The Big-3 Freedom Stimulus Package
Three realistic programs for $3 trillion immediate and recurring benefit to the American people... and a bonus analysis on benefits for ending the Fed

The government never aids any enterprise but by the alacrity with which it gets out of the way. — Henry David Thoreau


How would every American like to receive $10,000 per year?!
For starters!  That's a real stimulus!

In writing the columns on the Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP), composing the book of the same name, and preparing my presentation on the SNaP to the 2009 Free State Liberty Forum, in Nashua, NH (3/7/9 @3:00 p.m.), I just sort of had this blinding flash of insight into the absolute perfect immediate solution to our deepening world economic crisis.  And because these finance-capitalist dynasties run by the West's international banking elites situated in New York and the City of London[1] have caused the problems—probably intentionally—that we average schmucks are facing, the only solution lies in striking directly at their foundation... with policies dictated by the nonaggression principle.

The Big-Three Real-American Stimulus Package of 2009

What I'm proposing in this column is simply a program of political freedom that is prioritized for maximum impact.  The Kleptocon pundits are completely correct that we need something quickly because the patient is going into cardiac arrest and will soon be a corpse.  But where these power-elite intellectuals and economists would administer a shot of the same poison of statism—government spending, borrowing, plunder, and war—I propose a massive hit of the adrenalin of economic freedom.

From the benefits described for implementing a zero-prohibitions, zero-compulsions, zero-privileges, zero-exceptions SNaP policy, we can see substantial wealth savings to American citizens primarily from ending prohibitions and from ending wars of aggression.  

Here is my Big-Three Real-American Stimulus Package of 2009:

  1. End the War on Drugs—Experts estimate savings to citizens and governments of $500 billion, but do not take into account damage all victims incur, including lost lives.  Total savings to humanity in the United States for ending the WOD = ~$1 trillion/year (most of the savings recurring).

  2. End the Empire—The war budget when you include everything related to the empire is ~$1.5 trillion/year, which can be pared ~2/3 if we end the bogus wars and war on terror and all the other makework projects of the war departments. Total savings to humanity in the United States for ending the US military empire = ~$1 trillion/year (some significant recurring and nonrecurring savings).

  3. End the ban on agricultural hemp—Based on estimates of market size for all the product areas hemp satisfies it’s relatively easy to see a $trillion/year role in a GDP (2007-based) of $23 trillion in private industry (which of course would require a few years to accomplish). Total benefits to humanity in the United States for ending the ban on agricultural hemp = ~$1 trillion/year recurring (starting in 3-5 years with increased productivity into the multiple $trillions going forward).

And hemp is the ultimate green, carbon-scavenging industry!
Thus without even breaking a sweat, and having to borrow no money, having to raise no taxes, not having to perpetuate continually unworkable government programs, Americans will receive an annual benefit of $3 trillion indefinitely (~$10K per man, woman, and child per year).  Now that’s a stimulus with punch!

Seriously, we must send this idea to Congress in no uncertain terms. Anyone receiving my columns is welcome to repost this column and recompose it as they wish, with attribution, but please get the message out to our public servants, now!  What the Obamanon is proposing and the fascist neocons are mostly opposing (only because it doesn't steal more money for the war machine, the corporate welfare trough, and the police state) is a limp-wristed stimulus for big-government pussies and their puppet masters—good only for further grinding our native manly noses into dust.

Simply by implementing my Real-American Stimulus Package above, we will neutralize many of the dire consequences of the phony stimulus package.

Note: Ron Paul, bless his little peapickin' heart, has already introduced legislation that would effect items 1) and 3), with a bill to end the Fed, which will pretty much mean the end to the Empire.

Speaking of Ending the Fed

The following figures and procedures come from Appendix B of my Sacred Nonaggression Principle.  I want also to include (what amounts to) the analysis here of the problem of central banking, when examined at a raw conceptual level of moral principles.  Think of the diagrams as illustrating how the SNaP leads to healthful economic fundamentals.

The objective is to determine, at least to an order of magnitude, how much wealth has been transferred through the years from the productive class to the political class.  Then, to see if an identifiable body of individuals exists that can be prosecuted for fraud and theft, and to obtain restitution from this body of individuals. Thus we need to identify the fundamentals of the process (mostly legal by statute but certainly unconstitutional and in violation of the SNaP) by which the wealth was removed.  Though central banks have been stealing from the people of all major Western countries for centuries, for simplicity, this exercise will only deal with the US. 

