From Cheney-Bush to Hillary?
Do the horrors of King George
mask the hazards of Queen State?
(Part 1: Bush)

First, the Bushovik disaster:  As I'm writing my column today, the Plamegate grand jury is hearing testimony that reveals Cheney-Bush (CB) knew Saddam Hussein was not acquiring enriched uranium from Niger. 

Yet CB publicly claimed that Saddam was acquiring enriched uranium from Niger...  the president, in fact, claiming such in his state of the union address on January 28, 2003.  That lie and seven other misrepresentations of Hussein's alleged WMD program—and the sham claim that Iraq had a role in 911—were the basis for launching the war in March 2003.

At this point, our work is done.  A person who commits military aggression is a mass murderer, and needs to be hauled before the World Court, or Congress, and put away.  May the system hop to it. 

Still, let's continue to analyze this Katrina-like catastrophe that's occupied the White House for six-plus years.   Probably the best three books—and  there are many—detailing their offenses are the following:

Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush and his
   corporate pals are plundering the country and hijacking
   our democracy (2004)
, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Worse than Watergate: The secret presidency of George
   W. Bush (2004)
, by John W. Dean

State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III (2006), by Bob

The effect of the three books is to set in concrete the several high crimes of this administration... crimes against the people, against our natural resources and property, and against the Constitution. 

Off the top:

• The stealing of the 2000 election via Jeb Bush and Katherine
   Harris exclusion of black voters (The Best Democracy  
Money Can Buy, by Greg Palast)
• Complicity with and orchestration of the 911 attacks
• The lies for war
• Mass murder of Iraqis, Afghanis, Americans, others
• Depleted uranium poisoning of hundreds of thousands
• The Patriot Act and shredding of basic American liberties
• The seemingly deliberate botching of the occupation
Theft of the 2004 election via computer fraud
• Extraordinary rendition, torture, arbitrary detentions
• The Military Commission Act of 2006 (abrogating habeas
   corpus for everyone)
• Conscious ignorance of global warming and, then, its
  deliberate exacerbation by secret energy policy
• Enabling wholesale energy-corporation violations of laws
  protecting air and water from pollution
• Repealing and/or refusing to enforce restrictions on mercury
  and sulfur emissions from coal burning plants, resulting in
  acid rain and food contamination
• Encouraging massive pollution violations of lands and
  waterways from agribusiness sources, (e.g. factory-farm
  "pig-shit" pollution)

From Bush's days as a budding Texas public-troughmeister, the big boys of rape and pillage knew they'd found a compliant figurehead.  He didn't even ask questions!
To the vacant soul of this fawner after the "haves and have-mores" they simply added Psychopath Dick for brain maneuvering.

Fortunately, it appears soon the CB presidency will be frog-stepping to Leavenworth in orange jumpsuits.  Neither Hillary nor anyone else can top this act.  Cleaning up will take decades.  My concern is, of all the contenders, is she the least inclined to reenable the liberties we've lost?


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