Left, Right, and Obama
Will Obama turn (even more) toward liberty?

The Audacity of HopePeople don't expect government to solve all their problems. But they sense, deep in their bones, that with just a slight change in priorities, we can make sure that every child in America has a decent shot
at life, and that the doors of opportunity remain open to all.
— Barack Obama speech at the 2004 Democratic Nominating Convention

With Obama securing the Democratic nomination,
what are the bets on him seeing through the Kleptoconic ideological filters and tacking, as I have hoped (or wishfully thought, depending on who you talk to) toward the planet-saving principle of Constitutional liberty (CL)?[1] 

Many of my correspondents and fellow liberty-oriented messagers don't see Barack embracing the CL movement.  But he's an unprecedented phenomenon, and perhaps he'll break the mold, in the manner of JFK... which, sadly, led to JFK's assassination.  [And RFK's assassination, too, for that matter.]  This link to a well-architected column by Robert McElvaine shows a high level of awareness among certain members of the intelligentsia of the left-right war of the last 40 years. 

Left and Right

My politically astute readers realize the "left-right" conflict is a deception established by the Kleptocons to divert attention from their wholesale theft and slaughter of humanity over the centuries.  What the deep mind-control Kleptopods set up—mainly through mainstream media (MSM) and academic circles—was an elaborate mechanism for spreading en masse what the logicians call the Fallacy of the Excluded Option

On the left [Kleptoleft] are deployed everyone who has a feeling that the wealth/energy of individual humans needs to be collectivized through a central government(s) then meted out to those the left feels most guilty about: usually poor and minorities.  On the right [Kleptoright] are deployed everyone who has a feeling that the wealth/energy of individual humans needs to be collectivized through a central government(s) then meted out to those who are going to "make our nation great"... which invariably means writing a blank check to the fat-cat corporate welfare poobahs, especially those soulless vultures in the warmaking industry.

[Of course, in both cases, the ones in the central state apparatus who mete take a healthy piece of the pie for their invaluable meting services.]

As I have defined them here the left are maternal collectivists and the right are paternal collectivists.  Both ways of looking at the world are flawed and only appropriate for (gullible) children.  [Many children, esp. those who have not been socialized (indoctrinated) via the government's compulsory schooling system can see through most of the deception.][2]   Yet the MSM  drones on, and whether left or right, we're only going to see one false option or the other on TV.  The Obama camp is certainly afflicted with the fallacy; [interestingly, the Hillary Clinton camp opportunistically catered to both left and right sides of the fallacy], but we have many reasons for believing Obama will break the bands of Kleptoconic Possession in ways that may bust the Kleptocracy for good.

As I've noted before, Obama is nearly as strong as the Libertarian candidate when it comes to civil liberties and the Constitution vis a vis the warmaking machinery.  I have no doubt that through his leadership we will see the end to the occupation of the Middle East, restoration of civil liberties through repeal of the Military Commissions Act of 2006, ending of renditions (euphemism for kidnapping and torture), ending of torture, closing of Guantanamo, etc. ... and I expect a vigorous prosecution of every political figure in the Bush administration who committed or complied with war crimes.[3]

Obama: the peace candidate

In any case, I don't think anyone can argue Obama won't represent a significant reversal of the war-imprison-and-torture dynasty.  That alone, from my way of thinking, is adequate justification to support his candidacy even above the Libertarian—who may be more principled but far less likely to succeed in any measure electorally.  Whereas war is the health of the state, peace is the (literal) health of the people; most freedom fighters have come to conclude, esp. during the past eight years, that peace is the ultimate value of the liberty movement.

The next positive shoe that Obama will drop is to alleviate this horrendous vice grip on humanity known as the War on Drugs (WOD).  He's made statements supporting marijuana decrim and he's fully cognizant of the LEAP position that the WOD is colossal failure and destructive of human liberties almost more than real war itself.  Certainly the Barack administration will remove all federal restrictions on the agricultural hemp industry.  We now know that legal hemp will lead to decentralized enterprise of unheard-of dimension, somewhere in the neighborhood of a trillion dollars per year spread among real humans... and correspondingly denied to the Kleptocon enemy.

