It's Darkest Just Before the Dawn
Monstrous Israeli-government aggression in Gaza
signals end of "Kleptocon" world dominance

... and restoration of 'the Human' (via vigorous grass roots activism and application of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle). Okay, so it ain't all over but the shouting.  Still, I seriously believe 2009 will witness the full propagation of the crack in the Monolith—the Oligarchy, the Kleptocracy[1], the Whatever 'They' Is—that brings that wretched, trembling old Wizard out from behind the curtain once and for all... where Dorothy and the rest of us can keep an eye on the pathetic little psychopath.

Contest of Horrors

Is the world's outrage at this latest bold Israeli-government genocide project in the Gaza Strip the inception of this crack in the Monolith?  Or will the widening of the schism start with prosecution of members of the Bush administration for murder, for torture, and for war crimes generally?  It's a close call.  I suspect for educated Europe, which is more familiar in general with the Zionist movement and which harbors within its "City of London" the world's finance-capitalist banking elites—chiefly the Rothschild dynasty and its derivatives—these outrageous Israeli attacks have the edge.[2]

A profound distinction needs to be drawn between Judaism and Zionism.  While, IMHO, neither is rational, the former is a complex belief system that presents several ethical ideals—particularly "thou shalt not steal" and treating everyone with respect—to the voluntary consideration of others.  Zionism turns Judaism on its ear and twists it into a forced march: "We've been chosen by God, this area here is our designated Homeland: so leave, go to jail, or die."  Sound familiar?

What most Americans have been shielded from knowing is the large number of Jews who oppose Zionism.  Further, in Israel today, scores of ordinary Jewish Israelis are refusing to take part in the war of occupation against the Palestinians—these ones who refuse military service are called Shministim, and please support them here.

For those of us in the US, at least for the distressingly paltry number of peace and civil-liberties advocates, the US crimes d'etat pertinent to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan are more deciding.  Don't forget the insisters on 9/11 truth, a substantial movement on both sides of the Atlantic: a combination of respected scholars, concerned citizens, and architects and engineers.  Neocon war crimes combined with 9/11 truth seems to win the horror prize over what the Zionists are doing today.  

In any case, the combined horror file has reached the stark threshold beyond which world opinion will certainly recoil and seek prosecution of key men responsible for its bloody contents.  When that moment occurs—i.e. when citizens dictate to their governments the launching of grand juries, indictments, and convictions of individuals participating in these egregious acts that defy all norms of civilized behavior... that will be the catharsis that brings the species to the other side: a fully free and humane society.

And there may be other initial cracks in the monolith that precipitate the ultimate break represented by a vigorous criminal prosecution of crimes against humanity.  I'll discuss these further down.

The Indirect Strategy

In the 1970s a friend of mine in the "Ayn Rand movement" referred me to a book on military strategy by B. Liddell Hart which advocated an "indirect approach" to military attack.  Hart's famous two fundamentals—which he derived after studying the meatgrinder of World War I—are as follows:

  • Direct attacks against an enemy firmly in position almost never work and should never be attempted
  • To defeat the enemy one must first upset his equilibrium, which is not accomplished by the main attack, but must be done before the main attack can succeed.

His view has implications for any conflict, whether in a military campaign or an ideological one.  Another substantial observation from Liddell Hart:

"The profoundest truth of war is that the issue of battle is usually decided in the minds of the opposing commanders, not in the bodies of their men."

A formidable truth that Mahatma Gandhi put to good use by causing the British to relinquish control of India through the indirect strategy of undermining the Brits' moral authority.  For most normal human beings, especially for boots on the ground employed as agents of power-elite aggression, it becomes increasingly difficult to do one's job with a clear conscience.  When the number of agents who question the morality of inflicting aggression reaches a critical mass, the aggressor is defeated.

This salient point must be stressed to Hamas or Hezbollah (or any self-appointed Palestinian saviors) who feel they can counter Zionist expropriation with mindless aggression of their own.  One does not defeat the Juggernaut by lying down in front of it, nor by harming innocent civilians—even to the smallest fraction that your tyrant foes have caused.  Instead, find your Gandhis and send them forth. Then the Israeli aggression will fail quickly from its moral delusions.

I'd like to discuss the indirect strategy—particularly the Gandhian strategy of morally disheartening the opponent—in the context of the larger conflict between the humans and the Kleptocons... i.e. between normal people who desire to be left free and the power people who wish to dominate and expropriate.  This broader conflict is not unlike the War for Independence by late-18th-century American colonists, our ancestors.

The colonists represent the normal, mostly healthful human frontier community wanting to live in peace and to enjoy the fruits of their labor without interference from The Overlord.  They ended the Divine Right of Kings and created a constitutional republic in which "all men are created equal," i.e. equal before the law: nobody gets a special deal via state coercion.  Constitutional liberty was the smallest of toeholds for normal human beings enabling them to flourish as nature intended; it ended de facto slavery that all humankind had been enduring from the cave.

