Prosperous Thoughts on Thanksgiving
Leveraging Obamamania toward Constitutional Liberty

We sit here roughly two months from Barack Obama's inauguration —trying not to blink in the glaring face of an economic meltdown—and the freedom community is all aflutter with speculation about the potential real political and economic effect of this one remarkable human being.

Which should tell us something by itself.  

Well, three things: a) we're dealing with an exceptional personality with a unique combination of high intellect, genuine humanitarian passion, and leadership quality; b) a large number of literate, caring people around the world are so desperate for an end to the Bush-Cheney whack-job-war-criminal-nightmare administration that any halfway normal person in the highest office is received as the Second Coming; and c) our culture is so intellectually and morally bankrupt that an idolized rock-star-like political figure can put in place any fundamentally dubious program/personnel without any serious critical thinking to oppose it (outside of the freedom community).

So I had these ruminations that I wanted to share with everyone, especially because everything I'm coming up with is categorically optimistic.  Go figure!  Regardless of the direction Mr. Obama wants to go, our imminent future holds the immense promise of liberty... in this country and around the world.  Believe it or not, the ideas of freedom are inestimably more powerful than Obama's Dream Machine, right now.  Those of us on the leading edge of this movement gaze—mostly fondly, respectfully, and even forgivingly—upon the Obamanon (short for Obama phenomenon) as parents watching their prodigy perform in the high-school symphony. Obama will be an absolute star—or not—as he grows into adulthood toward liberty.

From Fire into Frying Pan?

In consideration of item c) above, I've been quite disturbed with the rock star's purported "team" members, especially for national security adviser (Zbigniew Brz-blahblah-ski or a clone), but also for drug "czar," CIA head, treasury secretary, defense, and of course secretary of state. The following is my VIP letter from last week:


Obama Honeymoon Officially Over

What was I thinking?

This is unfrigginbelievable.  As discussed in my previous VIP gram, Obama has connections in high places on economic policy... and let me tell you, the high places are not interested in helping those of us stuck down here in reality (they help us by getting out of the way). Check out the full text of Thomas Greco's blog post on the big O playing the tune of the Kleptocons.  (Not that the Republocrats weren't.)

Today I read two posts courtesy Huffington that tell me--not only is he going to be going backwards on market economics (which I basically expected)—he is also turning prowar lock, stock, and barrel with multiple appointments of hawks, pro-torture and rendition with his presumed appointment of Neocon bootlicker John Brennan as CIA chief, and pro personal tyranny by appointing a drug warrior to the post of drug czar—a fellow named Jim Ramstad who supports federal assaults on medical marijuana freedom and who knows what else... probably $20 billion more to carpet-bomb cocaine fields and to shoot down private airplanes over Peru and Columbia.

Realizing that O has not yet made these appointments, it's nevertheless a dark day that he should be considering them.  Because any hope of O seeing the freedom message in any area—libertarians like me were hanging a lot of audacious hope on foreign policy and civil liberties—is being extinguished like honest votes in a Karl Rove election campaign.  To make things worse, Bill Maher's Real Time has gone on hiatus.  :)

I could always say, "Well, look at the Bush-Cheney alternative."  And it's true: Bush-Cheney and the neocons are proven war criminals and mass murderers, not to mention practitioners of Big "eat-our-grandchildren" Police-State Government.   But what's sad is now Obama looks like he's going to be just like 'em.  Maybe even more dangerous because he's so much more intelligent and has bona fide communications skills.  The iron fist in the black glove.

Anyway, we'll keep on keepin' on.  The fundamentals haven't changed. 

It's incredibly simple, actually.  Political and economic progress is still a matter of restoring Constitutional liberty.  The MSM isn't talking about it, but there will be mass peaceful protests in 50 cities this weekend--on November 22--against the Federal Reserve System.  Libertarians are still heading to the ramparts en masseThe Sacred Nonaggression Principle is spreading, and people are figuring out how to take care of themselves without all these sloppy, sentimental statists.

But I'm sorry I recommended the O; I should have stuck with recommending giving Bob Barr a healthier number of votes.  I am glad these particular Republicans and the antireason fundamentalists were brushed back by a large rejection, and that may become important.  But when I said the Dem/Rep election was a choice between a murderer and pickpocket, it was really more like a choice between a murderer and an armed robber.  Perhaps the good news is that now the left feels betrayed, too. 

So expect some powerful backlash from left (and right) against the man who promised change and gave us tokens and flowery language instead. 

I'm confident that that sort of realistic, communitarian independence is our own way out of this "central-government/international banksters" mess that afflicts us all today, and I see many signs that consciousness is emerging in that direction.  We'll get by with a lot of help from our friends.

