Peace is Patriotic:
Notes on the new liberty-peace movement

This week, I decide to spread my wings a bit, outside the customary FSP umbrella. and some other organizations are holding a nationwide candlelight vigil for Cindy Sheehan.  There’s a group gathering in Milford, 10 miles south, and I’m going down there.

For those not familiar with this particular pebble in President Whatshisname’s shoe, Cindy is a mother of a soldier killed in Iraq.  She has been requesting a one-on-one meeting with the Supreme Nonentity (SN) to get an explanation of why we went to war there… why her son had to die.  Since SN refused to meet with her, she has been holding nightly candlelight vigils near his Crawford, Texas, ranch, where he’s been vacationing for five(!) weeks.

I’ve become 110% antiwar, because I see these particular wars, and their premises, were laid out, IMHO, by cowardly national security state (NSS) hunter-klllers—aka the power elite—years before 9/11.  Further, I’m absolutely convinced these same NSS interests orchestrated the 9/11 attacks as a pretext for attacking Iraq, the objective being to kick-start a faltering internationally financed, American-dominated fossil-fuel-based empire.

It also appears another key objective of 9/11 and the war is to suppress civil liberties even more grossly at home.  Let me submit my favorite reading list on the subject to a candid world:—the best general clearing site for solid
  information for the average citizen about what really
  happened on September 11, 2001.  (I’ll plug a noteworthy
  underground film here, too, Loose Change, which has been
  downloaded tens of millions of times and is fast becoming
  the “real story” of 911 as opposed to the “official story”
  spun by various corporate-state fronts.)—background on the Project for a
  New American Century and the imperialist thinkers behind
  (and funded by) the corporatist aggressors populating the
  Supreme Nonentity’s administration.—Center for an
  Informed America, my personal premier site for technical
  understanding of the events of 911, showing multiple holes
  in the official story.  Dave McGowan wryly reveals and
  dissects the evidence with the care of a surgeon and the
  impartiality of an exemplary judge.—specifically the paper,
  “Why Indeed Did the World Trade Center Buildings
  Completely Collapse?”, by physics professor Steven Jones of
  Brigham Young University, demonstrating the World Trade
  Center buildings (1,2, and 7) fell from the inside by
  preplaced explosive charges generating a controlled

No one has to agree with Howard Dean or the entire agenda to see the objective of ending the war is something we can cooperate on.  I’ve never protested a war!  I apologize for that. 

This army of one didn’t come to the Free State to sit on my hands while massive injustices are being perpetrated.  The peace movement motivates me, because peace and freedom so naturally belong together. 

Finally, since I’ve been puzzled by libertarians who are pro-war and accept the official government fairy tale of 911, I do some thinking as to what would cause such individuals to blank out the harsh reality of American imperial fascism in service to the power-elite.  The best I can speculate as a psychological cause (because there is no humane logic to fascism) is what I’m calling the orthodox-loyalist syndrome:





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