Of Kleptocons and Kings, Part 2
Understanding the prospects of freedom politics

The US President in 2048 addressing a Senate committee:

"[The President has concerns] about the emerging New Citizen who has essentially graduated from the collective power grid of the planet into a status of freedom unprecedented in the history of Earth.  [It's happening with people of all nations.]  This development, coupled with the triumph of infrastructure-technology as usable by small companies, has made it possible for the most elementary of communities to own land in the secure knowledge that they can afford to maintain the infrastructure of that land in excellent condition, without reference to, or reliance upon, large corporations, power utilities, or government officials.  This has made much of government obsolete...." [!!!]

— Jon Rappaport, The Secret behind Secret Societies

As I stated in part 1, we are now living in an age finally where the energy-stealing elites, the Kleptocons, are being found out.  [Recently, a Coffee Coaster correspondent referred me to a presentation by Dr. Ron Paul that completely unravels the Neocons—The Neocons, who explicitly endorse (and practice) state terrorism, mind control, torture, and mass murder on an imperial scale, are a bone-crushingly vicious subset of the Kleptocons.]  As I stated in my review of Mr. Rappaport's book, we have a bright future so long as we understand how to tap into the creative power.  This is a comment from that review:

Two artistic visions have fought with each other over the course of humanity: One is the formula of the secret society, which uses symbols and ritual to control and dominate (and destroy) others and claims exclusive knowledge.  The other is the "Tradition of the Imagination," which holds each of us possesses immense creative power to achieve our own fascinating, flourishing vision of life in voluntary communities with others.  In this Tradition of Imagination lies our future, and we shall overcome the secret-society conspiracy of power by outcreating the soulless functionaries of that power.

The Law of Attraction

The power of the imagination is such that "if you build it they will come:" which is yet another fundamental rule of the universe, the so-called Law of Attraction.  I discovered after having read The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, when you hold in your mind an image, the subconscious tends to realize—put into reality—that image almost inevitably.  Everyone who plays golf can attest to the validity of the Law of Attraction: we know the surest way of going into the water hazard is to think to ourselves, "I'm not going into that water."  The subconscious doesn't see any prepended negatives, it only sees the image of going into the water; hence, if that image is in your mind, it tends to come into existence.

By the same token, if you hold in your mind the target, corresponding to the fairways of life, you tend to reach it.  [Unlike some of the people in the motivational industry, I don't believe in the infallibility of the positive mental image.  I can envision myself as Tiger Woods all I want, but it ain't gonna happen.  Whatever you envision has to be within the realm of reason]  The Law of Attraction is simply a very powerful principle that enables you to get you out of your own way.  If you learn it and adopt it, 90% of the time you will achieve whatever you have placed in your imagination: reality will be "attracted" to your thoughts.

So as liberty seekers, let's apply the Law of Attraction to our own ends... recognizing that 90% of success, of reaching the fairway of our imagination, is a) grasping the nature of what stands in the way and b) joyously struggling together with other creative souls to remove those impediments.  Part 1 of this column was a brief attempt to show what most people would refer to as the power elite stands in the way of life and liberty.  In this part I want to stress many of the ideas I've presented elsewhere on these pages and how virtually everyone can plug into their own immense energy to realize these ideas.

Moving the Cart Forward

First I want to dispel a fallacy, namely the fallacy that by describing and defining the nature of what ails us we are somehow being negative or succumbing to the ailment.  How does a doctor cure cancer without understanding or properly diagnosing it?  Similarly, if people have a mistaken view of a social ailment—say like blaming inflation on Democrats or Republicans (they're both facilitators, but the cause is legitimized counterfeiting by the central banks)—it's unlikely that that ailment will subside.  It's overwhelmingly clear human social and economic maladies, worldwide, are caused by the Kleptocons (again, please refer to part 1) and that they are the disease that interferes with human flourishment.

The antidote, the cure, the remedy to this centralized Kleptoconic domination (CKD) is simply to undo it.  Interestingly, the first noted modern writer to propose a fundamental solution to CKD was Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged.  In that novel, the men of the mind (creative, life-giving intellect) go on strike against a left-wing collectivist government that has the quaint notion industrial production is a function of pointing guns at the heads of smart, productive people.  Which comes first, the creative source of life or political compulsion over that source?  Answer: freedom (with understanding) ultimately trumps power because freedom is power.  The CKD can only exist thru deception of otherwise creative, productive people; when the "men of the mind" figure out they don't need the CKD any more, then "Goodbye CKD."

Unfortunately, the above realization of the high minded that they're being manipulated by the CKD in all its disguises proceeds more slowly than most of us commoners in the liberty movement are comfortable with.  Fortunately, thanks to the inherently diverse and fertile nature of the creative human spirit itself, a vast number of powerful challenges to CKD hegemony are emerging, not the least of which are analyses such as this one (and several similar analyses you'll find promoted by leading advocates, such as Dr. Paul, of restoring Constitutional liberty) that expose the beast for what it is.  Let me advocate, especially, for the umpteenth time, Edward Griffin's devastating critique of the Federal Reserve System, The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Knowledge is not only power, it is freedom.  

But what are some of the leading challenges to the CKD?  I essentially began this year's series of columns with presenting these key opportunities for 2008.  Here's the list:

  • The Ron Paul Campaign—[and the successor movement toward Constitutional liberty] with unprecedented online support, fundraising records, and youth enthusiasm that makes old leftist-ideolog universities like the University of Michigan his base, Ron Paul excites the passionate, thinking masses like no other. 