Unfortunately, the monied deceivers and dominators of the day, what Jefferson and Adams warned against as the Money Power—what I have conceptualized as "the Kleptocons" in these Coffee Coaster pages —reestablished their dominance shortly after Jefferson and Adams died (1826).  (The Revolution had rudely thrown the Kleptocons' centralized looting machinery off track.) These power elites—actually, probably singular, this power elite[3]—had since the Middle Ages been the corporate-financing dynasty underlying all the imperial thrones of Europe.  

So through a renewed concerted effort, enabled by the chicanery of Alexander Hamilton and other would-be American leaders on the take, the Money Power came back into town—surreptitiously.  By the Civil War, the fait had become fully accompli'd.  The <singular financial dynasty> had reachieved its hegemony over America and the entire Western World. How?  Two methods, both using the brilliance of the indirect strategy:

  • Arguments to financial stability—We need a central banking and money system in order to flatten out the chaos of local financial crises of expansion and contraction.  Direct taxation by the national government is essential for calm, steady markets.

  • Arguments to strength—Large "manifest destiny" sorts of projects needed for enhancing our national identity cannot be accomplished with a small-potatoes, distributed money system.  In world competition for resources, our perfect, beautiful country must have the military power to get its way... er "defend liberties" overseas.

Note both of these simple arguments rely on ostensible support for our natural human rights and liberties as recognized in the Constitution: how can you have a free society that isn't financially stable and that isn't muscular and imposing to turn away threats?  Also, hidden within the arguments is the premise that these financial benefits and strength flow—thru the newly legitimized privileged corporations—toward those occupying the centralized governing process (at the expense of the diffuse individual power of the people)... and in fact require it.

The "masters of deceit" serving the <singular controlling entity>[4] also capitalize on the common weaknesses of political men: timeworn practices of rewarding—with power, money, sex, the satisfying of various cravings and addictions—those who play ball.  Those who don't play ball are often "negatively incentivized."  [E.g. it's estimated that at least 12 individuals who had evidence of the CIA's assassination of JFK were murdered.]

My 2009 Predictions

Against the ruthlessness of an adversary that remains hidden to many world citizens and certainly obscure to the untold millions of American six o'clock news junkies, real people have reason for hope.  Indeed, we will turn the indirect approach against our adversaries, prosecuting the most elementary freedoms that everyone supports in order to end the state-power aggressions and Money-Power domination once and for all.

Consider this scene from one of my favorite movies, Nobody's Fool:

Miss Beryl: Do you still bet on that horse race of yours?
Sully: What, the trifecta?
Miss Beryl: Yes. Has it ever come in?
Sully: Not yet.
Miss Beryl: But you still bet on it.
Sully: Well, sure. I mean, the odds have gotta kick in sooner or later.
Miss Beryl: Fine. That's exactly the way I feel about you.

In my column of early 2008, I make several "bets" for the year.  I maintained then that each of these phenomena could lead to a final breakthrough for political liberty in our time... quite imminently.  I'm going to reiterate five of these for 2009; we haven't had the breakthrough yet but "the odds have gotta kick in sooner or later:"

  • The Ron Paul Campaign—Quite a movement, leaving us with a promise of great things to come, esp. the Campaign for Liberty. In early September we saw the Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis, which featured possibly the ultimate real-person presidential candidate for 2012, Jesse Ventura.  We also have the legacy of a small army of students and citizens working to end the fraudulent, massively looting Federal Reserve central-banking system.

  • The Free State Project—Still having success after all these years. In 2008—thanks largely to the efforts of New Hampshire Common Sense—the NH House passed HB 1623 by a 193-141 vote margin.  This bill would have standardized the penalty for possessing small amounts of marijuana, reclassifying the offense as a violation punishable by a $200 fine.  Membership and movers continue to grow, more progress will be seen in 2009.

  • Advances in Sustainable Living—I threw this bullet into my predictions for 2008, and it mainly means that organizations with right-now alternatives to the coercive corporate-state way of life continue to show vitality.  I'm thinking in particular of and, but so many alternative-living approaches are out there.  People are living free, TODAY.  Also my money guru, Thomas Greco, continues to be a gadfly around the world for real-people money systems.

  • 9/11 Truth and Death of Empire—Touched on above.  I've written several columns and book reviews regarding 9/11. I expect 2009 to be a banner year for the truth movement... along with the end of the "Death Star" that we'll see in conjunction with prosecutions of war crimes by US and, now, Israeli governments.  I would be surprised not to see major prosecutions in 2009.  The Obama campaign has a "proposed change" forum: pro-prosecution posts top the list.

