Libertarian Letter to Michael Moore via the Reps and Dems

The thoughtful epistle “A Liberal’s Pledge to Disheartened Conservatives,” by Mr. Michael Moore has been making the rounds in cyberspace. 

Here’s how I would modify Michael’s  letter if by some quirk of a benign alternative universe, the libertarians had prevailed in the recent midterm elections:

November 14th, 2006

To my former bearers of power over the people:

Note: For convenience, let me call the Republicans the red-statist party and the Democrats the blue-statist party, or Rs and Bs

The Rs and the Bs, in the absence of principles, have difficulty in letting go of all this giddying power.  So the first part of my pledge is to the Rs.  I share what Mr. Moore has put quite well in his sympathies, namely (paraphrasing):

1) We respect your conservative beliefs and that you’re
    patriotic Americans even if you disagree with our libertarian

2) You should feel free to marry whoever you want, and if
    you’re gay, be “open kimono,” but not with underage kids.

3) We’ll turn off the spending machine and move to a
    voluntary government-financing system, balancing your

4) We’ll bring your sons and daughters home from the Middle
    East as well as our own; we won’t initiate any more wars.

5) We'll stop the torture thing, so rest easy when we shut
    down the secret detention centers: your commanders and
    their bosses in Washington will be accorded Geneva

6) We’ll get to the bottom of just who in or around the US
    government orchestrated/executed the 911 attacks; they
    will be found out and punished (with Geneva protections).

7) As we move to fully liberate the people’s healthcare system
    from government, research into life-saving/enhancing
    technologies, such as stem cell work, will continue until the
    cutover point.

8) We’ll never stick our nose in your bedroom or your womb.
    We will continue to count your age from the moment you
    were born, not the moment you were conceived.

9) We’ll respect your religion even if it’s The Great Pumpkin,
    and won’t impose anyone else’s beliefs on you.

Now for the Ds who gave it a good shot and came in second. 

1) Sorry, guys, a lot of people shared your opposition to the
    Rs’ big-government war, but we’re stuffing you on:
    a) Big-government health care
    b) Big-government wage setting
    c) Big-government gun control
   These we are going to let the people figure out how to
    accomplish without the government pointing a gun at
    anybody’s head.

2) A big part of making the country and the world more
    human-friendly will be to remove corporate privilege and
    personhood; now’s the time to nail the transnational
    power-elite’s cojones to the cardboard.  Return economic
    power to communities of real people.

3) We’re with you on a clean environment, but feel more
    progress will be made with enforcing laws against trespass
    than in erecting large government bureaucracies to lie in
    bed with polluters.  If you pollute, you pay.  We need to
    have a genuine discussion and protection of “the
    commons” worldwide.

4) Some heads, mostly Republican, will roll on these illegal,
    immoral wars we had; articles of impeachment will be the
    first order of business—well, the second order of business
    after shutting down the Rs’ prisons and torture chambers.

5) We’re going to shut down the entire drug-criminalization
    industry, and free millions of Americans from jail/wrongful
    conviction for consensual “crimes.”  The hundreds of
    billions of dollars saved from decrim will be spent to fight
    religious terrorists and retire the debt.

6) We’re launching a small-government crusade.  As
    purported lovers of voluntary community, you will be asked
    to help us dismantle the central banking system and the
    federal money monopoly… not to mention the income tax.

So that’s the story.  I’m sure I could come up with more points given time.  What is set in dark red above shows areas that Mr. Moore did not address in his generally worthwhile note.  I do hope, in reality, the best of the Democrats will emerge, remember their Jeffersonian heritage, and strike a blow for liberty.

The election in reality was a libertarian victory.  A firewall.  A breather.  It was totally about turning away from imperial corporate-fascism toward freedom, it was not about turning away from fascism toward socialism.

Brian Wright
P.S. Michael, et al, please feel free to pass this on.


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