The first procedure and figure show a more subsistence economy in order to demonstrate what happens when someone is put in charge of a storehouse of value and also given the power to set by force any scrip value of what is stored.  The second procedure and figure show our modern condition, at least framing the question of where’s the money.  Further study seems to be required.  [I’m pretty sure the ones in charge of taking the money have a fair accounting of how much it was.]

Case 1: Subsistence Illustration

Figure B1 shows a subsistence economy where initially the provision of rice is tightly controlled by an overlord or prison-like system.  This is for illustrative purpose only; rice bowls are the commodity standard of money value in this primitive world.

  1. The workers or prisoners produce rice, which is processed into rice bowls.
  2. A commissary or distribution center metes out the rice bowls, subsistence is two per person.
  3. Rice bowls are de facto money so an idea is formed to represent them with a scrip note.
  4. Initial value set: one scrip note per rice bowl.
  5. Stores now distributes scrip to the people which can be redeemed for rice bowls.
  6. For illustration purposes: wealth not growing.
  7. The deviance: a) Processor sets 1 rice bowl = 2 scrip, b) Personnel control process internally, c) Processor gives 3 scrip to person, which feels like an increase, d) Processor takes 1 scrip/person for fee.
  8. Progress occurs.  Persons find that 3 scrip do not buy as much as 2 scrip in other goods/service.

Figure 1: Central Banking: The Good Old Days

Case 2: Where We Are Now

From Figure 1 we can see that steps 7a-7d are the hidden steps that steal rice bowls from persons who produced the rice.  In the modern world, commodity money standards are more suitable but in principle still like rice bowls.  The top of Figure 2 illustrates the way we were (almost) before the Fed; there was not complete banking and money freedom, but runaway counterfeiting/debt was held in check by decentralization.  Today, the Kleptocon "money-changers" have the whole Western world by the throat from a central location... and they're planning to slit it.

How it Could Be and Partly Was

  1. People produce things that have real value.
  2. Wealth generated via work, stored thru medium of exchange in value warehouse.
  3. Competing “banks” issue scrip per stored value; too much scrip per value => failure.
  4. People buy produced items.
  5. People invest in additional production.

The Creature from Jekyll Island

  1. Government aggresses, creates central bank.
  2. Corporate banksters set (continually dilute) scrip value that must be accepted as payment.
  3. Banksters create scrip (account entries), giving much initial value to Wall Street corps.
  4. Scrip expands money supply.
  5. People, forced to accept scrip, pay bills, enter scrip-denominated value into banking-investment system, pay taxes

Figure 2: Central Banking Now: Where's My Rice Bowl?


Personally, like John McCain, I don’t know anything about economics.  But I can follow the numbers in Figure 1 and I know by reading G.  Edward Griffin (The Creature from Jekyll Island) that something quite similar to steps 7a-7d of Figure 1 is happening in the modern system at the bottom of Figure 2.  I even have a fair idea of which international banking dynasties (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan) are receiving the lion’s share of the value extracted from the labor of my neighbors and me.

A fairly large number of my fellow freedom people know a lot more about economics than I do, and can certainly pin down some hard fraud-and-theft data.  As I indicated in an earlier chapter, the value in terms of goods and services represented by the wealth taken is probably in the several hundreds of trillions of <current value of> US “dollars.”  The “wealth,” being stolen, is not completely wealth any longer, because it is diverted to life-and-liberty destructive activities… chiefly war.  But it does exist as a ledger entry on the income side of those who stole it. 

As a minimum, the SNaP requires this ledger entry be transferred back in an orderly fashion to those from whom it was taken.  Morality 101.

On the Threshold of a New Era

Seriously, this idea of a citizen-formulated stimulus package that radically eliminates massive amounts of killer government is just what the doctor ordered.  Further, as the SNaP is launched and moves forward rather quickly to turn the tide in favor of the human "We" in our longstanding battle against the <central controlling entity>—the increasingly brazenly authoritarian "Theys"—our future looks bright indeed.  

[1] For a truly eye-opening account of "who has the gold," it is well worth the time to explore the movie, the Zeitgeist; While there may be a handful of facts to dispute, the overall "Zeitgeist" (worldview) is hard to shake from an objective evidentiary perspective.  Pertinent to this footnote reference is the role of certain financial centers that too few are aware of... e.g. the City of London [not the same thing as London].  Check it out.

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