Mortgage Relief with a Vengeance:
A bold perspective on what's behind the curtain of the Great Oz (the Illegal Federal Reserve and its Cartel) and what the people should do with them

by Dean Hazel, American Federation of Whiggs

"... the Money Power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."
— Abraham Lincoln

In response to a letter writer who references
a YouTube video "There Will Be No Revolution"

If there will be no revolution (the subject of a short film at YouTube: "You CANNOT defeat the NEW WORLD ORDER! It's IMPOSSIBLE!") it will be for the same reason that Peter denied Christ.  As Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men (1992), "You can't handle the truth!"  Can you?  The simple truth is that most people are just too scared or lazy to do anything more than talk!  Are you?  Soon, they will not even be permitted to do that!  Just as my friend's neighbor boy who was sent home as a box of ashes by the NAZI SS just before the end of WWII. 

The time to act is before the last links in the chain of events take place that will enslave us all!  It sadly seems that too many that I know are much like the subject of the YouTube film.

Please prove "THEM" wrong!  Give me a call or send me a note and let US do something to rebind our government and the rest of the world governments in the original chains of The Constitution of the United States of America.  Without land, no one is free!  We must protect life, liberty, and property in the face of national and international usury!

The following are links to a YouTube historical presentation of the banking fraud that is wreaking havoc with many people in the country.  Who because of its accumulative inflationary effect, are now losing their homes, jobs, and businesses in record numbers in a repeat of what had led up to Shays' Rebellion in 1786 and the writing of our Federal Constitution in 1787. 

This is a constitution that literally prohibits these so-called banking and government practices, but seems like other things to go unnoticed or remarked upon by our so-called "News Media!".  I say this today because they are the very same "News Media" that refused to allow Ron Paul to run as a candidate on an equal footing with the Republicans who are or have been America’s Corporatists' picks for business as usual. 

Business as usual would have us believe that fraud had nothing to do with the many home foreclosures.  That it is simply unwise investors and borrowers that have gotten themselves into trouble and not in any way the fault of banking institutions that have quite openly engaged in fictions to cover usury.  Besides that, the cost of fuel is prohibitive, thanks to the political monetary monkey business of the Democratic/Republican Regime under the direction of America’s Corporatists

Check out the following links for why we are in the midst of a monetary crisis and not a real-energy one!

Zeitgeist " The Movie" Introduction
Zeitgeist " The Movie" III The Federal Reserve Part 1-5
Zeitgeist " The Movie" III The Federal Reserve Part 2-5
Zeitgeist " The Movie" III The Federal Reserve Part 3-5
Zeitgeist " The Movie" III The Federal Reserve Part 4-5
Zeitgeist " The Movie" III The Federal Reserve Part 5-5

You should be able to with enough computer memory, load these links into the Windows Media Player and view them as one continuous, uninterrupted show.  The first one begins with a speech by JFK that many in our unelected government and mainstream media have denied that he ever made!  I do however take exception to some of what I believe to be misstatements of history in the rest of the presentation, of which there are few.  I believe that with very little editing this would be a powerful and irrefutable historical presentation. 

Mr. Norman Dodd also had much to say in the following links to an interview that was recorded just before his death.  The G. Edward Griffin's Interview of  Norman Dodd is in five parts by Web links.  The most important in my opinion is segment two, in which the foundations foisted upon us by bankers admitted their role in the "New World Order" and stated their mission!  Which is for profits, power and control:

Link to the Norman Dodd Interview:

In regard to those who are now losing their homes, they would be able to keep their properties through a rescission of contract as there was no lawful consideration on the part of the so-called lending institutions.  Until the “lending institutions” can prove that they had actually loaned money, e.g., specie or even US currency and not just the mere shadow of money, the institutions have not performed contractually at law and are not entitled to the property or any payment thereon, let alone interest, because of that breach of contract as a matter of law.[1]

I should feel a bit like Moses in saying that for want of knowledge, my people, our people would be free.  Some people for want of knowledge or perhaps morals, seem to wish that the victims of monetary fraud be punished like a rape victim that has been accused of wearing provocative clothing.  Despite the dressing of the crime, both rape and monetary fraud are crimes where the perps should be punished and the victims compensated judicially by a moral society. 

I don't hold with just bailing out the so-called debtors.  I cannot see how or why we should compensate the victims of any crime without first arresting, trying, and convicting the perpetrators and using their own property to pay the damages.  The point of my conversation and this correspondence with you, is to make you aware of the real threat to the security of our Republic, so you will not fall victim to the misinformation and the prejudices that a lack of knowledge may foster. 

As Abraham Lincoln said, " ... the Money Power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people [via our so-called News Media and educators], until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed [via globalization, one world government]."  A one-world Central Bank and monetary fraud!  What will cut their "reign" short is criminal prosecution for monetary fraud in having used and employed "Fictions [of money] To Cover [their] Usury!"  Loaning credit and charging interest for money that does not exist is as much a crime as selling a worthless warranty deed to the Brooklyn Bridge!

Please, really view the information at the links that I have given (especially to the Credit River Decision below), so that we can work together and have more intelligent discussions with others that hopefully will lead to a more correct and decisive action at law instead of under the political BS, financial smoke and mirrors that too many less knowledgeable persons are hung up on while our unwary fellow citizens are being financially raped in foreclosures for money not actually possessed nor loaned by nefarious lending institutions of the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel and international bankers!

No one really knows what can be done until they actually try!  Until they are actually trying, they are just talking and letting everything slide into oblivion.  Aren't our freedoms worth us at least trying to actually do something to save them?

Sincerely yours,
Dean S. Hazel

[1] One of the most pertinent legal cases that was decided by jury in favor of a defendant against bank foreclosure lies in the famous 1968 trial in Credit River Township, Minnesota... the so-called Credit River Decision. For more background on the decision, please refer to this link of citizen rights' advocate, Attorney James Leuenberger.

What a novel concept: People today talk about 'walking away' from their mortgages. And the new administration is financing bad home loans to the tune of $50 billion. For those of us with good home loans, yet who are having a tough time meeting the payments (because the government has extracted $trillions of wealth from the real economy), 'walking away' from our mortgages while laying full claim to our homes... hmmm, now that's an Affordability and Stability Program that makes sense! -- ed.

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