Social Insecurity and the Taxman
What happened to consent of the governed?

 It's a measure how far down the road to  honest-to-goodness political tyranny  we've traveled that the United States  federal government, among numerous  other crimes against humanity and the  Constitution, has:

a) orchestrated (to a rational certainty) the 911 attacks[1],
b) launched a neverending imperial war based on lies[2],
c) imprisoned and tortured anyone it wants to[3],
d) continued its psychotic war on drugs unabated[4],
e) run up a $9 trillion debt[5]

Oddly and tragically, this government is also guilty of a serious crime of omission: not a single Congressman has issued articles of impeachment against a warmonger president.[6]  Moreover, in light of these deepest transgressions, what's amazing is no massive civil disobedience seems to be in the works—no millions of marchers on Washington D.C. crying for heads[7], no large-scale tax protests, no open rebellion in the streets... against any of sundry agencies from the FDA to Homeland Stupidity.

The tree of liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.—Thomas Jefferson

Where are these timely refreshers?  Particularly, the tyrants.

I may have glimpsed the answer to that question in my own behavior of late... and in the behavior of institutions that we expect to seek liberty or at least angle for a modest redress of grievances.  


I have agreed to perform some part-time Web work for a libertarian organization for a small consideration. They put together a standard contract, which I am more than inclined to sign right away.  But what's this, a Social Security Number clause?

Contractor represents that: (i) it is ready, competent and willing to perform the services required by this Agreement; and (ii) under penalty of perjury, its federal taxpayer identification or social security number is _________________. 

So I have to give my Socialist Slave # under penalty of perjury!?  Who died and made the federales king?  When did this become standard verbiage in an employment contract? Why is this libertarian organization going along with it?

I contact the principals, "Hey, why don't we do this as if I'm just a doing business as (DBA) myself, no need for a number identifying me to DC (Despotism Central)?"  The reply is that as an organization we're only doing our best to comply with the federal rules, even the ones we would change... and, further, "the organization's treasurer won't budge."  But I understand.

(By the way, check out the link to Socialist Slave #, it goes to great lengths to portray what the System is really about:

...Social Security was imposed at the height of the power of the National Socialist German Workers' (Nazi) Party.  National numbering was imposed in 1935, as the USA followed the path of the Nazis.  It was designed for a police state system... by tracking every person's movements, residence, employment, jobs, income, and eventually all purchases and activities, including travel.)  

Sounds like something we should oppose on principle, doesn't it?  Let's follow the lead of the Free State (New Hampshire) in its defiance of the federal Real ID law and "Just Say No!"  

I'm willing to do my part.  Even though I'm on the eve of being "entitled" to receive SS benefits, I feel bad to think some poor 28-year-old janitor with three kids would be paying my green fees.  I'm much happier to say, "Thanks, DC, I'm opting out of your scam retirement program... and numbering scheme; I'll go another way.  See ya."

Of course, we know it doesn't work like that.  Those crazy federales, they don't care if "you don't want no stinkin' badges."  You're going to wear them, or else... and pay for them.  And when April 15 rolls around, don't forget to remit your tribute to the Emperor for all his fine work; it's voluntary (which means you get to choose to yield to what he forces you to do).

Please view the movie, America: Freedom to Fascism, by the Honorable Aaron Russo (RIP).  In my review of that movie, and elsewhere, I've commented on the clear and gross illegality of the Federal Reserve Act, Social Security, and the income tax.  (In the case of the latter, the law at most makes the tax applicable to individuals of the federal zone.)  Basically, the State is the Enemy of everything we know that is decent and loving and human... and it is illegal!  

Most libertarians feel the most rational thing we can do is end the State once and for all by implementing, culture-wide, the Sacred Nonaggression Principle.  It's only a question of how and when.  I'm leaning more and more toward the "conscientious objector" "how and when" of Russell Kanning, Lauren Canario, and the other numerous modern apostles of the Gandhian Way—"Just Say No" (and "Do No" now) to deprive the State of any moral pretense.

E.g., how can one send money to, or cooperate in any way with, a government entity that practices torture?  To my antiwar colleagues: How can you send money to a government entity that aggressively imprisons and murders hundreds of thousands of people in wars of all types?

The answer is they continue to do so because they're afraid: the first inmate to stand up in the prison yard demanding better treatment is the one they turn the Dobermans on.  I'm afraid, too.  So I toe the line... to keep my body a few rice bowls ahead of malnourishment, and to spread soulful ideas of a general prison revolt, hopefully a bloodless one.

I think that day of general freedom is coming, soon—and if a few celebrities with money and balls would declare a general tax strike against the State today, we'd be frogstepping George, Dick, Condi, Donald, et al—maybe even Hillary (she knowingly inhaled the seductive vapors of Middle East aggression)—off to Leavenworth in orange jumpsuits tomorrow.  Oh, Happy Day!


But I guess until then, when I lend the stubborn ounces of my weight to the General Strike, I'll give the libertarian organization my SS#... assuming I can remember it.

[1] So many references, so little time.  For a start, please check out my reviews of the book Truth Jihad, by Dr. Kevin Barrett and the movie Improbable Collapse.  The best popular summary is from Loose Change, which you can watch for free courtesy Google.

[2] The Bush Agenda: Invading the world one economy at a time, by Antonia Juhasz.

[3] Reference Amnesty International's document on the Military Commissions Act of 2006.

[4] There are so many sources documenting the mass insanity of the drug war:  Check out the drug war clock.  According to Sam Harris in The End of Faith, drug laws are laws against sin (ergo an imposition of state religion on individuals and a violation of the 1st Amendment): "... more than 400,000 men and women languish in US prisons for nonviolent drug offenses. More people are imprisoned in the US for nonviolent drug offenses than are incarcerated in Western Europe (which has more people) for any reason.... The war on drugs consumes 50 percent of the trial time of our courts and the full time energies of more than 400,000 police officers... resources that might otherwise be used to fight violent crime and terrorism." When will the nightmare end?

[5] This link provides a national debt clock, with links to related sites. (And here I had thought the debt was only $7 trillion!)

[6] Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Democratic candidate for president, has written and submitted articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney.  Thus, he definitely has two full cojones more than any of the other candidates, including Ron Paul.

[7] Organizers are hoping for more than a million protestors to converge on Washington, insisting on impeachment.  I wish I could make it; please attend if you can: These are the real people of America, the ones with moral and intellectual courage to hold the world's highest criminals responsible for their actions and to restore our Constitutional democracy.


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