"... Destructive of These Ends..."
What's the threshold for 'Independence Redo?'
by Brian Wright

Redeclaration of IndependenceIn the Declaration of Independence of 1776, Jefferson wrote:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, -- That whenever any Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government...

Obviously, at the time Jefferson—with slight editing by the Congress—was conveying the message that the British Monarchy had become destructive of the ends of 'life, liberty, and property under popular consent.' Further, the colonists had decided to fire the king and institute their own government based on the inalienable rights of the people. In his message, Jefferson lists several imperial crimes against humanity that 'impel the colonists to separation.' And these Brit crimes were biggies, too: disbanding legislatures, deprivation of trial by jury, quartering of troops, taxation without representation, military attacks on civilians, and so on. Fast forward to 2012 and the relationship between the people and the imperial Government of the United States (GOTUS)...

The 24: "...Evincing a Design to Reduce Us..."

Today, GOTUS stands in the same relation to Americans as British Tyranny did to the American colonies of 1776: the chief difference lying in official documentation: Jefferson had no founding charter against which to identify English-government violations; we do. It's called the Constitution. How many of its provisions have been raped and pillaged thru 2012 by GOTUS Gone Wild? [Some days ago in response to a Ron Paul waffler, I began to list a few breaches... it quickly grew to 24!:]

  1. extrajudicial imprisonment, torture, and killings of American citizens and others by the president and 'his men'
  2. the recent defense authorization bill that includes indefinite detention without notice or trial of anyone
  3. proposal and fast-tracking of the Enemy Expatriation Act that enables GOTUS to take away citizenship of those considered 'hostile enemies' or 'supporting hostility' toward GOTUS—similar to the Nazi Factions Nuremberg laws where Hitler took away German citizenship for race, bloodtype, and opposing his regime
  4. blacklisting and shutting down sites in violation of Constitutional due process on the Internet; many bills still being proposed for government control of speech in cyberspace
  5. the Gestapo-like routine indignities and atrocities of the Transporation Security Administration (TSA)... that are being extended to non-airline travel modes
  6. federalization and militarization of the local police
  7. deployment of federal troops and police in violation of posse comitatus, most recently with federal/CIA suppression and head-bashing of the Occupy Wall Street minions
  8. impending massive use of military surveillance and attack drones in law enforcement against the American people in violation of the Fourth Amendment
  9. implementiion of major treaties for spying on Americans and for denying their freedom of speech in cyberspace by the president without Senate approval
  10. continuation of a worldwide system of torture and rendition for perceived enemies of the American state and its allied states
  11. denial and sustained use of depleted uranium munitions, WMDs that have turned much of the former 'Fertile Crescent' and other countries that NATO has bombed into long-term environmental catastrophes of unimaginable proportions
  12. persistent lies and coverups of state crimes, especially false-flag state-terror acts of aggression upon the people of the world (e.g. the 911 attacks, invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, bombing of Egypt and Libya, partnering with the Israeli-Zionist government in its genocide in the Occupied Territories, and so on)
  13. poisoning of the air secretively, and without human testing, with atmospheric geoengineering chemtrails consisting of sulphur dioxide and large amounts of undisclosed particulate matter
  14. enabling state-forced vaccination with pharmaceuticals (e.g. Gardasil) known to cause illness and death in medically high percentages of children
  15. coerced imposition of Real ID and implantation of biochip identification systems and the spread of RFID surveillance technology in routine products and financial instruments
  16. release of FDA-sanctioned genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the food chain, combined with intended complete domination of American choices in nutritional products and alternative health services
  17. protection and enablement, in various states, of environmentally noxious corporate animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that desecrate the property of and ruin the health and safety of inhabitants within radii of 50 miles
  18. protection and enablement in various states (including northern Michigan) of environmentally hazardous corporate hydraulic fracturing (fracking) natural gas extraction techniques that leak harmful chemicals into the land, water, and persons
  19. the continued prohibition of natural agricultural solutions to environmental, food-supply, and soil-replenishiment problems, and prevention of multitrillion-dollar engines of production—in a word: the lunatic, antihuman banning of agricultural hemp and its many industries
  20. the ongoing assault on peaceful persons via the highly federalized, therefore blatantly unconstitutional, war on drugs; maintaining a gulag of offenders greater than all the prisoners in Europe
  21. the rape of the Liberty Dollar and imprisonment of would-be alternative value-based currency providers and their followers, while characterizing them as terrorists
  22. violation of the federal taxing statutes and regulations by assault and imprisonment of leaders who have identified the truth of the 'income' tax: i.e. direct, non-federally-priviliged earnings from labor or property lie outside federal taxing authority
  23. building of a secret prison complex to house enemies of the global state, including largely unknown—because of a complicit mainstream media—internment facilities being funded under the FEMA umbrella
  24. ultimate violation of general liberty orchestrated by the Western false-flag, state-terror cabal for purposes of invading Iran, thus certainly leading to WWIII and nuclear war and winter... EOS (end of species)

It's quite a list,[1] isn't it? Please feel free to print this column off—it's easiest to access the PDF document linked at the bottom right of this html page—for friends and acquaintances who tell you that everything is going to be fine: "GOTUS would never do anything against freedom." The next step, of course, is to decide in our hearts whether GOTUS has reached what I'll call the Threshold for Severance. My own answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY, NOW! In fact, items 1 and 2 are all I need for a Re-Declaration; 99% of my Truth and Freedom Movement friends are with me. Many of us are only holding back because of hopes for the Ron Paul election. It's Ron Paul or Tyranny... tyranny for those who choose it... resistance for those (millions of us) who do not.

Regarding the 2012 presidential campaign, I'll state the obvious: the only 'major' party candidate who opposes 'the 24' is Dr. Paul; every other 'major' party candidate actively endorses and supports 'the 24.' If Ron Paul (or a freedom candidate) wins in 2012, perhaps Independence Redo won't be needed. Otherwise, it's speed-search for the next Thomas Jefferson... followed by mass reclamation of our libertarian heritage by all means available. End the 24! End the 24!

[1] Documentation for each of The 24 is available via, simply type in your keywords from the item and press the search function.

2012 February 27
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