And I did catch some deserved flack for jumping the gun on the incoming boy president.  "The appointments aren't official and he's not even in office yet.  Give the good man a chance, for chrissakes."  Point well taken.  So I'm putting away my guns now... but keeping my powder dry. What's important, I think, is what I refer to in a couple of the paragraphs of my VIP message: self-reliant, cooperative, voluntary community.

Voluntary Community über Alles

Regardless of how the Obama presidency goes—not to mention all the branches and twigs of its corresponding behemoth central American federal government—our mission as freedom people remains unchanged: small-limited government and decentralized political power under the umbrella of the Bill of Rights.  At least here in America.  (A free society is to be hoped for world wide, but of course that is not a responsibility of the US government.)  

If you read the blog I refer to above from voluntary-money man Thomas Greco, you'll see he refers to the fundamental breakdown we're experiencing in the financial system—based on the century-old "debt imperative" and the "bloat imperative" (my term) of the central monopoly-money system—as its death throes.  And he claims it represents a real opportunity to move ourselves forward as a fully humane social system:

"We need to look to ourselves and to each other. To repeat what I said in my last newsletter, we need to nurture our communities and form new ones. This requires more than neighborhood coffee klatches and barter exchanges. We need to lessen our dependence upon the failing structures and institutions and apply our talents and resources to creating new ones that can better satisfy the needs of all. We need to organize as whole communities, creating mutual support networks, including credit clearing associations and non-political currencies that are based on the productive capacity of local and regional businesses."

In other words, voluntary communities.


I'm old enough to remember that all the "i" words like industrious, inventive, ingenious, individualistic, intrepid, even iconoclastic were used to distinguish Americans as they rolled out their inimitable free enterprise system.  We were the country of can-do entrepreneurs and the better mouse trap, where dreams were large and government was small... and it was supposed to stay the heck out of the way, and for heaven's sake never give those soulless mega-conglomerate competitors any special privileges.  Indeed, I came to identify with that spirit of enterprise.

What's happening now with all the stimulus packages and bailouts and government interventions—from the federales no less—is so alien to my sense of what it means to be part of an American economy that I feel like I died and descended into the department of motor vehicles.  This ain't America and this ain't us.  So aside from putting my two cents in with these Coffee Coaster commentaries and reviews, I've joined the Campaign for Liberty and various other libertarian efforts.  And of course, I still support the Free State Project.  (I just completed the second revision of my journal New Pilgrim Chronicles; I really think you'll enjoy this one... totally free of the former Brian Wright's trademark rant.)

So many others in the freedom movement are continuing to work toward self-government, too.  I see the combination of these forces as virtually unstoppable, and I view this incoming comparatively literate administration —regardless of its tack and pomp—as a catalyst toward liberty, even despite itself.

The Leverage Factor

I know, that's "pretty tall talk for a one-eyed fat man."  But here's what I think:  If the O and associates tack toward the Kleptocons (as it appears he's doing from his projected team members), they're going to upset the genuine left—antiwar and greens—as well as the genuine conservatives on economics.  General knowledge of the Kleptocons is growing rapidly[1], and I don't think all the mainstream corporate media in the world will be able to maintain the deceptions much longer.  If the O and associates tack toward the humans—e.g. he starts listening to Ron Paul et al and looks to end the Fed, end the long reign of plunder by the bankster elites—we achieve honest government and honest money virtually overnight.

Am I dreaming?  Perhaps.  But it's no exaggeration that the freedom movement is reaching critical mass.  In particular, I sense a breakthrough coming in the MSM; the freedom people have already swept up the Internet.  All it takes now is one well-placed person of stature—a John Stossel, a Bill Maher, a Bill Moyer—to acknowledge the facts and evidence pertaining to, say, 9/11; or to the particular crimes of the Bush administration (or a successful prosecution of Bush and co. for the murder of ~5,000 Americans); or to any of a number of government crimes/coverups perpetrated historically through Kleptoconic power/deceit ... and the whole house of cards crashes down.  

And we can all work together to put Humpty Dumpty back together... through voluntary community.  The seeds of our glorious future are all about us, in the act of creation which is as the Cross to the power-elite's Dracula.  We have nothing to lose but our chains.

Happy Thanksgiving


[1] I'm selling through this site a ton of the book of the century, a formerly obscure documentation of the nature of the Federal Reserve System written by G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island.  We are now seeing countrywide demonstrations to "End the Fed," supported by Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Cindy Sheehan, and the who's who of the entire popular freedom movement.  Dorothy, we can't go back to Kansas anymore.


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