good, objective journalism is that it be part of the human neighborhood… not a service of Gannett or Fox or Microsoft or any other soulless, centrally state-privileged corporate entity. Local Freedom was an idea from a young, brilliant computer-engineering friend of mine a few years ago: It “was to have a template for a news Web site that was duplicated for different metro areas. Then recruit writers/editors in each area.”

As we all know, it’s virtually impossible to receive quality news today. Rothschild, PCIBD,[16] owns Reuters news service, which in turn owns AP and other sources of international wire and broadcast-media information. Thus, the “local freedom” idea for becoming a quality  source of news for natural humans fits in astonishingly well with the other healthful concept of supporting one’s local independent business or merchant. The devil is in the details, but as a tactic I feel valuable, locally furnished information is critical to achievement of the nonaggression ideal.

“Nontaxpayers” United

Initially I had named this tactic something like “Filing Educated ‘Income’ Taxes,” but I decided not to limit myself. I place the idea of rationally dealing with the US federal “income” tax (FIT) among the five key tactics for the Petite Strategy of accomplishing the NaP… for several reasons. Chief among them is that the FIT is a linchpin that holds up the entire <C2E> house of cards. You pull the linchpin, you deny the flow of human life-blood into the parasitic monster.

[The entire central-monopoly-banking system of the West relies on the national “income” tax—not as its chief source of actual plunder (which comes instead from defacing money)—as the interest part of the payment to the banks from the governments for the money governments have borrowed.]

The Framers of the American Constitution, as we have already noted, despised direct taxes[17] and specified in Article 1, Section 9, that no such taxes (as might be demanded by a national emergency, e.g. war) would be levied except by apportionment among the states.

The modern American “income” tax[18] originated in 1862 and though it has experienced short periods of abatement in the latter part of the 19th century, the 1862 act is the one we commonly refer to as the FIT today. The FIT has never been and is not today a direct tax; its compulsory aspects have always solely applied to federally privileged activity… such as holding federal office or working for a federal corporation. All definitions that pertain to entities and actions in the statutes and the regulatory code state this fact, not clearly but precisely. As a consequence, the FIT, while constitutional (because it is not a direct tax), does not apply to private-person earnings or property. Any assertion by government officials or other persons that your private-person earnings are “income” subject to federal tax is wrong. [Indeed, those administering the tax will rarely if ever state in writing that your private-person earnings are income; they know the truth, and do not want to violate the law.]

The above liberating understanding—and others—comes to us courtesy Peter Eric Hendrickson, in the breathtaking watershed book, Cracking the Code (CtC): The fascinating truth about taxation in America. This is all I’ll say about the FIT and filing CtC educated returns here, but please go to his site ( and get the tools you’ll need to undo illegal tax tyranny for yourself.

What I want to suggest here is a generic tactic for ending the “income” tax—because it is so central to the sustenance of the <C2E> that continues to ravage us. I’ve reached the conclusion that the CtC approach to liberation from the FIT is most prudent and rational. However, other ‘tax honesty’ leaders—all of the worthwhile ones understanding the same basic CtC revelations—do exist. Rational, nonaggression people may take other avenues, which may work out even better individually. (For a while, I was partial to simply refusing to pay the FIT—not file and not cooperate in any manner—because the government practices torture and aggressive war.) Do what you think best. In any case remember Petite Strategy #1: the Presumption of Freedom.

Joining the Alternative Economy

This tactic is simple and straightforward: practice the economy. By the economy I mean the entire range of actions for our own sustenance and well being that we are entitled to perform without restriction. In the modern world a number of government barriers have been erected to production and trade; often these may be safely ignored or circumvented in the pursuit of making a living.

In Chapter 6, I offer a long list of alternative business ideas. Further, in the realm of self-empowering enterprises that are not technically illegal (yet), I share a couple of new possibilities that have come my way. Mainly, we don’t have to settle for crumbs from the table of a domineering, low popsicle-index system.

