Invasion of the Mind Snatchers
Groking Kevin McCarthy in classic sci-fi horror flick
by Brian Wright

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Truth is sometimes so like fiction to be equally scary. Watching the recent MOPS[1] mind-control exercises—in which Obamasan foists on the mainstream minions a) an astoundingly sophomoric birth-certificate forgery and b) an incredibly bizarre operation that supposedly kills a known-to-be-long-dead Osama bin Laden—then seeing that an astounding number of my otherwise intelligent, critically thinking friends and acquaintances actually believing the official stories [DESPITE THE PATENTLY OBVIOUS EVIDENCE OF THEIR FALSEHOOD] sets my mind a reelin'. Though I've seen it before, particularly with the refusal to consider the mountainous evidence against the official conspiracy theory of 911 (OCT9/11).[2]

I've been down this lane so many times now, and I confide to people now— both to friends who blithely accept the government story and those who have in some areas concluded that the government and mainstream media (MSM) are lying BIG—that I feel I'm Kevin McCarthy (Dr. Miles Bennell) running around in the 1956 thriller, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, desperately trying to convince his friends and loved ones that the pods being trucked into his small, bucolic California town are a threat to the human race. Here's a short review excerpt courtesy Steve Thomp on IMDb:

"We've all heard that this movie is political allegory, and it certainly meets all the criteria. However whether it's railing against communist infiltration or McCarthyist witch-hunts I've never really been sure - perhaps it's both. The use of sleep as the defining point of transformation seems to suggest the former: as people lose consciousness and alertness, the pods/Reds claim another 'victim'. So too does Miles' monologue at the window of his office, looking down on the busy pod distribution network as it goes about its business. Then again, the relentless pursuit of non-podders, and the single, frantic and unheeded voice of Miles at the film's beginning could symbolise the divisive, intellectually-deadening effect of McCarthyism on society. It's quite possible the director intentionally aimed for this ideological ambiguity to appeal to different perspectives - the only thing that is clear is that Invasion of the Body Snatchers most assuredly reflects the political climate from which it sprang."

In our time the pods are the MOPS black operations and wars, and the siren songs of the MSM singing us to sleep. "Trust us, trust your corporate-state rulers and your owners. We know best. Why would we lie to you, you are our children, and we will take care of you. We won't ever ask you to think, or to go to war, only to go shopping and look the other way on several occasions. Here, turn on your high-definition television now and watch the Navy Seals obliterate this unfortunate Pakistani goatherder. Better yet, the Red Wings are playing tonight. Tune in. Drop out. Let go. We have your country under control."

Here's a question for my pod-hugging friends:

If a tree does not fall in the forest and the government, unctuously supported by Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and the rest, produces a report, signed by dozens of respected academic and business experts, that says the tree does fall in the forest, does, in fact, the tree fall in the forest? And vice versa.

What else can I say? The sad thing is my favorite pod-huggers are smart, often inclined toward libertarian notions of self-government. What is it that condemns them to wanting to lie down with pods, failing to see the threat of the pods to their personhood? Further, they will treat me—the poor mope waving his hands and passionately pointing out how the pods have turned Uncle Harry into a platitude-spouting zombie—as if I'm the one who is the threat. Eventually they're turned, and start carrying the pods to all corners of the community, then they rat me out: "There he is, get him. He's always been one to defy benevolent civil authority. He's crazy not to accept the great collective happiness, truth, and virtue. It's really so pleasant not to have to worry or make judgments, to draw that Social Security stipend, be thankful for what the government sends my way. Get him, c'mon, get him!"

The pod-pushing syndrome is especially strong in the United States because of its ownership-class contrivance of "our country's" ineluctable, unfailing righteousness. America(n Cartel government and leadership) does not make mistakes, America(n Cartel government and leadership) is always right. We—meaning the fuilly pod-driven American collective—stand for freedom. If morality were a nation, that nation would always be America. It's who we are. Think of the Old South... or the Germanic Fatherland.

Yes, sure, in real life it does boil down to a decision by men and women to assert their own authority and individual political sovereignty. This is a big step. We exist inside a system, the number of people who are capable of thinking critically about that system is yet small. As James Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable: Why he died and why it matters, writes:

"The extent to which our national security state was systematically marshaled for the assassination of President John Kennedy remains incomprehensible to us. When we live in a system, we absorb a system and think in a system. We lack the independence to judge the system around us. Yet the evidence we have seen points toward our national security state, the systemic bubble in which we all live, as the source of Kennedy's murder and immediate coverup." — page 370

No need to be harsh. I've given up on harsh. Reality is what counts. At some level, acceptance breeds change. We are in the end game, and in many respects it does look grim for the humans. A lot of water has gone under the bridge, a lot of pods have been lain. On the other hand, as Charles Lindbergh once put it, "One man with courage makes a majority." It only takes one brave man—take a Gandhi or an ML King—to put an end to an empire and its wars. Mainly because the lies that are integral to such empires and wars cannot stand up to the little boy exclaiming that the emperor has no clothes. The house of cards is dynamically unstable.

We have plenty of little boys identifying the truth of things. I like Alex Jones, in particular, at and Those are the sites from which to depod the American population. Not conspiracy theorists, causality provists! It is all about the systems we become comfortable with. Moreover, there is an internal battle that must be won over the unrestrained primitive brain (the limbic system) that blindly follows systematic authority. The victory over blind obedience to authority will come from a great and wide spiritual awakening, as I have described in my two Sacred Nonaggression Principle modules: The Barrier Cloud and Nonaggression Faith. The spiritual awakening will usher in the New Paradigm... worldwide abundance, peace, freedom. Relax, Kevin, I've got the Mother Ship taken care of.

[1] Men of the Power Sickness: the Cartel, the Pathocracy.

[2] That theory is: On 9/11, 19 radical Muslim Arabs, under orders and operational control of Al Qaeda, an organization run by a former CIA employee undergoing kidney dialysis in a Pakistan cave, boarded four airplanes. Wielding boxcutters, these men hijacked the planes, then overcoming the world's most sophisticated air defense system, flew one plane into WTC 1, one into WTC 2, one into the Pentagon, and one (intended for the Capitol) into a field in western Pennsylvania.

2011 May 15
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