SNaP Barrier Cloud Revisited
And an open letter to 'law enforcement' II
by Brian Wright

Originally I had planned to complete my first cut of a modern-day individual declaration of independence in the Panarchy Papers, Part III for today's column. But I'm running into a time issue. Thus, with all the news of the US of A turning into "Police State of A"[1] it seems a refresher course in the Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP) Barrier Cloud (BC) is in order. Then I want to point out a key component of the exterior cause of the BC: cooperation of treasonous, usually mindless, police and military forces in tyranny. First, the BC...

SNaP Worldview: Description of the Barrier Cloud

In Chapter 4: The Barrier Cloud of my book The Sacred Nonaggression Principle I develop what I regard to be a significant political theory of why humanity seems to struggle so mightily to achieve and maintain a free society (a social system based on the nonaggression principle). Recall that my SNaP General Theory holds that the overwhelming majority—upward of 95%—of human beings practice the nonaggression principle in their own lives. They will neither "hit, steal from, nor lie to" other human beings under any circumstances outside the political system. The general progress toward a society without coercion I connote as the Nonaggression Vector shown in Figure 1 below.

But something impedes their progress along this vector: the Barrier Cloud. So what is the barrier and where does it come from? Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I'm convinced the BC does not arise primarily from intellectual forces. I have theorized two causes, internal and external:

  1. The internal cause of the BC lies in the perpetuation (beyond their survival value) of social-conformity functions of a common primitive brain circuitry known as the limbic system—what I sometimes like to call the "blind obedience to authority" brain structure.

  2. The external cause of the BC rests in the conscious and coordinated actions of a small ruling minority of psychologically abnormal people who have coalesced through the ages, stealthily and secretly. Their biological purpose: to systematically direct, control, and appropriate the creative/productive effort of psychologically normal humans.

For a thorough introduction to the Barrier Cloud, please consult Chapter 4 in the SNaP book, or what amounts to a fairly complete description in one of my former long columns here. As I have stated, the chief external cause of the BC lies in "the conscious and coordinated actions of a small ruling minority of psychologically abnormal people"... who have nonetheless acquired incredible wealth and power and function as parasitic predators on normal humans. The chief interface of their aggression consists of agencies of force—military and police—who are turned psychologically away from legitimate roles as security-servants of the people toward being slavers, looters, jailers, torturers, and killers of the people. If we can thwart the brainwashing of the force collective (FC)[2] we may avoid the necessity of armed conflict... and, if the humans should lose in such a conflict, descent into barbarism.

Open Letter to 'Law Enforcement,' Part II

My initial open letter to stall or interrupt the mind-control of FC individuals was written back in 2008, and I had in mind mainly creating a strike by any FC persons in my community—a refusal to enforce coercive laws, such as the drug prohibition laws. Further, I insisted that these fellow humans[3], who have all taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, read that Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Then seeing the clear meaning of our Charter documents: go forth and enforce the Fundamental Law.

For example, as a soldier you are ordered to torture a person; torture violates the Fundamental Law of the Charter documents. Therefore, to enforce the law, you must not torture... indeed you must take all reasonable measures to arrest and prosecute whoever ordered you to perform this heinous crime against humanity.

The same argument applies to enforcement of the drug laws, or the Patriot Act, Homeland Security edicts, coercive vaccinations, FDA usurpations to destroy small farmers and supplement manufacturers... or TSA gate rape and porno scanning. None of these actions is lawful, none of the bills being passed by Congress these days has any legal authority; they are all unconstitutional, blatantly. So just say no. Better yet, do not join the FC.

Let me line up a series of videos showing the atrocious, invasive, unconstitutional behavior of TSA: 1) that it's all about intimidation, 2) a summary of the bad behavior—it will make you sick—, 3) the corrupt, tin-pan tyrant who benefits most: Michael Chertoff, 4) more about Chertoff, 5) the solution (used by the FBI and the military): explosives-sniffing dogs, 6) what TSA has planned next, 7) the DHS and FBI will send agents to your house. Just a sampling of aggressions focusing on the TSA.

So here's my open letter to anyone having employment or seeking employment within the US Force Collective, but especially TSA:

Do not become an employee of the FC, and if you are an employee, simply refuse to engage in thuggish, unconstitutional behavior unbefitting a human being. Just stop. It is within your power. Become a moral person, refuse to cooperate in any way with any of a hundred preliminary steps—like TSA thuggery—turning our country into an All-American corporate-state gulag. Blow the whistle, prosecute your superiors, arrest Constitutional violators—including Congress members. Do your job—uphold the Constitution of the United States.[4]

Don't make us come over there!

[1] ... with the TSA hordes of thugs, secret plans for martial law and mass detention, FBI door-to-door interviews of peace protestors, FDA abuses with the impending Senate Food Tyranny Act, secret atmospheric modification via chemtrails, etc. [Not even considering American government and armed forces conducting genocidal wars with systematic 'ordered-from-the-top' massacres, jailings, and torture of civilians.]

[2] The FC is my concept for those who work for the state putting into effect its rules ultimately through physical force. Although, my main usage pertains to police and soldiers, the concept also embraces—particularly in large-scale coercive systems—aggressor prosecutors, judges, politicians, prison guards, contract goon squads, and the like.

[3] We must keep in mind that the force collective comes from the human community. We can normally reach them on a human level so long as they have not completely crossed over to corporate-state dronehood. [A technique employed in massive police state actions is to have military forces—often mercenaries—not be a part of the community they subject to state aggression.]

[4] I want to make a pitch here for all active police and military to join the Oath Keepers. [Oath Keepers vow to refuse unconstitutional orders.] You should also consider becoming a member as a "citizen associate."

2010 December 13
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