  • The Free State Project—A longer-term, on-the-ground corollary of Paul's 2008 watershed presidential run is the Free State Project in New Hampshire, a migration to create a limited constitutional government and maximum liberty in a large political subdivision of the United States.  A focus of liberty for maximum results.

  • Advances in Sustainable Living—One could entitle this item alternative, healthful living. I have commented on the increased awareness we find among the scientific community of the ecology of human commerce, as well as the massive comprehension people are acquiring regarding our species' tenuous relationship with the atmosphere and the ecosphere.  One can also consider this topic under The Evolution of Consciousness.[1]

  • 9/11 Truth and Death of Empire—Both of these areas—and my links here are to important books that identify and illuminate the horrors of what the Kleptocons ave inflicted upon us, particularly most recently with the advent of the Neocon conspiracy and the Bush-Cheney criminal cabal.

  • The Impending End of Drug Prohibition—In addition to the end of the Drug War, which is being pursued at the national level with notable progress by LEAP, MPP, NORML, NHCommonSense (my personal favorite), and others, we are going to see the end of Prohibition-related monopoly restrictions on the production of agricultural hemp.  [Note: hemp is non-psychoactive, potentially a trillion-dollar-a-year resurrection of the family farm, worldwide.]

  • Progress toward the Singularity—The link is to a book I reviewed from Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near, which articulates a vision for humanity on the threshold of a convergence between our biological consciousness and its creations.  Along with the revolution in how we think of ourselves in the world, the technology for rendering us effectively immortal and significantly enhanced in every physical and mental way is imminent.

  • The Evolution of Consciousness—I like to reference the work of Eckhart Tolle in this area.  He argues that to fully appreciate our living, breathing lives, we need to draw our awareness—distinct from one's mind—into the overriding existence of the present. Several other spiritual leaders have emerged in recent times, as well.  [Subsumed under this "human consciousness movement" is the awe-inspiring edifice of libertarian thought through the ages, and particularly the intellectual work of the previous 50 years.]

  • The Sacred Nonaggression Principle—The SNaP has become my own little pet project for promulgating a touchy-feely "meme" in general culture along the lines of Motherhood and Apple Pie—a sacrosanct quality of the human species.  I'm working on a book that describes this idea, which is basically "to aggress upon other human beings, to initiate force, for any reason is morally outrageous: 'Real humans do not aggress!'"  I expect the book to be out by spring of '09 and the meme to be fully flowered within two years after that.

Please consult the aforementioned column for an elaboration of the above points.  Keep in mind, if only one of these causes materializes, it spells death for the house-of-cards architecture of modern tyranny—i.e. the Kleptos are el toasto.

Since coming up with the list, I've thought of several other specific developments in the freedom crusade, for example, the peace movement and the trend toward voluntary systems of money, etc.  Yet most of these others have some relation to the items identified above.  When the popular mind comes to a common vision of a free future—when our imagination is filled with a natural ideal of human life suggested by the Presidential address of 2048 (that I opened this column with)—distilled from honest debate in the cauldron of ideas, the goose will be cooked.

The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution. — John Adams

The Obama Opportunity

Some may consider it heresy, but I also regard the Barack Obama candidacy as a moment of practical, real opportunity for peace and freedom the world over.  As we know, he has consistently asserted constitutional protections vis a vis the Neocon aggressors—he will end the war, shut down Guantanamo, end torture and rendition, repeal the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and generally take our country back from the Kleptofascists, prosecuting (we trust) those indicted for crimes against humanity.  Obama has endorsed decriminalization of marijuana and exhibited a sensible desire to end the multitrillion-dollar humanitarian disaster of the War on Drugs altogether.  He is aware of corporate Wall Street perfidy in the Kleptocon agenda, and is smart enough to understand the Kleptocons themselves, from their role in media mind control to their institutional underpinnings in the international banks.

Sure he's a Dem, but so was Thomas Jefferson.  

Obama truly may not understand the problems with turning health, education, and welfare (HEW) over to the state, but I guarantee he's aware of the costs and watchful about ideas that will eventually robustly revert HEW to the people and their communities.  He is on speaking terms with Ron Paul, his people are fully aware of the Constitutional libertarian message, he even taught Constitutional law as a community activist.  With some irony, Barack Obama could very well become the spike in the heart of the Kleptocon leviathan.

Exciting Times

I'm absolutely convinced we as a species are close to a total reversal of direction, toward an age of justice and humanitarianism as fully flowered as its current antithesis of corporate-state (Kleptocon) wholesale oppression and slaughter is desolate.  What was it Wayne Gretzky said, "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been."  If we keep our eye on the target, our imagination full of the human potential, the Law of Attraction will take care of the rest.  The modern kings and tyrants who yesterday seem so immensely dominant and frightening, facilitated by a dumbed-down, video-addicted population of perpetual children, are simply running out of $4/gallon gas.

We are on the threshold of rapid dissolution of their world of Orwellian mind control and universal incarceration.  It's a great time to be alive and to take part in so exciting a cause as the conclusive establishment of human liberty.  There are so many battles in so many fields in which young-at-heart idealists/revolutionaries may participate... and are participating.  I try to stay on top of the freedom movement, but I'm afraid I walk woefully behind the leaders in the parade.  But trust me, however modest one's contributions, whatever torch one fires up in the cause of freedom, it will light the way for hundreds of others.  


[1] In this connection, I think of the remarkable book by the late Neil Postman, Building a Bridge to the 18th Century.  As we build that bridge of the literature of freedom to the 18th century (the century of the Enlightenment), we will surely be building a bridge to the New Enlightenment of the 21st century.

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