A word on priorities

In the implementation of strategies for moving toward the Nonaggression Ideal, it helps to set reasonable priorities. This table shows my own suggestions.

Suggested SNaP Implementation Priorities
# Aggression to Remove Description/Rationale
1 Drug prohibition laws Like the National Nightmare of alcohol prohibition in the 1920s, only worse.  Immediate repeal will hugely benefit everyone. 
2 Military empire Dangerous $trillion/yr. wealth transfer for purposes of pure, malevolent destruction.
3 Agricultural hemp ban Lifting the ban on the non-psychoactive native strain of cannabis will be an economic boon (eventually ~$1 trillion/yr.) to tens of thousands: farmers, merchants, individuals.
4 Corporate privilege End legal personhood, legal immunities, and phase out limited liability; end special treatment e.g. tax abatements. 
5 Federal Reserve Act Thanks to Ron Paul and the Honest Money Act we already have a bill in the mill that will repeal the government money monopoly.  Will end war.
6 Government schools The most insidious encroachment on human freedom, also the most entrenched; best transitioned to freedom by withdrawal of compulsory funding. 
7 Coercive taxation Introduction of voluntary government-services financing will result in people getting the government services they want. 
8 Eminent domain This one is behind so many transgressions of favoritism in the name of progress; repeal it everywhere. 
9 Nanny state laws We can put this toward the top, because repeal is easy: seatbelt laws, helmet laws, smoking bans; no need, put them away. 
10 Licensing and regulation Good example: if taxi cabs were free market—no mandatory city fee and license—jitneys would solve traffic congestion now

The Revolution was effected before the war commenced.  The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations... 
This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.
— John Adams

[1] The neoconservatives and the Nazis are examples of Grand Strategies that are “ill”.

[2] Just a reminder: liberty and the implementation of the nonaggression principle are the same thing.

[3] We’re talking about the external cause of the Barrier Cloud now, in other words the small coterie of psychologically diseased individuals—ASL-syndrome harborers and carriers—who infect the productive class.

[4] holy, sacred, highest ideal

[5] The Framers, also referred to as the Founders, are the men who founded the Republic of America via the Declaration of Independence, the armed struggle against tyranny, the Constitution (esp. the Bill of Rights), and all the libertarian thinking and writing that made the best part of our current political system in the United States possible.

[6] Remember the two categories of things the mind deals with: concretes—which are the everyday perceptual things we see and hear and feel—and universals: the realm of concepts. A concrete is your local home-school. A universal is “education.”

[7] Note: for humans, Choice is Life.

[8] Petite means small. Petite Strategy, so far as I know, is a term I coined. What I’m trying to suggest is that it is a set of plans or ideas distinct from (and properly flowing from) Grand Strategy. Petite Strategy doesn’t necessarily mean small-scaled, rather it is concerned more with practical daily matters, in this case politics. 

[9] ubiquitous = everywhere, universally spread

[10] Some people like to quibble on the meaning or validity of “rights.” When I use the term I mean the concept of moral righteousness in a social context.

[11] If a cop is going to shoot you if you don’t give him your name, you may wish to give him your name.

[12] Epistemological means pertaining to how we know things; my phrase suggests modern mainstream media is not in the business of conveying knowledge of objective reality.

[13] Actually, there’s no insanity involved. Hemp is simply a crop that will quickly displace or diminish protected corporate agribusiness, paper manufacture, and construction material industries… to name a few.

[14] Plus or minus half a $trillion.

[15] The word journalistic means of and about current affairs, it used to refer to newspaper journalism, but now is more generic. Objective journalism—knowledge of the immediate facts of reality—is vital to a free world.

[16] “peak-central international-bank dynasty”

[17] A direct tax—also called a head tax or a capitation—is a tax on a person simply for existing (or for taking actions necessary to existence, such as earning a living).

[18] I’m placing quotes on “income” to indicate that the word actually means something quite different in the statutes and the regulations from its common meaning in conversation.



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