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October 18, 2010

Note: The Coffee Coaster Beaniegram contains synopses of writings—columns and book/movie reviews—of the week. It normally is posted and emailed on Sunday mid day. Toward the end of each week, a more journalistic newsletter, "Percolations," is emailed commenting on news and issues of the week. Last week's issue of Percolations is located here. — bw

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My Column
Losing Bowling Balls, Finding Success
A jump-start idea for positive life-transformation

Actually a walk-start. This is my short-cut concept for launching people toward "flourishing"—please refer to my previous column—thru the MillionaireX7 Success System that I am representing. Note: the power-walking practice I'm showing you today will help you more quickly become an outstanding winner in the game of life, regardless of which particular success system you choose.

WELLNESS: The concept of wellness—let's simply define wellness as total health and fitness—jibes with any system promising positive life transformation. We are physical beings, and the fitness of our bodies works synergistically to promote the health of our minds and our spirits. My wellness practice focuses on a simple physical activity, walking, then using some audio technology, I integrate a special, easy, vigorous walking exercise with listening to a successive stream of positive audio suggestion. [Full Column]

Movie Review
Silent Running
For its time a bold, clever cry for Nature __ 8/10

But, hey, it's fiction, and this is science fiction... a playground for some of the most brilliant human imaginations for centuries. One of the best features of the movie—which anticipates R2D2 in Star Wars—are the three miniature androids. They look like R2D2 or the trash compactor WALL-E, but instead of locomoting in a mechanical way, they waddle on two webbed feet. Extremely cute! They do not speak, but make noises that can be interpreted by Lowell. The other three have no respect for the droids, which seem to be fully sentient and sensitive. Instead the crew throws things at the droids, causes them to mess up, just typical crass lowlife-hillbilly behavior... the kind of behavior that makes you wish you were a droid, not a human. [Full Review]

Book Review
The Sovereign Individual
Mastering the transition to the Information Age
by James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg

The central idea of the book, which is consistent with my own development of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle, is there has been and continues to be a natural progression away from domination by others, or by central coercive systems, and toward the full flowering of the individual as an end in himself/herself. For such a person, the need for whatever services government has claimed a monopoly on thru the ages—protection, money, schooling, what have you—becomes a market decision that the person is qualified to make. And morally entitled to make. [Full Review]

Guest Column
Support the Troops? You Be the Judge
Excerpt from Justin Raimondo column,

In this context, consider the details of the most recent atrocity coming out of Afghanistan, the activities of the "Thrill Kill platoon," which is accused of murdering Afghan civilians and keeping body parts as trophies. The alleged mastermind of the thrill-killers, Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs, is also under investigation by military authorities on suspicion of carrying out similar murders in Iraq. The Gibbs "kill team" is suspected of slaughtering at least seven Afghan civilians, and quite possibly more, in the most heinous manner imaginable. Gibbs and four others were arrested in June, and seven others are being held[Full Column ]

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But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants is the liberty of appearing.
— Thomas Paine

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