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More Republican Shenanigans
The fix is in: war machine: anyone but Ron Paul
by Ron Burcham

Ron BurchamRace 42012 Comments


Who cares? The fix is in. Obviously it is intended that the candidate be anyone but Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the only proven small government, anti-establishment Republican in the race. He is a Robert Taft conservative, a strict constitutionalist. He is the only one advocating taking away the profits of the military-industrial-complex by instituting a sane, rational, affordable defense of America.

He is driving the Washington establishment nuts and they are using everything at their disposal to marginalize the only sane politician in the race. FOX News is one of their tools. He must be stopped before the American people start hearing what Dr. Paul is saying.

In the last debate the major points scored by the debaters were those defending unconstitutional government programs. None of them said a word about the constitutionality of what they were defending. They don't care about the Constitution. It only stands in their way. Dr. Paul should change the focus from who is the most conservative to who is the rigid constitutionalist. Make the phonies squirm.

Ron Paul lost his cool about the war. He is tired of trying to explain the unconstitutionality and stupidity of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars to an audience that listens to "neo"-conservative talk radio and TV. He is tired of trying to explain that if the United States bombs people that those people will fight back. He is tired of explaining the blowback that results when the United states bombs another sovereign.

Politicians plan on using that blowback to perpetuate the military-industrial-complex and the profits that eventually find their way into the pockets of politicians who support undeclared, unconstitutional wars. What is it with the American public??? Don't they realize that war is all about money and who spends it and where it is spent? Why is it that Americans will sacrifice their men and women on the altar of war whenever a politician says they died "defending" freedom?

Americans refuse to take their heads put of the sand regarding overseas military adventurism. It never occurs to them that our belligerent foreign policy is wrong. As long as the politicians defend these forays into the Middle East and contend that the actions are "defending our freedom" Americans swallow the BS----EVERYTIME----!!!!. No matter what our troops are doing overseas it is OK because they are 'defending' American freedom. What a bunch of crap. Our troops are pawns fighting wars for the profits of the military-industrial-complex and the bankers who finance the wars.

The United States government carries a big stick and uses it to poke unpopular regimes to stir up conflict to perpetuate the military- industrial-complex and insure that it makes its profits no matter what the cost in American lives. Ron Paul is saying: stop being belligerent. Ron Paul is saying stop politicians from stirring up trouble for the sake of spending money on their friends. The other candidates will continue to fight undeclared wars and will continue to use our troops as pawns. The lives of our military mean nothing to them. It only matters that the profits continue to flow into the pockets of the military-industrial-complex and their friends.

Doesn't anyone remember Vietnam? Am I the only person alive that remembers that Vietnam was a war contrived by Lyndon Baines Johnson all by himself? Vietnam was not an aberration of American foreign policy. It was the norm. Johnson put our ships into waters claimed by an unpopular regime and then went to war when that unpopular country, North Vietnam, presented an opportunity for Lyndon Baines Johnson to use as an excuse to start a shooting war. It was called the "Tonkin Gulf" incident.

Presidents don't give a damn about the lives of our military. Our troops are pawns used by presidents to engage in wars invented by the foreign policies of their friends in the Washington establishment. G.W. Bush made a big show when visiting the injured in military hospitals but he was crying crocodile tears. What he was really saying silently was, "Thank you for giving me even more excuses to continue the war. The neo-cons and their friends need the profits and I relish the power that I can unleash against anyone whom I please at home or overseas. Give me more excuses."


2012 January 23
Copyright Ron Burcham, via The Coffee Coaster™
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