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Mother Nature and Her Denouement
Absolutely incredible beauty!
God created wonders indeed on land and in the seas
by Gerhard Fürst

You may first download the slide show enjoy the music
and then read what Gerhard has written in response

Such is....or was... life
in the all the myriad of seas
and in the great oceans
of this once blue planet,
before BP and the like
gave it the repulsively
slick-sticky-dirty-oily treatment.
I think the CEO of BP,
the devious, dishonest
and disgraceful Tony Hayward,
in his overbearing arrogance and
compulsive ignorance,
should be compelled to swim in the
sullied and soiled waters
which he and his crooked company
had caused, to the detriment
of all the forms of life
in the Gulf of Mexico,
causing suffering, suffocation
and death to seabirds, to mammals,
to fish, to all the creatures
great, small, and even tiny,
destroying a culture
and a way of life,
and the economies of states
all along the gulf coast
and beyond.
Tony Hayward
should be dragged
behind boats to soak up
some of this oily slime.
He should be joined
by others of his corporation
in the experience
of a lifetime, together
with all the corrupt US federal
officials, who had been bribed,
and who had partied, boozed,
caroused and fornicated
with these evil types,
sick, sordid and sinister,
without a sense of guilt or shame
Let them feel
what it like to
wither away helplessly
and wallow in desperate attempts
trying to escape
the oily and deadly entrapment.
Shame on Tony Hayward,
and his corporate cohorts,
liars and goons, slimy-slick,
oily-greasy sleaze balls, of them.
Drag them through
what hey had caused,
their creation of catastrophe,
to their eternal shame and disgrace.
Make them walk along the beaches,
raking and shoveling up globs of oil
washing ashore in never-ending
massive quantities of smelly stickiness.
Make them rescue, clean, care for,
revive and resuscitate
the seabirds,
and the dolphins...
who are dying
because of their foul and evil deeds!
Let them collect and dispose
of the cadavers of the dead.
Make them prisoners
who are compelled to watch
and witness the ugliness,
the horrid mess he and
his corrupt cronies have
managed to leave
as their lasting legacy:
making a stinking smelly mess,
out of once pristine waters
now forever devastated
and destroyed, along with
all the creatures which
at one time lived
and frolicked in them,
and depended on
for life, for living,
and for their livelihood.
Eternal shame and damnation
to the fraudulent bastard Tony Hayward
and the likes of him:
the incredibly crooked,
the corrupt, the callous,
the uncaring, the unclean!
Shame on them all!
Make them swim
in what they have left
for others to deal with,
for others to attempt
to rectify and to "clean" up.
The damage done
may well be irreparable
and permanent.
My anger
is beyond measure!
Gerhard A. Fuerst
June 11, 2010

P.S.: If you know how to get a hold
of this hound from hell,
Tony-the-ass-hole Hayward,
send my message to him

My Thoughts for Today!
Greetings, Gerhard

Received recently from my good friend Herman Taube.


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