  • The Impending End of Drug Prohibition—Two major categories: legal hemp (the native, non-psychoactive strain of cannabis sativa) and legal marijuana... for medicinal and recreational use.  Stay with Hemp Industries Association for the hemp prospects.  For marijuana legalization, pick any of a dozen from my standard Free State favorite to national NORML.  Also several general drug de-Prohibition groups: my favorite Law Enforcement against Prohibition.  Give them a hand up.

Legal Hemp Will Bring Down the Oligarchy

My personal favorite and unique speculation for 2009 is along the hemp legalization lines: I believe sometime this year—15 states have passed hemp legalization statutes—the Ron Paul hemp legalization bill (HR 1009) becomes law.  (HR 1009 simply removes hemp from the DEA's designation as a banned drug.)  Fully legal hemp production is a perfect indirect strategy toward destroying the Money Power:  it delegitimizes the slovenly agriculture cartel and democratizes substantial wealth among great numbers of individual farmers and small businesses.

If hemp products penetrate only an average of 10% of the current markets for seed, protein powder, milk, paper, linen, fabric, rope, construction material, and biofuels, the overall wealth potential represented by industrial hemp production is on the order of several-hundred billion dollars per year. If one throws in legal marijuana and discards the life-destructive costs to society of drug prohibition, that number doubles easily.  Brian Wright's prediction: legal hemp and marijuana generate American wealth of $1 trillion per year within five years of liberation (and liberation via legal hemp occurs in 2009).

A major reason the colonists won the War for Independence is they had the distributed wealth to do so: it was not a slave revolt but an assertion of independence by productive men, many of whom had developed fortunes apart from what the Crown corporations permitted. (The Boston Tea Party was a rebellion against corporate aggrandizement by the East India company; the war itself a fight against the Crown monopolies.)

So there you are.  The reason the US corporate state denies hemp production is that legalization means the end of the game for them: the democratization of economic power and the end of royal privilege once and for all.  When hemp becomes legal, the people will become completely free in short order... probably in the same time frame required for the industry to reach $1 trillion per year in wealth generation.

Legal hemp => the release of productive energies of countless individual humans => the indirect strategy denying power to the central oppressive authority => the loss of moral conviction in acts of aggression => the demise of the Neocon and Zionist marauders => the eventual end of the Money Power. — QED

The Emerging Consciousness Factor

What I'm sensing is an emerging consciousness—a general spiritual, rational awakening—that brings everything together.  I'll write about this another time, for it's a large subject.  I'm convinced Eckhart Tolle is on to something and I'm convinced the freedom community is expanding at a record rate as humanity rediscovers the nonaggression principle... something I'm writing about this year as my third political monograph (following New Pilgrim Chronicles and There Must Be Some Mistake). 

When consciousness emerges, then it will be all over but the shouting.


[1] The word kleptocracy has been around for a while, and means what it looks like it means: rule by those who steal. I developed the concept Kleptocon to convey more exactly who historically is behind the centralized, systematic, deceptive plunder of humanity. The root "klepto" is from the Greek kleptein to steal, and the suffix con suggests either confidence game, or neocon, or something alien like children's action figure toys, e.g. the Deceptocons.

[2] Based on the link to the Richard Falk column and numerous other humanitarian sources, it's fairly easy to discern the truth behind the Zionist-dominated Western media.  A fine background to understanding the modern moral crisis that has become the Israeli Prison State is Jimmy Carter's Palestine: Peace not Apartheid.
    The current batch of Israeli militarists, like their Neocon soul brothers in the Bush (and likely to remain integral to the Obama) White House, are fully content doing whatever it takes to secure a worldwide Judeo-Christian Pax Totalitaria. They cooperate in the Empire's 'incarcerate and/or obliterate for fun and profit' business.  And if one thinks they're going to stop after crushing the Palestinians (or the Iraqis or the Iranians or the Oceanans or the marijuana smokers), one is tragically naive.  Be vewy afwaid.

[3] I haven't performed a great deal of reading yet as to exactly who the top Kleptocons are, but I do know "he who has the most gold makes the most rules."  I did review (and get the majority of my page views and book purchases from) the magnificent book by G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island.
    What I haven't understood until recently is that the House of Rothschild is probably the historical granddaddy of all the Western financial dynasties, including the original financing of the Rockefellers and JP Morgan holdings. This page shows some interesting charts, but what I find on the Web, so far, when going this deep into the "Who" and history of the Money Power is that the information is volatile and much of it apocryphal.  Stay tuned.

[4] The <singular controlling entity> is a shorthand I've been using lately, to leave to the reader's imagination just who it is that has the Money Power.  I could say Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, the Matrix, or Kleptocon Central: the point is that such an entity does exist with hundreds of trillions of dollars in resources dedicated to the furtherance of its power.  Whoever you imagine has this power and however much, you're probably close to the truth.


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