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A quick and basic temporary reference page for landing and eventual reference to the full publication of Bo Keeley's Keeley's Kures on Click on the link at the left or on the book icon on the right for a very brief PDF excerpt of the publication in process.

This landing page is courtesy the publisher/editor who is also the author of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP) series of books, which are catalogued below for either Amazon purchase or PDF download...


The Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP) Modules

I have packaged the SNaP book—published via Lulu—into seven distinct easy-to-read "modules," more easily digestible chunks of knowledge. Each module is approximately 28 pages long. I have listed them by my priority.

The Barrier Cloud Liberation Tech #4: The Barrier Cloud
   In Module #4, we discuss the detailed nature of the Barrier Cloud: the singular impediment to a world without coercion. The Barrier Cloud has two causes: external and internal. Understanding the causes enables the cure. This awareness is the highest priority for human-species liberation and flourishing. Book review here.
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Kindergarten Rules Liberation Tech #1: Kindergarten Rules
    Module #1 illustrates the simplicity of the nonaggression idea—thru the “Kindergarten Rules.” The nonaggression principle is shown to be not only the highest ideal in society but to lie at the root of our core values. The module also founds the premise that man’s natural inclination is to live w/o aggressing upon others. Book review here.
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Nonaggression 101 Liberation Tech #2: Nonaggression 101
   What aggression is and what it is not. The SNaP syllogism and arguments. The “Four Horsemen of the NaP,” the foundational nature of the NaP, and the importance of giving it the highest value in society. The psychological context of the NaP, how psychology and intellect and spirituality drive it. The SNaPstrip. Book review here.
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Nonaggression Roots Liberation Tech #3: Nonaggression Roots
   In Module 3, the author presents a three-dimensional scheme for measuring the progress of humanity—or an individual—toward the nonaggression ideal. The module presents the “metaphysics” of nonaggression: how progress toward the nonaggression ideal is manifested in a person’s heart, mind, and soul.
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Breakthru Strategy Liberation Tech #5: Breakthru Strategy
   Module 5 discusses the so-called Grand Strategy for dispelling the Barrier Cloud, by moving along all three liberation axes, particularly overcoming mind control. Then some Home Run solutions and street-level tips. Also “Petite” Strategy categories with tactics. Showing the BIG solutions, practical stuff. Priorities and Vision.
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Productive Action Liberation Tech #6: Productive Action
   A practical 'how to' conclusion to the SNaP analysis. Using the Law of Attraction and creative-motivated action to achieve our goals. Being positive and productive. Think. Act. Persist. TAP the SNaP. The wide wide world of the alternative economy. Agorism. Two dozen productive freedom projects you can do.
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Nonaggression Faith Liberation Tech #7: Nonaggression Faith
   Module #7: Nonaggression Faith sets forth key ideas for establishing a religion whose central belief is the nonaggression principle. The quick dissemination of the SNaP as a way of life—a set of religious beliefs that may not be compromised to civil agencies of coercion—will hasten the penetration of the Barrier Cloud.
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Sacred Nonaggression Principle The Sacred Nonaggression Principle
   The whole enchilada. Original subtitle: Mantra for a nourishing world. This is the book in which I advocate holding the nonaggression principle as the highest social standard—sacred. The concept of nonaggression is identified and thoroughly described. Full solutions to all significant human problems (aggression-caused) are set forth.
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To facilitate notice and sales of the SNaP and its key modules, I make this limited time offer: Anyone who accesses the Amazon or Lulu sites where the books are being sold and leaves a constructive comment (hopefully positive), I will send, in the mail, a signed copy of the book for free. [Please, one book per comment.] Notify me via email of the comment and of your mailing address.

2011 March 18
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