The $64,000 question is what the Obama admin will do with the economic system.  Will he adopt failed socialist ideology or the opportunities of a newly energized libertarian worldview fully consistent with the CL movement?  [Some have suggested Obama is a gun grabber; frankly I don't see it, he's too sensitive to the need for people to protect themselves in poor black urban environments.] 

But even if somebody hits him on the head and Obama turns out to be a Ted Kennedy dummkopf on economic policy, can anyone seriously contend that such a policy will be worse than the fascist corporate-welfare death-and-destruction engine of the past eight years?!  We're living in a world where half the qualified people we know can't find jobs and no one has any money for anything because it's all been borrowed and spent by the state for war, deceit, and suppression of human freedom... and securing oil company profits.  Under the Kleptoright, several trillion dollars have been transferred from you, me, and our grandchildren to the Blackwaters and the Halliburtons of the world—not to mention to their international bankster buds.

I'm optimistic that more than a handful of the Kleptoleft intellectuals who are now surfacing with Obamism will succumb to the much stronger and deeper intellectual threads that have been infusing the liberty movement for decades.  [Actually, the Kleptoleft will succumb, because when it comes to ideas and energy, the libertarians overwhelm them to the point it becomes embarrassing to maintain a Kleptoleft position.]  As for the Kleptoright, we will even see a few defections to liberty there—ref. the Ron Paul campaign's demolition of Neoconservative pretensions.  (The unique seductive Kleptoright deceit is they have passed as pro-liberty for years.  But now their day is done and we will have our country back.)

Finally, one very important development from an Obama administration will be its candor.  Compared to this Bush-Cheney-Rove lot, the next administration could be headed by Joseph Stalin and feel as wide open as the barn door in a high wind.  With Obama, the simple openness will be an invigorating breath of fresh air for the entire planet.  On top of the openness will be the prospect of having genuine intellectual discussion and debate among several segments of society.  Ideas, especially libertarian ideas, will have relevance, and people will relish having all of them aired in public.  We won't be expected to toe a party line proclaimed by revelation via a nonfunctional illiterate top dog. 

This is the time for resurrection of the libertarian argument and establishing libertarian leadership within the party of Jefferson and Jackson.  Yes, we can do it: the Democratic Liberty Caucus.  Such a calculated ideological insertion, a "super meme" if you will, into the raw energy maelstrom of peace, love, and hope represented by a JFK-like persona (sans the philandering) can do wonders for the prosecution of the CL cause.  Just an idea.  A lot of CL-sters are going be kicking around the best way to leverage Obama for CL.  

As for Bob Barr, he's a good man—except for once impeaching Bill Clinton for the sin of receiving extramarital oral sex—but first, let's see how far we can go with a realistic cooptation via Libertarians for Obama or, better yet, Obamans for Constitutional Liberty... that puts the cart before the horse and gives Senator Obama, himself, something to strive for.  I guarantee Constitutional Liberty will be a winning strategy for the Democratic presidential campaign: McCain won't even get the votes from his family.


[1] A working definition of Constitutional liberty is decentralized limited government, retraction of state corporate privileges—especially money and banking—, a noninterventionist foreign policy, and (at the federal level) strict enforcement of the Bill of Rights and other Constitutional limitations on government power.

[2] You can read George Lakoff's flawed yet insightful book, Moral Politics, to get a better feeling of how normal, healthy people who believe in CL, private property, and personal/economic freedom are being conned by this ongoing false-alternative fallacy.

[3] (It is a war crime to lie about reasons for war, or to participate in that deception.)  I'm fairly confident the Obama administration will let the 9/11 genie loose from the bottle as well, and the full truth of the causes of the 9/11 attacks will become known.  (It is a war crime to kill thousands of people in a psy op used as a pretext for war.)

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